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Most frequent questions and answers

We detest it when other people lie to us because it breaks the trust between two people and can lead to many complicated problems with difficult solutions. Fortunately, you can hire the best polygraph examiner from our private investigation agency to conduct polygraph examinations in OKC. They are very adept at conducting polygraph tests, and many have law enforcement backgrounds and/or extensive experience as private investigators. That way when you are unsure if someone is lying to you, the person in question can take a polygraph examination administered by a licensed individual to clear the doubt. 😊

Many people know very little about them conducting polygraph tests in OKC. Thus, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together answers to a series of commonly asked questions about polygraph examinations. That way when a potential client needs to hire a polygraph examiner, they will already have many of the answers to their questions and can thus make a more informed decision when they wish to find one. Thus, these questions and their subsequent answers about polygraph tests that a polygraph examiner from a private detective agency conducts are hereby listed below as follows:

They use a special device that focuses on physiological responses and their own specialized training to help determine whether someone is lying or telling the truth via polygraph tests. They start by making sure a subject qualifies to take it, and then the deception expert helps narrow down the questions she/he/they will ask the person. Once this is done, the deception expert connects the person to the polygraph device and administers the lie detector test to help determine if the individual is telling the truth.

After they have administered the polygraph exams and the lie detector tests to the subject, then they must determine whether the person is telling the truth, displaying indicators of deception, or whether its results are inconclusive. The deception expert then shares the results with the test subject. 

There could be many instances in your life when you might need to hire one for this. Some of these many instances when you might need to locate one to conduct polygraph tests include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Cases
  • Fraud
  • Drug Use Cases
  • Theft/Embezzlement
  • Employment Issues, if the Subject is Willing
  • General Criminal Activity
  • Insurance Claims, Automobile Accidents, Medical Insurance
  • Claims of Student Dishonesty/Cheating on Tests, Etc.
  • Initial Employment Hiring, for Limited Professions Like Law Enforcement
  • Almost Anything Else You Want to Know!

As you can clearly see, there are many circumstances when a person might need to find an expert for it. If you need to hire one, then look no further! 😊 Find one from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma to administer all your lie detector tests in Oklahoma today. 😊

When you choose them, there are several things you should look for. Please ensure when you find them that you look for the following qualities:

  • Experience of the Polygraph Examiner – You need to see what kind of legal experience he/she has. Has he/she worked in law enforcement? How long have they conducted lie detector tests while working for a private investigation agency? Are those you are considering hiring brand new?

It is best to find a reputable person with a high degree of praiseworthy legal experience. You want the results from the polygraph examination to be something both you and others will believe, so if they are brand new and have little legal experience as a private investigator or as a police officer, then the results of the lie detector tests will carry less weight and the money you have spent will not mean as much as you had hoped. 

  • Level of Education & Training – When you seek to hire them, you must consider what degrees they have, as well as what training courses they have taken and where. Which school did they attend? Did they take only the basic class or more advanced training classes meant to make them more effective?

You must find the answers to these important questions before you choose them. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money when you hire them to conduct lie detector tests.

  • Price/Cost to Hire a Polygraph Examiner Near Me – While most people prefer quality over cost, the truth of life is that cost is often a consideration for most people who have limited means/financial resources. Thus, when you give them this job if you can afford it.

Do not spend more than you can afford, but also do not become cheap and try to only locate one who is the cheapest. Find the best professional here. 😊

  • Polygraph Examiner’s General Reputation Online & Among Others in Oklahoma – When you seek to find the best polygraph examiners as you locate the best private investigation agencies, you also want to consider their overall reputation and their private detective agency. What do their current and former clients think of their overall performance during the lie detector tests? What do their colleagues think of their reputation and her/his/their overall performance?

Always do your due diligence online before you hire them for you. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting hosed by an unprofessional agents.

  • Your Impression of the Initial Consultation With the Polygraph Examiner in Piedmont, OK – Before you hire them on your behalf, it is important to remember to spend some time interviewing them prior to choosing to hire them. How effectively did this one communicate? How knowledgeable about polygraph examinations does the polygraph examiner appear? Did he/she answer all your questions accurately and thoroughly?

A noteworthy individual should be more than happy to sit down with you beforehand and discuss all your needs, concerns, and questions. Most people have never had this test before, so the level of uncertainty of clients who are seeking to hire one is undoubtedly high. Thus, the need exists for them to make themselves available for pre-employment interviews.  😊

There are many benefits/pros and disadvantages/cons of hiring them. Just as with hiring any other legal professional, it is important to fully understand what you are getting into when you hire them.

Some of the most common pros/benefits are as follows:

  • Polygraph Tests Come Back Quickly – When a polygraph examiner administers a lie detection test in OKC, the results can often get returned to the client the same day or after a couple of days. Thus, when you hire one, you can often speed up the process of finding out the truth of a situation with a willing subject.
  • Highly Trained & Vastly Experienced Professionals Make for More Reliable Results – It is often said that the validity of results are often strongly correlated with the adeptness of the polygraph examiner herself/himself/themselves. Thus, if you are careful and choose to hire the official who is very skilled, highly educated, etc., then the results will likely prove to be valid. 😊
  • They Are Relatively Inexpensive – The cost to hire them is, as of the date of this publication, about $500 or $600. That is not a small sum, but it really is not a large amount, either, given the service you are seeking. Remember that you tend to get what you pay for, so it is best not to scrimp and hire the cheapest agent possible, even if inexperienced/new to the field.
  • They Can Test For Many Different Questions/Issues – One great thing about lie detector tests is how versatile they are. From employment to unfaithful spouses and more, they can conduct polygraph examinations on people for many reasons. This makes it very versatile and usable in a wide range of circumstances. 😊
  • They Can be Effective in Determining the Truth, Even in the Absence of Interrogations, Damning Evidence, Etc. – When other methods of securing evidence, such as interrogations, evidence of the alleged crime/malfeasance, etc., are absent, a person who agrees to willfully submit to a polygraph test can provide documentation with about 95% confidence whether that individual is guilty of the allegations. While failing a lie detector test does not ensure that one will go to trial or will not otherwise deny evidence showing that she/he/they did the alleged crime/malfeasance, it can show with a high degree of certainty whether the accusers are on the right track or not. 😊

As mentioned earlier, choosing them to administer this test can also have its downsides. The owners of our private investigation agency  explain the cons/negative sides of choosing to hire those that administers polygraph examinations listed below:

  • They Are Not 100% Reliable/Accurate –
  • They Require “Yes” or “No” Responses Only – While it is true that judges in the United States of America rarely admit the results of a polygraph, whether the subject passed or failed it However, as any decent individual can tell you, sometimes judges will indeed allow for the entry of test results into a court record when both the defense attorney and prosecution agree to a plea deal that is contingent on the future outcome of this test.

Additionally, a judge will also often allow any confessions or other admission of guilt that a criminal defendant made to them after failing an examination. Yes, They love to use this tactic to get the truth out of criminal defendants, or even those in for civil matters such as cheating spouse private investigations.  😊

  • Employers Cannot Force Employees to Take Lie Detector Tests – According to the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), no employer may ever force an employee to take it against his/her/their will. Of course, an employee may voluntarily submit to it by deception detectors. 😊
  • They Cannot Test for Future Intentions – They can ask the subject whether she/he/they intend(s) to lie to you, but if you want to ask them if they plan on cheating on their spouse or significant other in the future, then it will not work. This is important to keep in mind when you hire a specialist to administer these tests. 😊
  • All Test Takers Must Take Them Willingly – One other important aspect of like detector tests is that the subject must take them willingly. Just as law enforcement officers in the United States cannot beat someone to interrogate them and cannot search someone’s home, office, or vehicle without a search warrant or probable cause, they also cannot force any person to take it. Thus, if the person does not wish to take it, then that individual does not have to.
  • Police Officers Can & Sometimes do Lie About the Results of Polygraph Examinations to Deceive Criminal Suspects – One reason that suspects of crimes should not take it from police officers is because law enforcement is permitted to lie to suspects during investigations and about their results of lie detection test in Oklahoma City they took. If you wish to take a polygraph examination to help prove your innocence to authorities, then it is best to hire these professionals. Never trust the police to administer it for you – NEVER!
  • Compulsive Liars & Certain Drugs Can Enable the Successful Passing of a this Examination Even When Lying – Anyone who is relying on their results to reveal whether someone is telling the truth must remember that pathological liars and people taking certain tranquilizing medications meprobamate that can help them pass it. Thus, you need to make sure that the person taking it knows this will not work on pathological liars because they will feel no remorse or guilt for lying nor on people who have numbed their feelings with special tranquilizers.
  • A Polygraph Test Can Bring About a False Positive or a False Negative – They are not 100% foolproof. This is why courts often do not allow them into evidence, because they are not proof the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard as required by law in criminal cases.

Even with the best individuals administering it, it is still possible to show a false positive or a false negative. Granted, it is very uncommon for polygraph examinations to show false positives or false negatives, but it is technically possible.

It will cost about $500 to $600 as of the time of this publication. Of course, with inflation in the future the price will undoubtedly be somewhat higher than that. They are typically well worth it for the information they provide. 😊

To become one, there are several qualifications you must first obtain. The prerequisites are listed below as follow:

  • All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • No one must not have any felony convictions or any misdemeanors involving matters of “moral turpitude”.
  • Each must be United States citizens.
  • The State of Oklahoma requires all to be people of honesty, integrity, “moral fitness”, and truthfulness.
  • Each person must either have at least a bachelor’s degree from a university which the American Association of Collegiate Officers has accredited OR have completed a high school diploma from an accredited high school AND have completed at least 5 years if investigatory experience.
  • Each candidate must have completed a polygraph school course that the Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners has approved and have completed at least 6 months of internship training.
  • Each person must first pass an exam as specified by the Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners that clearly demonstrates competency as a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma. 😊

If you need more information about how to become one, then you need to find the best private investigation agency to inquire as to any questions you may have. OURS😊

They can earn a salary that is well into the 6 digits. Yes, they can indeed earn a fine yearly salary, if she/he/they has/have a thriving business and lots of experience. 😊

Typically, they will limit the questions to about 5. It is essential when you hire the best one that you help narrow down the most pressing, important questions that you want “Yes” or “No” answers to.

Yes, anxiety can certainly make a person fail it. This is because they rely solely upon physiological measurements, such as heart rate, breathing, etc. When someone with severe anxiety inadvertently begins breathing faster or has her/his/their heart beating faster even when telling the truth, they might accidentally show false positives because they will likely misconstrue the increased physiological signs as indicators of deception. ☹

For a variety of reasons, it is always possible that when you hire an expert for you that the results will come back as “inconclusive”. This could happen for many reasons, but it is usually because for one reason or another they were unable to determine with a high degree of certainty whether the subject’s bodily functions pointed toward deception or honesty. You might wonder what could cause this.

Extreme anxiety can cause false positives, false negatives, and inconclusive results. Likewise, if someone is a pathological liar or has taken a tranquilizing medication called meprobamate can also skew the results and make him/her unable to determine whether the person is telling the truth or not. Also, if a subject who is taking it is in pain or has not taken some of her/his/their usual medications, then it could also skew the results.

When you hire one, she/he/they will work together with you to see if you are in a good position to take this test. If not, your polygraph examiners at a private investigation agency will inform you what needs to happen before you take lie detector tests to ensure accuracy and validity, prior to taking them.

While it is very difficult for most people to beat it, it is certainly not impossible to beat one or at least cause the polygraph examiner to receive results that she/he/they conclude(s) are “inconclusive”. We discussed the factors above which may skew the results or otherwise cause a false positive or a false negative, but remember that because they do not meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard for criminal trials that most of the time judges do not admit them as evidence in courtroom trials except under limited circumstances.

Once again, because they are not 100% accurate and are often as valid as the polygraph examiner is experienced, there are reasons why someone might show a false positive or a false negative. The most common reasons for them with false positives, false negatives, or inconclusive results are as follows:

  • A Person’s Anxiety Affects it.
  • The Subject Taking it is a Pathological Liar.
  • The Individual Took a Tranquilizer Called Meprobamate.
  • The Person Forgot to Take Her/His/Their Usual Medications.
  • The Individual is Suffering Physical Pain.
  • The Polygraph Examiner is Very Inexperienced/Unskilled.

As noted above, these are some of the main reasons that specialists might find results that are inconclusive, false positives, or false negatives when administering lie detection tests. If you have concerns about their reliability and/or validity, then when you hire one, you can ask them and share your concerns upfront. 😊

While they are accurate about 70-87% of the time, about half of all persons taking it that are administered by experts will end up failing them. Yes, whether they think they can beat them and fail or due to other reasons that cause a false positive, a false negative, or inconclusive results that we discussed above, about half of the people who take it will not pass it.

When someone wishes to become this agent, there are many schools that the individual can attend to study this. Some of the top polygraph examiner schools in the United States of America are hereby listed below:

  • The Backster School of Lie Detection/PEAK Credibility Assessment Training CenterThe Backster School of Lie Detection was recently bought and merged with PEAK Credibility Assessment Training. While somewhat more expensive than some of its closest competitors, it nonetheless has maintained a reputation for exceptional quality that any professional in Oklahoma City should feel honored to have. 😊
  • The Polygraph Institute The Polygraph Institute is also a high-quality school for future and current ones alike, and its price is extremely affordable compared to some of its more expensive competitors. It offers several locations at which they can choose to study to become a specialist in Oklahoma or elsewhere. 😊
  • American International Institute of PolygraphThis is yet another website where those who want a high-quality education to become a polygraph examiner can receive their education. If you are seeking to become one, then you should check out this school as one of your possible options. 😊

For a full list of accredited schools that the American Polygraph Association recognizes as valid, you may click here. This will be especially helpful for those wanting to become a polygraph examiner. 😊

These terms are interchangeable phrases that refer to the tests a polygraph examiner administers from a private detective agency to individuals whose honesty is in question. They both refer to the same thing.

The expected job growth over the next ten years is about 11%-14%. This is decent job growth and flexibility for them, especially as older ones begin to retire and new ones are needed to take their place to administer these examinations.

If you are seeking to become one, then you need to contact a polygraph examiner as you find a private investigation agency to speak with about how to administer tests. Our agents are experts at it. 😊

There are plenty of people who should not take it, because doing so will be unlikely to yield an accurate result. These individuals are as follows:

  • Persons Who Are Pregnant
  • Individuals Who Are Suffering From an Illness or Physical Pain
  • Pathological Liars
  • Anyone Taking the Tranquilizer Meprobamate
  • People Who Have Not Taken All Their Medicines That They Usually Take
  • Individuals Who Lack the Language Skills or Abstract Concept Comprehension Abilities, Regardless of Their Age – This Usually Excludes Most Minors Under Age 12 Though

As you can clearly see from the list above, there are many people who should not take this. The factors above will skew the results and may show that someone is lying when telling the truth, or it may show the person is telling the truth when she/he/they is/are really lying. At best, the results are likely to come back as inconclusive.

No, according to our deception experts at our private detective agencyin Oklahoma City that conduct it, caffeine will not affect the outcome of polygraph examinations. Caffeine in general is bad for your heart, so try not to drink it very often. Love, Mom. 

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