Private investigators and the police in Oklahoma City

Private investigators and the police in Oklahoma City really don’t have a lot in common. A private investigator in OKC has the same privileges and rights as any ordinary citizen. For instance, this means that they can only officially make a legal arrest just like any other citizen under extremely limited circumstances.

Cops, on the contrary, can obtain warrants, make arrests and enforce laws. Along with this, police officers are public employees. The training requirements, job outlook and salaries also differ in both professions.

Here is a breakdown of how a private investigator investigates a crime scene, as opposed to the police in OKC .

Cold vs. Live Crime Scenes:

A “live” crime scene refers to the one that is recent and is guarded by the law enforcement. A “cold” crime scene means the law enforcement agencies had finished their investigation and the crime scene was released to the public.

Never Assume That A Cold Crime Scene Lacks Evidence:

The likelihood of a cold crime scene containing overlooked evidence is high. Several cases solved by private investigators in Oklahoma City are based on the evidence gathered from cold scenes.

There are possibilities of physical evidence that could have been missed earlier when that scene was live. Evidence like this is often all a private investigator needs for their case.

Physical Evidence Is King:

In circumstances when crimes lack witnesses and self-incriminating statements from a suspect, the only means for obtaining a conviction is through physical evidence. It can be evidence with usable things such as the following:

  • DNA samples,
  • Blood samples,
  • Fingerprints

In most crimes, revealing any physical evidence to a suspect is likely to loosen his or her tongue and stimulate a confession. DNA, serologic evidence or fingerprints are impossible to ignore and this brings many suspects to a place where their lips easily open up in a confession. Simply put, physical evidence is king.

PIs vs. Police: Deceit in Investigation

Interestingly enough, PIs work under restraints created by the ethical boundaries that police are not constrained under. For instance, courts consistently hold that police officers may lie to a suspect for stimulating a confession without blemishing that confession, as shown in an episode of the show The Closer.

Private investigators in OKC, however, cannot credibly present confessions or statements obtained by any deceptive means. Exceptions to this rule exist in cases when the PI is investigating an extremely unsavory suspect or someone who has committed an exceptionally heinous crime. In these cases, the jury members are likely to trust statements of the PI even if they were obtained by deceptive means.

Searching Crime Affects and Evidence

In any crime scene, the area under search and the type of evidence sought depend upon the nature of crime under inspection.

A violent crime scene tells the investigator what happened, but the investigator must also be able to read the signs and clues left by the evidence.

Here are a few signatures of crime:

  • Fingerprints
  • Blood stains
  • Bullet slugs and holes
  • Tool marks
  • Fibers, hair, fingernail scrapings
  • Glass fragments
  • DNA samples
  • Items added, removed, overturned or displaced.


Bear in mind that the suspects are also parts of crime scenes. What was left at the scene and what was taken away from it? Evidence like this helps in proving that the suspect was there.

If the cops take the suspect back to the crime scene after the arrest, it will affect the evidence of suspect’s presence there. That is because when the testimony is presented in the court, it may serve solely to prove that the suspect was taken there by the cops.

PIs vs. Police: Different Perspectives of Crime Scene

There is a clear distinction as to what a crime scene means for a police officer/detective or a private investigator. For a private investigator in Oklahoma City, like everyone else, a crime scene is a place where any criminal act had transpired and is now open for everyday use. On the contrary, police officers and detectives consider an area where careful protocols are followed for evidence recording and extraction as a crime scene, a place that is cordoned off by yellow tape.

7 Tips That Will Help a Process Server in OKC

Oklahoma Process Server OJPS

What happens when process servers in Oklahoma City get an atypical case? How do they serve individuals when key aspects like their name and address are missing?

Here we enlist 7 tips that will help a process server in OKC to tackle such tough serves.

Assessing the Situation:

This sounds obvious, but it is crucial for a process server in OKC to take into account the information and details that are lacking. Assessing the situation will give a process server in Oklahoma City a better idea of where to start and where to be.

If names aren’t given, ascertain whether the documents could be served to unspecified individuals.
Once a process server in OKC figures out what he or she is working with, the process server in Oklahoma City can start exploring his or her options to obtain the missing information.
It is also important to assess the information available prior to jumping into any search. This will save valuable time, as they will not be researching for information they might already have.

Gathering Knowledge:

After evaluating the job, deciding how best to approach the serve and determining what information might be in their possession needs to be addressed. The process server needs to figure out how and which public resources can be used to secure any additional information.
Sources like Google maps, directories, public and local government records are premium ways for initiating the search.

Have a Proper Licensure

Circumstances may arise when investigative work and even surveillance are needed to locate and serve the individual. Bear in mind that for such detective work, private investigators need to be consulted if the Oklahoma City process servers are not licensed themselves.

The different state laws in Oklahoma which entail the work of PIs also need to be considered. A process server in OKC needs to be aware of and do all of his investigative work within them. This is why it is mandatory to follow the state’s private investigator laws and maintain appropriate licensure.

Know Thy Territory

Being familiar with the terrain and the territory is far-reaching. A local knows the area well, but a new process server in Oklahoma City needs to start learning quickly.

In cases like these, first-hand knowledge of the territory and landmarks can help the server in ways that evidence and records can’t.

Fancy Footwork:

There are times when it is necessary to get the feet dirty, hit the ground and knock on some doors.

Go physically and talk to the people in the area, drive and look around the property. Pound the road, or the pavement as it may be.

Be Conscious of Your Abilities

Before accepting such a job, a process server in OKC needs to comprehend his or her capabilities, as well as limitations. Always evaluate the expertise and time it will potentially consume, as well as the resources at your disposal.
Having the foresight to envision the difficulties that might be a hindrance in getting the job done will not only make the client happy, but it would also tell them what is possible and what isn’t. This can also earn a necessary extension before it is too late.

Tasks like obtaining records, doing research, conducting skip traces and physically searching for the property or individual potentially consume a lot of man-hours. This is why a fair agreement with the client is paramount, prior to getting started.

Be Kind:

Be kind and respectful. There is an old saying, “You can catch bees with honey,” and it is bona fide.
Service Complete!

Sometimes even the simplest jobs can transform into incredibly challenging tasks, when information is missing. Such a challenging job has the potential to become an overwhelming experience, so these tips can be utilized for breaking down and fully evaluating how much time and resources are required for the serving.

Once everything is laid out and an action plan is established, it would become a lot easier to determine how to effectively sort serves of this kind in OKC.

Process Servers: Who They are and Why You Need Them

Oklahoma Process Server in OKC

Process servers in OKC are individuals who hand deliver court ordered documents to a defendant. These documents usually let the defendant know that legal action is being taken against them for one reason or another. If there is ever an instance where a defendant cannot personally receive the documents, the process server is able to give them to management officials at their place of employment or to anyone over the age of 18 that resides within the same household.

In order to serve legal documents to a defendant, the process server in Oklahoma City cannot be involved in the specific case mentioned in the documents they are serving. Process servers in OKC must show proof that the paperwork was actually served by utilizing a notary service. In some cases, process servers are required to carry a special license and have insurance.

Types of Legal Paperwork that Process Servers in Oklahoma City Deliver

Process servers in OKC deliver an array of legal paperwork to defendants such as divorce papers, court ordered subpoenas, summons to appear, and formal complaints. Process servers may also help their clients file the proper court documents, obtain documents, and help find missing defendants.

Why You Need the Help of a Process Server

Utilizing the services of professional process servers in OKC largely depends on the specifics of your case and the laws surrounding the state and municipality in which you reside. Cases involving large sums of money or when subpoenaing a party to appear in court are all good reasons to seek out a process server.

If you find yourself unsure of whether you need a process server in Oklahoma City, get in touch with a lawyer or the server company itself and disclose the specifics of your case. In most instances, process servers are highly knowledgeable concerning cases that require the assistance of a process server in OKC. Once a defendant is served, they are required to appear in court and if they fail, the plaintiff can ask the court to impose a default judgement against them.

Did you know that failing to utilize the services of a process server when you should be using one could ultimately make the legal aspects surrounding your case much more treacherous? You will not only make your situation worse but you will delay court proceedings and can actually have your case thrown out by not using a process server in OKC.

The main purpose of hiring a process server is to ensure that the party you are serving has been notified of your intentions within a timely manner and has the ability to come to court and defend themselves. As the U.S. Constitution states, no defendant shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process. When you opt to hire a process server in Oklahoma City, you are ensuring the legal serving process is fulfilled according to the law, thus relieving you of any legal burdens or hassles that might creep up along the way. As you can see, process servers are a vital part of protecting the rights of both the plaintiff and the defendant and should be used accordingly.