Tinsley Advises on the Difference Between Mobile Notaries and Process Servers

Tinsley Advises on the Difference Between Mobile Notaries and Process Servers

Tinsley Advises on the Difference Between Mobile Notaries and Process ServersIn the state of Oklahoma, you can find solutions to all of your mobile notary and process server needs. Tinsley Keefe has been offering both services for years now; doubling as both an Oklahoma City-based mobile notary and process server. The thing is . . . just because she is Oklahoma City-based does not mean she is available only to Oklahoma City citizens. In fact: travelling is mostly what mobile notaries and process servers are all about.

The fact that both legal jobs require travelling creates the common misconception that they are one and the same. However, there are big differences between mobile notaries and process servers. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not sure which legal traveller you are required to work with, chances are you will want to find out ASAP. This is why Tinsley offers several key pieces of advice when it comes to telling the difference between a mobile notary and a process server.

First and foremost, let us discuss what a mobile notary is. The basics of a notary – public or mobile – is drawing up and/or certifying legal documents for other jurisdictions; think deeds and contracts. While a notary public is usually stationed in an office of some sort and does not travel, a mobile notary is exactly what it sounds like: mobile. For example, when working as a mobile notary as opposed to a notary public, Tinsley Keefe will travel outside of Oklahoma City to notarize documents for clients.

Notarizing documents via travelling is normally done multiple times per day; at the cost of a standard notary fee. A mobile notary might be similar to a process server in the sense of travelling, but a large difference between the two legal travellers revolves around their career objectives. Notaries are necessary for a large variety of situations – such as notarizing contracts, deeds, and oath affirmations and acknowledgements.

Process servers, on the other hand, work with the main purpose of serving legal documents to individuals. On most occasions, those individuals will be defendants in court cases. When working as a process server in OKC, Tinsley Keefe’s main priority is usually notifying the defendants that there is a court case going on that requires their attendance and cooperation. However, in addition to serving individuals, a process server can also file court papers and retrieve documents at the request of clients. Now – there might be a difference between process servers and mobile notaries – but they do reach a common ground.

The process server will always need to confirm their distribution by having their affidavit of service notarized, and then given to the individual or company that required the serving. Furthermore, while both jobs are very different besides their common ground in travelling and working together, a person can also operate as both a mobile notary and a process server. An example of this is Tinsley Keefe, who has been operating as both for a number of years in Oklahoma. Now hopefully in the future when the need for a legal traveller arises, you will know which one to call.

Tinsley Keefe Discusses, “So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship”

Tinsley Keefe Discusses, "So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship"

Tinsley Keefe Discusses, "So You Are a Process Server in a Long Term Relationship"Being in a long term relationship is challenging enough without the added stress of your career. A relationship is a two-way street – it is necessary to put forth as much as you receive if you want the love to remain unhindered. This is one of the biggest reasons why working as a process server while being a part of a long term relationship is somewhat difficult. As a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe can testify firsthand that balancing work and relationships is not always as easy as it should (or could) be.

For starters, it is common knowledge that process servers travel more often than not. When that travelling starts to impact your love life; things become a bit complicated. Of course, there is always a way around the unwanted outcome of losing your significant other solely due to your work. Lucky for you, Tinsley Keefe has been giving the same advice to other process servers in Oklahoma long enough to know that her words are – at the very least – successful 9/10 times.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to make sure your significant other is aware of your job and its requirements long before things grow serious. If you get the obvious out of the way early on, it is easy to slide into a comfortable halfway point. Moreover, your job might be necessary to make a living, but that does not mean it has to take away the light in your life. In fact, you should be working because you want to support you and your loved ones.

When your significant other understands that you have their best intentions in mind, things will be a lot easier to move forward with. The second thing that Tinsley Keefe has learned while working as a process server in OKC is that, if they are able, your significant other can always travel with you. Tinsley recalls a process server friend of hers that is married to a freelance writer. Due to the partner’s ability to work remotely, they will just tag along on their s/o’s process server adventures (at no cost to the clients, of course).

Furthermore, if you are a process server and you are in a serious, long term relationship – chances are you are still with your significant other for a reason. They have been with you long enough to know how your job works; giving them the chance to get used to it before it becomes a problem in your relationship.

The fact of the matter is that a career should never get in the middle of love; no matter what the career is, no matter what it pays, and no matter what any of the gory details are. Likewise, your partner should never demand that you choose between your career and your relationship. True love does not have ultimatums. In the end, it is more than possible for process servers to enjoy long term relationships; they just have to think outside of the box.

Is Gambling a Safe Hobby? Tinsley Keefe Discusses

Is Gambling a Safe Hobby Tinsley Keefe Discusses

One of the most common ways to fall into debt is by spending money you do not have. As a skip tracer in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has witnessed exactly what spending too much money can do to a person. A popular reason behind debt is gambling. When a person suffers from a gambling addiction, they often put forward money that they do not have – or products/accommodations they cannot afford to give away. Some people have even gambled away things as important as their houses – their kids – or their most prized possessions. This is why there is a very thick stigma behind gambling in society. Many people will argue on whether or not it is possible to simply gamble as a hobby.

Is Gambling a Safe Hobby Tinsley Keefe DiscussesTinsley Keefe stresses the biggest thing, front and clear: gambling should never become a hobby. Instead, gambling should be something to do on a special occasion. During her time operating as a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley has dealt with her fair share of gambling addicts. The thing to remember is that it almost always starts as a “hobby”. In the beginning, you might find yourself only doing it a few times a month. That can soon change to a few times a week, and then a few times a day. Before you know it, you are losing more than you are gaining. And then eventually, it spins out of your control and you have a skip tracer knocking at your door.

However, that also does not mean that gambling should be 100% avoided. In fact, gambling is a great thing to reward with. For example, some people will go to a casino and gamble on holidays as a yearly tradition. Other people will go on vacations to places like Las Vegas; giving themselves the opportunity to gamble in a comfortable and exciting setting. When done in moderation, gambling is extremely fun. And who knows? You could end up with more money than you walked in with. Even if you do not however, that is the Brightside of gambling in moderation. In addition to gambling in moderation, OKC Skip Tracer Tinsley Keefe also suggests several tips when it comes to gambling.

For starters, you should give yourself a set amount of gambling money. Do not go over your limit. In fact, leave all debit cards and credit cards locked up somewhere safe and only bring the amount of cash you are letting yourself spend. Another tip is setting a goal – will you stop gambling if you are ahead by 50 – maybe 100? Tinsley stresses the importance of knowing when to quit. Just think: you go in with 100 dollars to gamble with. You are losing at first, but suddenly you have a string of luck. You get up to 200 bucks, and then 300. You decide to keep going. Suddenly, you are back down to 100 – and then 50. Soon you are leaving the casino with no money . . . when you could have been leaving 200 bucks richer.