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Essentials To Bring Along When Having Your Documents Notarized

Notary Public Oklahoma City

Getting a document notarized is a common practice. You bring the document to the Notary Public Oklahoma City, they will verify your identification, and then watch you sign it.

Having your document notarized is one straightforward practice. For the most part. It’s when you forget to bring along some essentials that make the process a lot more tedious. If you wish to make sure the process goes just as planned, be sure to bring along these few basic items before taking your document to the Notary Public OKC.

1.   The Document Itself

If you forget to take the document that you have to get notarized, the notary public will not be able to notarize the document. Before you take out some time from your busy schedule and take the effort to go to the Notary Public Oklahoma, make sure to check the document is complete and all set for notarization. Ensure that every field is filled out except the part where you have to sign. Most notarial acts call for the signer to sign the document in the presence of the Notary Public Oklahoma City.

2.   Your Identification

The Notary Public OKC has the duty of verifying the signer’s identify. It is the obligation of the Notary Public to make sure the signer who is signing the document is in fact who he or she says to be. The reason why verification of the signer’s identity is asked for is that it helps prevent fraud and scams. Particularly in the case where the document to be notarized is a sensitive financial document such as a will or a grant, it is imperative that the notary public verify the signer’s identity.

Acceptable examples of identification can be a driver’s license, a military ID, or a state-issued id card. Some notaries have different criteria for identification. It varies depending on the state of the commission of the notary. Therefore, make sure you check beforehand with either your state’s Secretary Office or the notary to find out which types of identification will be accepted.

3.   Notary’s Fee/ Payment

It goes without saying that when you avail the services of a Notary Public Oklahoma City, you will have to pay their fee. Make sure that you bring along the notary’s payment when you visit their office. The fee will vary depending on your state, what the Notary Public Oklahoma wants to charge, and the notarial act.

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