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Unless you are a punitive, less-evolved sort of fellow that favors the death penalty in capital murder criminal cases, murder as a general concept and action can be a very sad thing indeed. Indeed, no one should ever take the life of another under any circumstance, unless it is perhaps to defend our world from people like the Nazis during World War II. When people commit murders out in the everyday world, law enforcement officials often take the lead in helping to solve the homicide cases and help bring closure and justice for all involved. However, sometimes law enforcement personnel is too overwhelmed, vastly understaffed, and perhaps simply unwilling to do what is necessary to solve homicide cases. This is why some people choose to hire the best cold case private investigators and unsolved murder private detectives from the best private investigation agencies to conduct cold case private investigations and unsolved homicide private investigations.

Cold Case Investigation

Sadly, many people do not even know what cold case murder private detectives are or that they conduct cold case investigations. Thus, the owners of our private detective agency, Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Vivien Keefe, put together this series of Unsolved Homicide Private Investigators FAQs, so the public can have more access to better information about cold case private detectives from the best private investigation agencies  that conduct cold case murder investigations. The questions and their accompanying answers are thus stated below as follow:

Technically speaking, anyone can potentially investigate cold case murders and unsolved homicides. However, the best people to do so are often law enforcement personnel, cold case and unsolved homicide private investigators at the best private investigation agencies. Unfortunately, police officers and other law enforcement personnel do not always have the resources, time, success rates, or even the interest to solve cold case murder investigations cases. Thus, this is when it is most important for families and friends of the victims of unsolved homicide cases, as well as criminal defendants accused of murder by the government, to hire an expert that can help solve cold case murders.

If someone you know has become an unfortunate victim of murder or if the government has accused you of killing someone, then you need to hire the best cold case murder private detective to conduct cold case murder investigations. Whether the family or friends of homicide victims or an individual potentially facing life in prison without parole or even the cruel and racially misapplied death penalty, your choice to hire one can make a huge difference in solving your friend’s or family member’s cold case murder or helping to keep you out of prison or even off the death gurney.

They conduct cold case homicide and unsolved murder private investigations. In essence, they can help find the truth about who murdered your family and friends, and when working for criminal defendants the government has accused of murder they can also help try to keep the defendant out of prison.

When working on behalf of the family and friends of murder victims, they will also work closely with law enforcement personnel and nonprofit organizations, as needed. Likewise, when working on behalf of criminal defendants accused by the government of committing murder, they will work closely with the best criminal defense attorneys and bail bondsman in OKC that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma.

There are many ways for them to solve your cases. According to them, some of the best ways to conduct cold case private investigations include, but are not limited to, the following methods:

  • Try the New Scientific/Forensic Methods & Utilize New Technological Advances:

New DNA technology and other methods come about which allow for advanced testing and detection of evidence. It is very important that all cold case homicide detectives utilize this new DNA/forensic method and take every possible advantage of advanced technology as it becomes available. Indeed, they have solved many cases because they made use of these new available resources that previous ones did not have.

  • Remember That People Might be More Willing to Talk After the Passage of Time

Time sometimes has a way of loosening the tongues of witnesses, accomplices, and victims who may not have spoken with authorities decades ago might potentially do so now. Thus, all best individuals should remember that tongues may loosen over time and that they may hold the keys to solving cold case homicide investigations.

  • Interview Cellmates of the Alleged Perpetrators to See if She/He/They Said Anything in Jail

Sometimes inmates talk to their cellmates and even brag about their crimes while behind bars. These inmates are sometimes looking for any reason to get time taken off of their jail sentences or may even be seeking to settle old scores. If they remember to make use of previous and current cellmates of persons of interest (POIs)/suspects, it may just help solve the crime.

One thing that all of them should remember is that speaking with current and former cellmates of the POI/suspect also comes with risks. Indeed, some of the former and current cellmates of the POI/suspect could potentially tip off the POI/suspect to what they are doing. If this happens, it could potentially pose life threatening risks to them and might even jeopardize them.

  • Review the Evidence Again & Look for Any Errors During the Investigative Process

It is always possible that the initial law enforcement officers and even they might have possibly missed something the first time around. It is extremely important that each detective carefully review the evidence in its entirety once again as carefully as they can.

  • Keep Trying & Stay Persistent in Your Efforts

It is very important that they never, ever give up. Indeed, trying to solve such cases can be very time consuming and sometimes outright frustrating, but when skilled and experienced investigators from the best private investigation agencies stick with it they just might crack the case! 😉

If someone has murdered a person you love and care about and the police are unwilling and/or incapable of solving the homicide or if you just want the cold case murder solved faster, then you should hire a specialist to conduct cold case private investigations on your behalf. Indeed, murder is so hard on everyone affected by it, and when it goes unsolved it just adds insult to injury. Our agents will try to help give you some peace of mind as they try to solve your cases for you.        

Also, whenever the government has accused you or someone you love of murder, the stakes are extremely high! Indeed, the penalties for murder can involve decades in prison, life in prison without parole, or even the death penalty in capital murder cases. ☹ You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing to hire one to work on your behalf instead of on behalf of the family and friends of the deceased. Indeed, only 10% of appeals are ever successful, so the best time to get your murder charges dismissed, reduced, or acquitted is now rather than later.

Many of our unsolved homicide detectives also know and have excellent working relationships with the best criminal defense attorneys and the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma. Thus, when you hire an expert to solve the case on your behalf, you also gain access to their exclusive list of legal defense team contacts you can also hire to help you. 😊

To obtain your actual cold case private investigator license, it often takes less than six months for the entire process. You must take a few classes, complete your background checks, do fingerprinting, and complete a few other items. However, once you complete these and fill out the license application, your license remains valid for many years. Of course, it is more complicated than that.

To become a truly effective agent, it also helps to have experience in law enforcement, as a polygraph examiner, and to take extra private investigator classes in the area or even earn advanced degrees in criminal justice and forensics. In addition, experience on the job also helps, if you truly want to become a veteran cold case detective.

Yes, people who are introverts tend to make excellent private detectives at the best private investigation agencies, all other things equal. This is because introverts tend to be open-minded and often pay great attention to detail. Thus, working as an unsolved murder private investigator, a cold case private detective, and/or forensic science tech is the perfect job for many introverts with the inclination and appropriate levels of interest. 😊

Experienced individuals can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Of course, they also have business expenses that are common with all private detective agency owners, but the potential income that they can make often far exceeds the expenses themselves.

If you are looking for an amazing, exciting career, then you should consider becoming a detective at the best private investigation agency – ours! 😊If you would like more information about how to become one, then please contact one of our detectives at our private detective agency today for more information. 😊

If you suspect that someone might be following you and are wondering if that person could be one, you should consider the following:

  • Do you see the same vehicles and license plates following you and/or parking around you over and over again?
  • Be careful to watch others and to see if they are following you or looking at you.
  • Check with your family and friends to see if they have noticed any red flags or other warning signs of private investigator activity.
  • Be sure to understand what private investigators can and cannot do, and know that some do things they are not legally allowed to do.
  • Never assume that someone who is following you is a private investigator. The person could just be an average individual or could be a stalker or serial killer.

If you keep the things above in mind, they can help you better understand if the person following you is or perhaps is not the one. If you have further questions, please contact us today for more information. 😊

Anyone can potentially solve a cold case, but mostly only law enforcement personnel, cold case and unsolved homicide private detectives from the best private investigation agencies are adept at solving such cases. In addition, judges, juries, district attorneys, and defense attorneys in OKC are likely to only take those mentioned above seriously and recognize the legitimate legal authority of those individuals to conduct investigations.

Whether you hire one on behalf of the loved ones of a victim of homicide or on behalf of someone the government has charged with murder, you can expect to spend a large sum of money – usually tens of thousands of dollars to do it properly. Some of you may wonder why this is so.

Such investigations take an enormous number of hours to conduct properly, as any experienced person can attest. There are so many witnesses to interview, evidence to review, surveillance to conduct, nationwide skip traces to conduct, and so much more that goes into it. Yes, they are extremely time consuming.

In addition, when you hire one, it costs more than other private investigation fields like cheating spouses, because the level of education, experience, and training required to do an outstanding job as a cold case private detective is so much more than for cheating spouse private investigator.

Also, as stated above, they also incur a ton of expenses as the owners operate their best agency daily. The following is only a partial list of expenses that the owners of our company incur each day:

  • Advertising
  • Staff Salaries
  • Utilities
  • Online Investigative Tools
  • Office Rent/Mortgage
  • Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Bonds
  • Licenses
  • Training/Classes/Schooling
  • Taxes
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Bonuses
  • Cell Phones
  • Losses from Unpaid Clients
  • Lawsuit/Attorney Fees on Unpaid Clients
  • Travel/Lodging Expenses
  • So Much More!

See why you can expect to pay so much when you choose to hire them? So, please remember that the fees they charge are very normal. 😊

In the United States, there are many murders each year. These are murders that often turn into unsolved murder private investigations that require the services of specialists to help solve them. According to them, the states with the highest homicide rates in the United States of America are as follow:

  • District of Columbia
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • Alaska
  • Maryland
  • Oklahoma
  • Mississippi

If you have the need to hire a professional to help solve the such case of your loved one or to help defend you or someone you know and love against murder charges, then please contact us today for more information.

Sadly, about half of all murder cases go unsolved, and this can be for many reasons. Sometimes there simply is not enough evidence for the police to pursue the case, and at other times law enforcement may rule the death as accidental or an “undetermined” cause of death, when it was actually a homicide. Still at other times, the police may lack the needed time, resources, officers, and/or desire to pursue a homicide investigation. When this happens, wise people make the smart choice and hire our professionals to solve the case on their behalf.

They have more time, resources, and willpower to provide an independent review of case. All have a plethora of legal contacts, special tools of the trade, training, experience, and education aimed at helping to solve your case.

If you need to hire one for this job, then you need to contact the owners of our private investigation agency today for more information. Time is of the essence in these types of cases, so please contact them today! 😊

Whenever the government accused you of murder or a related homicide charge, it is a very serious matter. Murder charges of all kinds are felonies that can destroy your legal record and terribly affect your life in tons of ways. Indeed, according to our criminal investigators felony convictions will have the following negative impacts on an individual’s ability to life her/his/their life to the fullest:

  • Jail Time – Potentially Life Without Parole or the Cruel & Inhumane Death Penalty in Capital Murder Cases
  • Loss of Voting Privileges
  • Loss of Gun Privileges
  • Loss of Professional Licenses
  • Inability or Lowered Ability to Secure Housing
  • Loss of Employment/Felony Disqualifiers
  • Inability to Work as a Volunteer
  • Potential Loss of Child Custody of Your Children/Grandchildren
  • Forever Known as an “Ex-Con”
  • Inability to Associate With Your Police Officer Friends, if Any
  • Inability to Run for Public Office
  • Social Isolation/Public Shaming
  • Stricter Penalties in Future Criminal Cases
  • Shall We Continue?

Do these sound fun to you? Are you okay if you and your loved ones suffer the consequences above? If not, then hire them. They will use all of their available resources to help you get the criminal charges against you dismissed or an acquittal won.

Indeed, our licensed individuals are also very well-connected with the best criminal defense attorneys and the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma City. Indeed, in addition to choosing to hire one on your behalf, your choice to hire them, you will have the 3-tier legal defense team that you need to mount the best possible legal defense.

Remember that you really get one shot at your legal case. If you lose, your chances of winning on appeal are only about 10%. Your best chances of winning your legal case is at the initial trial court level, so you must give it all you have with every available resource possible. If you lose, the consequences you will face in life will be extreme. ☹

Society considers a criminal case to have become a “cold case” when all reasonable leads that were available to the main investigators have come to nothing and it has been 3 years and the case is still unsolved. ☹ Cold cases happen all the time, as only about 50% of murder cases ever see a resolution. However, whenever newer technology, forensic leads, or newer credible leads become available, the investigators may re-open cold cases to try to solve them.

Unsolved cases are not necessarily cold cases, as they can extend beyond the 3-year period and not be considered as “cold cases”, if credible leads still exist and the primary detectives are still investigating it. They can still have much hope of getting solved, but unsolved cases tend to become cold cases that remain unsolved when the leads run out and it has been at least 3 years since the investigation began.  

Yes, whenever new forensic evidence, new DNA and/or DNA testing techniques, and/or new evidence becomes available to the investigators of these cases that open possibilities of successfully solving these cases, it is totally possible to re-open cold cases and try to solve them to a successful resolution. Solving it can still bring peace and closure to the victims and their families even decades after the event occurred, so they are always worth pursuing if a successful outcome is plausible. 😊

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