The Origination of Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing OKC

The concept of skip tracing has been established since before the middle ages. Obviously, the way skip tracing took place before is a lot different than how it is practiced now. However, the premise is the same. What is the premise? Well, skip tracing is often related to debt collection, in which tracing is the way to find the ‘skip’ (the one who has left, often a debtor) in order to help someone get their money back. Skip tracing services are used for many other purposes now, for example, to track down old relatives or friends or just to find someone specific. Skip tracing has been around since before sliced bread was created! People really have been running away from paying their debt for a long long time. The modern ways to skip trace are extremely innovative and easy. Let’s explore how skip tracing originated.

The Word Skip Tracing

The word ‘skip,’ in this phrase, is actually used as a noun. Skip is another word for a person who has ‘skipped’ (left) town. In most cases, the skip leaves hurriedly, leaving behind some subtle clues as to where they have gone. Traditionally, skip tracing was only used by bounty hunters, detectives, repossession agents, debt collectors, lawyers and bond enforcers.

What Is The Original Skip Tracing Methodology

The basic method of skip tracing is pretty easy- collecting as much information as possible, analyzing it, drawing conclusions, taking an action and then repeating! Most skip tracing in Oklahoma City basically takes place in the same way. Of course, the difficult part is finding the most useful information available through a variety of methods. These days, skip tracing in Oklahoma just involves going through databases and using the internet to make connections to the skip. In the very old days, they would have to travel around and then ask around. Skip tracing in OKC, however, in some cases still involves calling up, visiting and/or interviewing family, friends and anyone who is related to the skip such as co-workers and neighbors. Collecting data, of course, can happen in any of these diverse foolproof ways.  Then, of course, skip tracers need to analyze the data meticulously in order to trace the skip.

Thank god that things have improved and changed in the skip tracing industry due to the advent of technology. Skip tracing is an ages-old art that has definitely been refined.

The Technologies Process Servers Use To Locate People

Process Servers Oklahoma City

The requirements of the process serving industry are continuously upgrading. Thus, process servers must adopt the latest trends and invest in the latest technologies in order to meet the standard expected of them. A process server needs to be as innovative as possible to successfully (and legally) track down their subject and serve papers. Devices that help keep a track of subjects’ in real time are a necessity for process servers in this day and age. Here are the technologies that process servers need to use on duty.

Smartphone Apps

If it exists, there is an app about it. There are numerous apps available that not only help the process server from Oklahoma City keep a track of their assignment but also helps them locate the subject. Some of those key apps are:

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Tracking Apps (Google Maps)

GPS has been revolutionary in providing direction to people when they are looking to visit a specific area that they have never been to before. Just plug in the location in the app and then let GPS lead the process server to the place marked, making their job a lot easier.

Social Media Applications

One good thing that social media did for people is that it made it easier for law officials and process servers to look for their subjects. A process server from Oklahoma would not typically have access to private databases so they need to rely heavily on public databases for relevant information. They may find out the subject’s workplace, residence or their partner’s residence if needed. They will also gain insight as to the timings of the subject is present at certain locations. They may also find out key information on public transportation services that they may avail.


In some cases, the process server from OKC needs to very covertly follow their subjects. Some subjects may be running from the law and if they suspect that a process server is out to serve them papers, they may make a run for it. Therefore, binoculars can be an extremely beneficial technology for process servers to possess.

It is crazy to think that we all hold so much power in our hands at all times. Just owning a smartphone can introduce you to whole new worlds you never could have thought existed. Process servers have successfully just utilized these constantly evolving technologies for their own benefit.

Is It Possible To Notarize Handwritten Documents

There are certain situations in which the document is handwritten. Perhaps a mother is authorizing her child to go along a friend’s family on their holiday trip and needs to get her statement notarized. She may find it easier to handwrite the statement rather than get it printed. Or there could be a situation where a building tenant has to verify the household income for which they need to submit a letter to the housing authority. The same can be said for a separated couple who have to provide a notarized statement declaring they have been living apart for some months so they can solve the income tax issue as quickly as possible. In such cases, it is fast and convenient to have handwritten documents and then get them notarized.

What Will the Notary Public OKC Ensure Before Notarizing the Document

For a document to be notarized, it needs to be attested by a Notary Public from Oklahoma City. The official will verify the identities of those who have signed the document, check the signatures, and then stamp (or “seal”) the document.

The job and duty of the notary is to ensure the signatures are legitimate. For this, the notary is required to ask for an identification document of each individual who have signed the document.

Another thing the notary must look for is signs of coercion and force. Even if the signer does not like some clauses in the document, it is important to ensure that the signer is signing from their own free will and no one is forcing them to sign.

Another important job of the notary official is to make sure the signers are capable of making sound decisions. The signers should be in a state where they able to fully comprehend the document they are signing. In the situation where the individual is medicated, intoxicated, or for some reason is not able to understand what is happening, the notary official is liable to refuse notarizing the document.

Is It Possible To Notarize Handwritten Documents

Yes, handwritten documents can be notarized by the Notary Public of Oklahoma. Notaries will be cautious about handwritten wills. However, there needs to a notarial certificate. In the case where there is not, the notary needs to add it. There are some states that don’t allow the notary public to determine the type of notarization required. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to ask the notary public whether an oath or acknowledgment needs to be taken.

The Difference between a Notary Public and a Solicitor

Notary Public

There is a common misconception that notary public and a solicitor are synonyms for each other. The fact is, that there is a world of a differences between the two. Some even assume that a solicitor is one who works in the Notary Public. Let’s go deeper into their differences.

What Constitutes a Notary Public

A notary public is a small yet specialized division of the legal occupation. Although a Notary Public offers many other services, they are most sought by the public for the certification of their documents.

Especially those who are migrating abroad, have to fulfil the requirement of submitting certified copies of the document. For this purpose, they come to the Notary Public of Oklahoma City to have their documents signed.

A Notary Public of OKC helps clients with:

  1. Preparation of their wills
  2. Representation Agreements
  3. Real estate conveyancing (mortgaging/selling/purchasing a property)
  4. Certify original documents
  5. Powers of Attorney

Notaries have a reputation of being trusted and reliable professionals, who provide their services to the public. The profession dates back to Ancient Rome! The public officials were called scribes and they had a higher stature than copiers and transcribers.

Notary Public are acknowledged and recognized worldwide. They have the obligation to maintain absolute impartiality and integrity to uphold the status of the Notarial occupation.

Who Are Solicitors

A solicitor provides a wide range of legal services to the clients. They provide advice on legal matters and what the best way for them to proceed will be. A solicitor can represent their clients in court and fight on their behalf.

In some situations, a solicitor also has the power to authenticate the documents. However, some authorities may insist that the document be attested by a Notary Public of Oklahoma City than a solicitor.

What is the difference?

A Notary and Solicitor both hold a degree in law. It is the nature of their jobs that makes them different. In a way, a notary public is a solicitor who has acquired another qualification to work as a notary. Solicitors require more training and education than notaries do.

One important difference is that a solicitor’s main duty is towards the client. Whereas, the Notary’s main obligation is to the authenticity and genuineness of the documents.

A Notary Public from Oklahoma provides the public with limited legal services. They cannot represent their clients in court. A solicitor can take up legal cases and fight for their clients in the courtroom.