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3 Things Tinsley Keefe Leaves at Home When Notarizing Documents

3 Things Tinsley Keefe Leaves at Home When Notarizing Documents

We are always reading/seeing articles about things to remember when going out to work as a notary public. In fact, Tinsley Keefe knows better than most due to her work as a notary public in Oklahoma City that it is extremely easy to forget important things. On the other hand, that is not the only challenge some notary publics face.

What we really need to be discussing is not what to bring with, but rather what to leave at home. There are some things that you might consider bringing with that you really should not. Whether it is for a professional reason (appearances) or a private reason (personal belongings), it is important to know what to leave at home when notarizing documents.

#1 – Accessories

This is a very broad term. Accessories can range from hats and sunglasses to unnecessary/excess makeup. When you are working as a notary public, the last thing you want to do is show up with a hat that hides your face and sunglasses that hide your eyes. Intimidating people might be a tempting notion, but Tinsley Keefe knows as a notary public in Oklahoma that it is not worth it in the long run.

If you want your clients to come back, you want them to like you. Wearing too much makeup can have the same negative effect, albeit in a different way. Your best bet is to stay naked of too many accessories (a necklace and ring here/there is fine), while also sticking to a subtle layer of makeup (if any).

#2 – Personal Belongings

While similar to accessories and also a broad term, personal belongings are still a bit different. For example, if you have prescription pills or other similar belongings, you should leave them at home. This is just as much for your protection as it is for your reputation. Some people are quick to make assumptions regardless of the consequences.

Some people are also quick to get their hands on certain drugs, and the last thing you want is to have any medication stolen. Another example: Tinsley Keefe learned the hard way during some work as a notary public in OKC that keeping things like books or cell phone chargers at home can save you from nasty self-indulgent rumors.

#3 – Negativity

Another broad term, though this one is not completely physical. Mentally, when you are out working as a notary public, you should leave your negativity at home. Negativity can count as a variety of things – from drama and anger to simply having an attitude.

As a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe has had too many testy clients to not know the temptation of utilizing the gift of bitch. Unfortunately, it is just not worth it. Instead, think what you want to say in your mind and take relief in knowing that the words are there . . . just not spoken.

If you follow these three tips on what to leave at home when notarizing documents, you will surely run into minimal problems (if any).

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