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Dr. Tinsley Keefe’s Guide on Skip Tracing Successfully

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing There is a trick to skip tracing successfully. If you are fluent in this career, then you might already know the struggle of tracking down people that do not want to be found. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has experienced that struggle as a skip tracer in Oklahoma City, but she has also learned from it. People do not respond well to intimidation tactics. If you leave them a voicemail or send them an email stating your cause – and who you are – the chances of them responding or calling you back are slim. You need to remember that most people on your list are there for a reason. They are avoiding a debt or something relevant to that. If they know a scary and intimidating skip tracer is after them, they will probably not want to contact you.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe learned the trick of the trade while working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma, and the secret is friendliness and support. If you approach the person you are tracking in a friendly and open manner, they will be less likely to run. If you offer your support and help through the situation, they might even give in with hope of getting it over with. If you give them the sliver of hope that they really need, they will almost always return it. Sometimes a person’s biggest fear is being stuck in debt forever. Nobody wants to live paycheck to paycheck, yet most of us do. It is important to let these people know that admitting they owe money is not the end of the world.

They can avoid a lot worse if they give in early on. Still, some people will be insistent on being inconsistent. They will be a genius at escaping your reigns. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has been there while working as a skip tracer in OKC, but she never gives up. It is vital that you never give up either. Even when you are spending countless days trying to locate this person, you need to remember your charm and your support. It is okay to use your creativity – even recommended – but it is not okay to be cruel to a person. You never know why they are in debt. Something could have happened that put them in that spot. If you offer your support no matter the situation, they will be less hostile and more willing to submit.

Being a successful skip tracer is not impossible even if it a challenge at times. Once you get the general hang of things, it is easy to accomplish great things. When Tinsley Keefe first started out as a skip tracer in Oklahoma, she started at the bottom too. You have to work your way up to the top because nothing comes easy and nothing comes free. Success comes with patience and committed, constant work. If you hold your head high and push forward, you will never fail as a skip tracer.

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