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Dr. Tinsley Keefe’s Guide on Skip Tracing Successfully

Guide on Skip Tracing Successfully

Skip tracing is a method used to track down an individual or business that has gone missing, often for the purpose of serving legal papers. It requires a detective to know about various skip tracing techniques and services available to achieve successful results. Dr. Tinsley Keefe, a professional skip tracer based in Oklahoma City, offers the following guidelines on successfully performing skip tracing operations in the city.

Finding Information

The first step in skip tracing is finding as much information as possible about the person you are looking for. This includes their name, address, phone number, and more. To do this effectively in Oklahoma City, skip tracers should use a variety of resources such as public records databases, social media sites, and other online services.

Utilizing Resources

Once private detectives have gathered the necessary information about the person they are trying to locate, it is important to utilize all available resources in order to track them down. This may include conducting interviews with family members or neighbors, searching for property ownership records, and even taking advantage of skip tracing software programs that can help skip tracers identify potential leads.

Staying Organized

It is essential for skip tracers in Oklahoma City to stay organized while they are working on a case. This means keeping accurate notes on all the people you speak with and any relevant details you discover. Additionally, skip tracers should always keep their client’s information confidential and secure in order to ensure that their skip trace efforts remain successful.

Negotiation Skills

When skip tracers are attempting to locate someone who may be uncooperative or unwilling to provide the necessary information, strong negotiation skills can make all the difference. Skip tracers must be able to politely utilize persuasion techniques to encourage people to cooperate with them so they can successfully complete skip tracing operations.

Keeping Up With Trends

Oklahoma City skip tracers also need to stay informed of any changes or trends that could affect skip trace operations within the area. By keeping up on current news and developments related to skip tracing, skip tracers can better anticipate potential problems, find new sources of information, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Data Protection

When skip tracing in Oklahoma City, skip tracers must also be aware of any laws and regulations that govern data protection. All skip trace operations need to comply with local privacy laws so as not to breach any legal obligations or violate the rights of individuals. As such, skip tracers should ensure that they remain up to date on all relevant legislation and maintain a system for securely storing confidential data obtained during skip trace operations.


Due to technological advances, detective now have access to a wide range of tools that can make skip tracing more efficient and accurate. It is important for skip tracers in Oklahoma City to be familiar with the tools available, such as skip tracing software and online databases. When used correctly, these tools can greatly enhance skip tracing operations by allowing skip tracers to locate individuals and other important information quickly.


In order for skip tracing operations to be successful, skip tracers must have an effective strategy. Dr. Tinsley Keefe has identified key strategies that skip tracers should use when conducting skip trace operations in Oklahoma City:

  • Utilize various data sources: Private investigator should use a combination of public records, private databases, social media, and other resources in order to obtain accurate information about individuals being traced.
  • Take advantage of skip tracing tools and services: Skip tracers should utilize skip tracing tools like skip trace databases, skip trace software, skip trace phones, and other skip tracing services to increase their efficiency in locating individuals.
  • Develop contacts: Tracing individuals can be made more accessible by developing contacts with various sources such as landlords, employers, neighbors, family members, friends, and even local government agencies. This could provide additional information unavailable through traditional skip tracing methods.
  • Be mindful of privacy protocols: Skip tracers need to adhere to all applicable laws when conducting skip trace operations. Some states have enacted specific regulations surrounding the collection of personal data and its use for skip tracing purposes. Furthermore, skip tracers must consider any applicable privacy laws and protocols when obtaining information from sources.
  • Utilize skip tracing technology: The use of skip tracing technologies is a valuable tool for detectives operating in Oklahoma City. Technologies such as skip trace databases allow skip tracers to quickly search through large amounts of data, allowing them to locate individuals who have skipped town more easily.
  • Work collaboratively with law enforcement: When conducting skip tracing operations in Oklahoma City, working collaboratively with local law enforcement can be beneficial. Law enforcement officers often have access to resources that are unavailable to skip tracers, which can lead to quicker success when locating an individual. Additionally, law enforcement may also be able to provide additional assistance if necessary.
  • Develop contacts within the community: Building relationships with people living in the Oklahoma City area is an important part of successful skip tracing. Knowing who to contact when gathering information on individuals can be invaluable and can often provide detectives with leads they may not have been able to find otherwise.
  • Utilize online resources: Many online tools and skip tracers can use when conducting skip tracing operations in Oklahoma City. Many of these resources include public records, social media sites, and other databases that can provide useful information about individuals who have skipped town.
  • Get help from professionals: Sometimes skip tracing operations require specialized expertise that a professional skip tracer or investigator best handles. Hiring a local skip tracer in Oklahoma City can help ensure success since they will have valuable insight into the area as well as access to resources that may not be available elsewhere.
  • Tap into local sources: Local connections can also be very helpful when skip tracing in Oklahoma City. They may know information about individuals or leads, but they may not have been able to find otherwise. This could include people like landlords, realtors, employers, banks, and even friends and family members of the individual who skipped town.


Skip tracing can be daunting, but with the right nationwide skip tracing services and by tapping into local resources, it doesn’t have to be. Following Dr. Tinsley Keefe’s guidelines on how to perform skip tracing in Oklahoma City successfully, skip tracers can increase their chances of finding their target and closing the skip trace case.

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