One private investigator we at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers hired in had what we considered the best “war story” we had ever heard. It turned out to be one that no one else at our company could possibly beat, and it took place when he was working for another company as a private investigator. The case involved what the employer and their insurance company suspected as a fraudulent injury, and they could not have possibly proven to be more correct!

Kyle, the private investigator, had been asked to go out and perform surveillance on a woman suspected of faking an on the job injury. Thus, in his role as a private investigator, he went out and camped outside of her house. Kyle was just far enough away to where the woman could not see him very easily, and yet he also made sure that he was able to get excellent video footage of any time she left the house or did anything else that her supposed injury would not physically allow her to do. What he soon found, however, turned out to be much more than he expected!