Oklahoma Bodyguard – How to Properly Protect Your Client

When someone hires a bodyguard to provide them personal protection, it is vital that they understand that they will receive the best protection possible. Individuals seeking the assistance of a personal bodyguard need to understand several things before they hire someone. Likewise, the bodyguard should thoroughly seek to find out all of the circumstances before protecting a client, so he or she can do the best possible job. This way both the client and the Oklahoma bodyguard can find the most success and safety.

One of the things that clients should look for in an effective bodyguard is the type of personal protection training he or she has. Prior military experience, depending on the type and job classification the bodyguard had while serving in the armed forces, can sometimes prove to be very valuable. Military personnel often have previous experience using different types of weapons and may have mastered advanced personal defense tactics. Military service is not the only type of helpful experience though!

Other bodyguards have served in law enforcement (i.e., police officers, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), etc.), and they, too, might know advanced weapon training skills and other special defense techniques. However, the length of time and the capacity in which they served are both vital. A desk sergeant might not have maintained the same level of skill and training as an officer who has been out in the field, so this is an area that a client needs to explore.

Previous experience in the military, the police force, FBI, etc., are not necessarily essential. Some of the best bodyguards have taken specialized courses which have given them a wide variety of experience. Classes in judo, karate, and other martial arts can prove to be very useful when protecting someone. Other training courses are specifically designed, and sometimes required by a state’s laws, to certify someone as a bodyguard. These can also help an Oklahoma bodyguard become familiar with the laws and can teach them how to provide the best possible protection.

Other bodyguards have taken it upon themselves to undergo extensive firearms training. Some bodyguards in Oklahoma have practiced firing weapons extensively on their own, and they are already well-trained in how to use them. A person seeking to hire a bodyguard would be well advised to inquire as to what courses they have taken, as well as if they are certified – and by whom.

Oklahoma bodyguards generally require some time of CLEET training, and they should be licensed to carry firearms. Many of those who are certified as armed security are also licensed as armed private investigators. In addition, other individuals carry a license to carry firearms under the Self Defense Act. Each license comes with different advantages, and bodyguards should be able to present their certifications to their clients and, if needed, to law enforcement personnel.

When one is considering what type of bodyguard to hire, an ability to use guns and fight in hand-to-hand combat are not the only things a person should look for. Sometimes the best types of protection come from having the ability to prevent attacks and know when security risks abound. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine is quite true!

In serious cases, special surveillance devices and training can prove especially helpful in helping a bodyguard determine when someone is following an individual, trying to break into a home, has tapped a phone, etc. Bodyguards who have served as armed private investigators have a special advantage in this area, as they often already have this special equipment and experience. Preventing a possible attack or other threat is so much easier – and safer – than having to fend it off!

Knowing all of this, size does not always matter when hiring a bodyguard. Just because someone is bigger does not mean he or she can necessarily do a better job than an Oklahoma bodyguard whose physical build is smaller. Indeed, while hiring a bodyguard who is 6’10” and who weighs 280 pounds might intimidate others and thus stave off people from wanting to cause harm in the first place. This kind of bodyguard might have an advantage over one who is smaller in stature, but this is not always the case.

Bodyguards who are smaller in physical size can also prove to have exceptional advantages. It is fairly easy to “size up” a bodyguard who is really tall and muscular. However, a smaller bodyguard is often underestimated by a would-be attacker. If he or she has the right training, special moves can be used that can immobilize even the biggest of thugs. An attacker who underestimates the training and skills of a smaller opponent can put himself or herself at a serious disadvantage. Besides, if all else fails, a nice shot of pepper spray, the use of a stun gun, or another weapon of choice can often do the job.

Having said all of this, whenever possible the focus of a bodyguard’s work should focus on prevention. The use of force, especially deadly force, should always be a last resort. It is important to only use the force necessary to protect yourself and then retreat and get law enforcement officials involved whenever possible. An Oklahoma bodyguard has the right to expect his or her bodyguard to protect him to the best of his or her ability. However, causing physical harm, especially serious harm, should only take place if nothing else can be done to keep the client and the bodyguard safe.

Having more than one bodyguard and someone to act as a “second set of eyes” can also be very helpful. Clients and bodyguards should talk together and carefully consider how many bodyguards they need to provide adequate protection. The severity of the risk factors might call for a greater the need for a team of bodyguards rather than just one person. One bodyguard can provide protection, but he or she might not be able to fend off five or ten people who are brandishing guns and knives.

One of the most important parts of protecting a client is for the bodyguards to have all possible needed information. The more a bodyguard knows about the situation and possible threats, the better the job he or she can do setting up the proper security measures beforehand and while on the job. For example, if the known threat is a white male stalker who is about fourty years old and who has a history of violence using handguns, it is important to know that. If the potential perpetrator is known to be technologically savvy, the client should tell the bodyguard this, too, as the types of threats may come from different sources (i.e., explosives, computer hacking, sniper fire, etc.).

Many bodyguards have some type of insurance that can cover both them and their clients, in the event someone gets hurt. However, this type of insurance can prove to be very costly, so those who work as bodyguards may not have it. It is important for clients to ask a protector up front whether or not they carry any liability insurance.

Clients should also clearly understand that while bodyguards can provide additional protection, they are not invincible and cannot do everything. Bodyguards can also get hurt and may not always be able to completely protect an individual or group of people. They are only human, and in this sometimes dangerous field there are no guarantees.

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“Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Examines What Skip Tracing is and Why it’s Important”

Skip Trace Services

Skip Trace ServicesSometimes people that a process server in OKC is trying hard to locate are super slippery and evasive. A client is demanding immediate results, and time for proper service of court papers is simply running out. Whatever is a process server in Oklahoma City to do? Dr. John Patrick Keefe II contends that this is where skip tracing through an effective skip tracing service can often have plausible results.

According to John Keefe II, a skip trace is where a private investigator in Oklahoma City or a process server in Oklahoma takes pertinent information about individual such as the following . . .

  • Full Legal Name
  • Social Security Number or Last Four Digits
  • Date of Birth or Year of Birth
  • Previous Residential Address of the Person
  • Previous City & State
  • Person’s Email Address
  • Phone Number of the Person
  • Known Websites for the Individual

. . . and runs the information through a special database that is not open to the general public. While it is true that many websites now offer a wide variety of public records online, usually only licensed private investigators, process servers, bail bondsmen, etc., can get access to such sensitive information as social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. Also, people working in these professional fields also tend to get more reliable results for the other information that some sites make available, such as phone numbers and mailing addresses.

According to Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, the type of information usually available online to the general public via paid public records searches can often include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Personal Address History
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Criminal History
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil Cases & Filings
  • Professional Licenses
  • Much, Much More!

Skip traces by a private investigator in OKC, such as those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, can often yield helpful and insightful results for both process serving cases and for many matters involving private investigations. However, Dr. John Patrick Keefe is quick to point out that skip tracing cannot be done by professionals for just any reason. Instead, in order for a skip trace in Oklahoma to be performed, there has to be a legally verifiable reason such as a court case. If a private investigator in Oklahoma does it for some other reason, then he or she can get into serious trouble.

With all of the skip tracing services out there, which ones are reputable and which ones are complete junk? Well, John Patrick Keefe II recommends www.TLO.com as one of the better and more reputable skip tracing services, but Dr. John Keefe II of Oklahoma also notes that only licensed private investigators, bail bondsmen, etc., can fully utilize the site that TLO offers. Lexus Nexis is also another praiseworthy site for a process server in OKC or a private investigator in Oklahoma City that needs some good information for legal purposes.

Whatever the legal need, skip tracing services by a licensed private investigator or process server can be an invaluable source for legal professionals all over the world. “Time is money and money is time, and when you need to find someone in a hurry time cannot often wait,” asserts Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. Contact Dr. John Keefe II and the other skip tracing professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers today at (405) 593-3515 for all of your skip tracing needs in Oklahoma!

Stay Safe: Tips for Hassle-Free Process Serving

Process Server

Process ServerProcess serving is no joke. This line of work can be extremely rewarding, but also very dangerous. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a process server in Oklahoma City, has run into his fair share of bumps in the road of serving court documents. If you aren’t always alert and on your toes, you can run into some unsavory situations. This article is going to help you forgo all of that nonsense.

Serve When the Recipient is by Themselves

Let’s face it; people aren’t being served with papers that contain good news. In situations like these, some individuals can become enraged when served. When a spouse or other friends and family members are present, this can exacerbate the emotions of anger, tenfold. An example of a process serve gone wrong is the case of the 2008 death of Steve Allen. The recipient was served divorce papers when his wife and children were present. This caused the recipient to attack Allen, taking his life as well as attacking his family. Try serving the documents in a place where an incident is less likely to occur such as the place of employment.

Have an Exit Plan in Place

Never go into a building, domicile, or area to serve court papers without first knowing the way out. If you go into an office building or business, you will have better make damn sure your path to the door or emergency exit is clear, available, and easily accessible in the event you are confronted by an angry recipient. It’s a good idea to know where the exits are before approaching any house. Never park in a driveway or alley where your car can be boxed in by the recipient’s vehicle.

Listen to Your Gut

Your instincts can go a long way in keeping you safe, especially if they are telling you that you’re about to head into a bad situation. Let your gut be your guide to prevent walking into an ugly, chaotic problem. If you are about to enter a place that makes you pause before you go in, turn around, and leave. Take it as a sign that you are not supposed to be there at that time. If you absolutely must go in, make sure your cell phone is on your person with 911 on the dial screen. Never, ever turn your back on someone that you have just served. If you are serving a restraining order or other emotionally charged document, do not be embarrassed to ask law enforcement to come with you.

Process ServerKeep an Eye Out for Dogs

Every day, people are bitten by dogs. Don’t be one of these people. If you spot a “Beware the Dog,” sign, adhere to it. Always look for other less obvious clues that a dog is on the premises should there not be a sign. These can include a barking dog, toys, a dog house, and a leash.

Be Polite, Professional, and Respectful

Chances are, if you’re nice to them, they’re going to be nice to you. Do not act high and mighty or rude when serving people with papers. Carry your identification, introduce yourself, and remind those that you serve that you are simply the messenger, and you’re just doing your job.

Stop the Violence: How Private Investigators Can Locate an Abused Woman

domestic violence

Domestic abuse is a serious crime, but it often goes unreported due to fear. When women are the victims of domestic abuse at the hands of a spouse or lover, they often feel trapped, scared, and unsure of what to do next. In many cases, this leads to isolation from friends, family, and the world itself. So, the question is, how do you find these vulnerable people and bring them home?

Hiring a private investigator can be a godsend. Unlike the police, a private investigator in Oklahoma will track down your loved one without having any reason to do so. The police will not do this, unless there has been proof of domestic violence or the victim is asking for help. It’s hard to know that your sister, best friend, or cousin is being beaten and terrorized on a daily basis by the man in her life and the cops won’t dig their heels in and help you.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his team of expert investigators will employ some of the best methods available, to locate and bring your family member home. It is key that the victim is safely removed from the grips of the abuse before it’s too late. Don’t be one of those people who receives the dreaded phone call that their family member has been seriously harmed or worse. Reach out for professional help in tracking down the victim, today.

Domestic violence leads to isolation for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the abuser doesn’t want the victim having contact with friends and family, as a way to control her into submission. An abuser knows that if a woman can reach out to her loved ones, they can talk her into leaving. The victim herself might isolate because of embarrassment and be ashamed of the predicament she’s in. These are the driving forces for people in abusive situations to suddenly disappear one day.

Private investigators in OKC have comprehensive experience in locating women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. It isn’t always easy finding them, but with the right team on your side, anything is possible. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II knows exactly which methods to employ and how to use them for the successful recovery of your loved one. Not a stone will remain unturned. John Keefe II understands the importance of quickly finding a battered woman, as time is of the essence.

In addition to hiring a private investigator, plan to have law enforcement on standby in case violence ensues once the victim is found. You may also want to bring an interventionist to help you convince the woman to leave the relationship. Victims of domestic abuse need to feel safe and know they have a place to stay and a place for their children. They need to feel comfortable walking out of the door and never looking back.

Private investigators in OKC will find your family member who is in an abusive situation and can help get her to safety. Rest assured that when Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is on the scene, good things happen.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Helps Bring the Homeless Home


Not being able to locate a family member or friend is morose, but knowing that they are homeless is even sadder. In today’s society, homelessness is a major problem not only in American cities but rural areas as well. Finding these people can be tough, as they don’t have phone numbers, addresses, and sometimes social security numbers. However, there is help when you call upon the calvary of private investigators in Oklahoma City.

A seasoned private investigator has access to in-depth databases that can help lead them to your lost loved one. In many cases, the private investigation team will throw on their sneakers and pound the pavement in search of a homeless family member. Dr. John Keefe II has been known to recover homeless loved ones in record timing, when other private investigators in OKC simply threw their hands in the air and said, “We quit!”

John Keefe II will never quit on you, nor will he end a case without a recovery of some sort.

Think about the last time you saw your family member or friend. What did it feel like to talk to him or her, hold his or her hand, or to give that person a hug? We fully understand that you want to experience these things again, which is why calling upon a private investigator is essential.

Picture this:

After days, months, and even years of searching for someone special to you, he or she has finally been found. When you see your loved one, he or she looks different. The streets have been harsh. You don’t care about any of that; you’re just happy to have them back in your life.

So, where do you go from there?

Once a homeless person has been taken off the streets and given a place to stay, his or her entire life has been rocked. Sure, it seems like a good thing, and it is, but there will be a significant adjustment period that needs to take place. Homeless people are always on guard. They fear strangers, police officers, and treat anyone and everyone as if they are trying tot ake advantage of them. You must be patient during this time of transition.

Private investigators of Oklahoma City will explain all of this to you, before your loved one is recovered. Dr. John Keefe II wants you to understand that things are going to be wildly different from the last time you saw your friend. A good course of action is to prepare yourself mentally for the recovery. That can be to seek out counseling, a spiritual advisor, or any support group that deals with the reuniting of loved ones.

The best thing you can do after the recovery of a long-lost homeless person is not to have any expectations. Just go with the flow and allow the universe to do its job. Time is the healer of all pain. Once Dr. John Patrick Keefe II of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers reunites you with your loved one, a new chapter in both of your lives can begin.

The Benefits of Skip Tracing and How They Apply to Process Serving

Skip Trace

Anyone can be a process server, but it takes brains and dedication to be a skip tracer. Skip tracing involves considerable research, tactics, and techniques to successfully locate a hard-to-find fugitive or person of interest. Typically, the fine art of skip tracing is used by bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, debt collectors, process servers, and even journalists. However, a true skip tracer is a professional who has been trained to execute the process. You’ll find this level of professionalism within Dr. John Patrick Keefe II.

Process servers of Oklahoma City take their job very seriously. Just because a person is hard to find does not mean that he or she can’t be found. The folks down at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers welcome the tough cases that nobody else wants. The team knows how to utilize the element of skip tracing, and they know how to get your papers served successfully.

How Skip Tracing is Performed

Skip tracing is performed by collecting information about the person or persons the process server is trying to find. A professional skip tracer does not only turn to the internet to find information out about an individual. They have access to special databases that the commoner does not. Each piece of information that the skip tracer finds is extensively analyzed, scrutinized, and critiqued to verify its reliability.

Resources where skip tracers obtain information include:skip tracing

  • Phone number databases
  • Credit reports
  • Credit card applications
  • Job applications
  • Criminal background checks
  • Loan applications
  • Utility bills
  • Public tax information
  • Public records databases
  • Courthouse records
  • Department store loyalty cards
  • Air travel records
  • Driver’s license/vehicle registration departments

You may have heard of Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, from the hit reality TV series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Well, Dog didn’t become as successful as he is today by making half-assed attempts at tracking down fugitives. In combination with excellent bounty hunting skills, a great team of employees, and skip tracing, Dog grew his bounty hunting empire.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has done the same thing with his process serving business. He took things a step further than most process servers and became a professional skip tracer. That is what makes Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers the best in the business. John Keefe took the time to learn a skill that gave him an edge over other process servers.

Serving people with court documents isn’t always a surprise. Many people know there are warrants out for their arrest and people looking for them. They will avoid going home or hanging out at their typical hangout spots just to duck the process server or bounty hunter. Skip tracing allows these individuals to be put under a great microscope of sorts leading to their whereabouts.

Skip tracing goes far beyond making a few phone calls or scouring social media networks. Those who have trained to be skip tracers have undergone extensive educational courses, such as those offered by the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. Process serving and skip tracing need to go hand-in-hand, if you want to serve someone who is evading the law.

Process Servers: Who They are and Why You Need Them

Oklahoma Process Server in OKC

Process servers in OKC are individuals who hand deliver court ordered documents to a defendant. These documents usually let the defendant know that legal action is being taken against them for one reason or another. If there is ever an instance where a defendant cannot personally receive the documents, the process server is able to give them to management officials at their place of employment or to anyone over the age of 18 that resides within the same household.

In order to serve legal documents to a defendant, the process server in Oklahoma City cannot be involved in the specific case mentioned in the documents they are serving. Process servers in OKC must show proof that the paperwork was actually served by utilizing a notary service. In some cases, process servers are required to carry a special license and have insurance.

Types of Legal Paperwork that Process Servers in Oklahoma City Deliver

Process servers in OKC deliver an array of legal paperwork to defendants such as divorce papers, court ordered subpoenas, summons to appear, and formal complaints. Process servers may also help their clients file the proper court documents, obtain documents, and help find missing defendants.

Why You Need the Help of a Process Server

Utilizing the services of professional process servers in OKC largely depends on the specifics of your case and the laws surrounding the state and municipality in which you reside. Cases involving large sums of money or when subpoenaing a party to appear in court are all good reasons to seek out a process server.

If you find yourself unsure of whether you need a process server in Oklahoma City, get in touch with a lawyer or the server company itself and disclose the specifics of your case. In most instances, process servers are highly knowledgeable concerning cases that require the assistance of a process server in OKC. Once a defendant is served, they are required to appear in court and if they fail, the plaintiff can ask the court to impose a default judgement against them.

Did you know that failing to utilize the services of a process server when you should be using one could ultimately make the legal aspects surrounding your case much more treacherous? You will not only make your situation worse but you will delay court proceedings and can actually have your case thrown out by not using a process server in OKC.

The main purpose of hiring a process server is to ensure that the party you are serving has been notified of your intentions within a timely manner and has the ability to come to court and defend themselves. As the U.S. Constitution states, no defendant shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process. When you opt to hire a process server in Oklahoma City, you are ensuring the legal serving process is fulfilled according to the law, thus relieving you of any legal burdens or hassles that might creep up along the way. As you can see, process servers are a vital part of protecting the rights of both the plaintiff and the defendant and should be used accordingly.

Oklahoma Armed Private Investigators Face Critical Ammunition Shortage

As hunters, sportsmen, law enforcement officers, security guards, and others throughout Oklahoma rush to buy all of the ammunition they can, some Oklahoma City private investigators have found themselves without.  Of course, there are many causes for this shortage, and it poses a direct security risk for those who really do engage in dangerous professions.  Without adequate ammunition for firearms, Oklahoma bodyguards, police officers, private detectives, process servers, and others may lack what the need to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.  It is important that those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com examine the causes of the ammunition shortage, how professionals can cope with it, as well as what society as a whole can do to prevent more shortages in the future.

In the wake of multiple mass school and theater shootings, many people have turned to carrying firearms and buying up all of the ammunition they can.  The media’s coverage of these killings has played a tremendous part in hyping up the shootings, inadvertently encouraging subsequent killings by other would-be copycat killers who want their fifteen minutes of infamy.  Thus, the public finds itself scared, and many people in American society rush out to buy weapons and ammunition to protect themselves.   This jeopardizes the well-being of armed Oklahoma private investigators, who serve in more dangerous capacities on a regular basis and often need these bullets to protect themselves from harm.  Of course, other reasons for the ammunition shortage also exist.

Many people fear that President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party will take away all of their firearms and ammunition.  Once again, the media, often backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun dealers, ammunition manufacturers, lobbyists, politicians, corporate stock holders, and other private individuals, both directly and indirectly strike fear into the hearts of those in America.  Fearing some new drastic change in the law, people have once again significantly increased the rate at which they have stockpiled weapons and ammunition.

These shootings and everyone who has been involved in them have proven to be very “good” business for many interest groups.  While private investigators have suffered, all of the aforementioned have profited greatly from the mass killings and evasive anti-weapon laws.  Since the demand for firearms and ammunition has greatly outpaced capacity, something that gun and ammunition manufacturers, among others, surely “could not have seen coming”, they and their supporters have reaped in enormous financial profits.  Thus, while special interest groups have once again scammed Americans through fear, private detectives in Oklahoma have found themselves in greater peril.

Oklahoma City private investigators need to help take the lead in trying to calm the fears of those around them, through meaningful education about what is really taking place.  While the United States Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms, the panic special interest groups have intentionally caused is only causing a gun and ammunition shortage, and it is also unnecessarily pushing up the prices.  This is exactly what the gun and ammunition manufacturers want and runs contrary to what is most helpful to society.  Quite frankly, it is very un-American.

If a private investigator cannot conduct an investigation because he or she does have the needed firearms to feel safe on the job, this hurts the profession.  Since armed private detectives often find themselves in greater danger than those working in other fields, they should at least get a higher preference category during these shortages.  Of course, creating this special class might inadvertently cause resentment among non-private investigators.  This could lead to a backlash against Oklahoma private investigators and those who own and run private detective agencies.

People should remember to keep calm, turn off the mostly negative news media, and should not panic to go buy up all of the guns and ammunition they can find.  Violence prevention and the elimination of fear, panic and price gouging start with each individual person, and together we can keep these special interest groups who wish to make a killing off of the masses from prevailing.  If those in our society fail to do so, they will only cause increased harm to those (i.e., private investigators) who are actually in much more dangerous situations than they.

Oklahoma Private Investigator Essentials for Conducting Surveillance

Whenever an Oklahoma private investigator is going to conduct surveillance for a client, there are several things he or she should do to maximize success.  The professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com suggest that these include items that private investigators should  do before, during, and after conducting surveillance.  By following these best practices, private investigators will help their clients get the biggest bang for their buck and the most success with their cases.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma City private investigators will also profit through customer referrals and continued business with the clients they already have.  The following is a short, non-exhaustive list of things every Oklahoma private investigator should follow:

Properly Assessing Clients’ Needs:

Private investigators need to begin by properly assessing what the real needs of their clients are.  By having a checklist and/or via a thorough conversation, the private investigator and the client can work together to determine the best course of action, can troubleshoot, select the best methods, analyze budgets, etc.

This assessment also includes the responsibility that private investigators have to not unnecessarily spend clients’ money, if they are visibly suffering from a mental illness.  While most private investigators are not dually licensed as therapists, sometimes such indicators of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, etc., can sometimes become blatantly apparent.  Good judgment and common sense are key elements.

Determining the Appropriate Number of Private Investigators for the Job:

It is also necessary to determine the right number of private investigators for the job.  How many Oklahoma private detectives are really needed to complete the surveillance successfully?  What will best work within the client’s budget?  These are all questions that an Oklahoma private investigator and his or her client should discuss together in advance.

Signing a Written Contract That Clearly Outlines Everything:

Signing written contracts can often help eliminate confusion, can limit liability for the private investigator, and can generally assist everyone in staying on the same page from the beginning.  Verbal agreements/contracts are often very difficult to prove, and they can lead to unnecessary conflicts, unrealistic expectations, and confusion

Obtaining a Retainer in Advance:

In most circumstances, clients should pay their private investigator in advance.  This helps keep clients from trying to cheat a private investigator.  If, for example, an Oklahoma private investigator spends fifteen hours conducting surveillance on a house where a person lives and no one ever comes back home, the client may not want to pay.  This can potentially lead to a rather large and unnecessary legal conflict.  Private investigators will want to make sure that all personal or business checks clear prior to starting services.

Preparing, Bringing and Maintaining the Proper Equipment:

Oklahoma City private investigators should always bring what they are going to need for the case.  The following constitute a few of the many important items that private investigators generally need:

  • An abundance of surveillance tapes
  • Various recording devices
  • Charged batteries for the recording devices
  • At least one cell phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • Flashlight with strong batteries
  • Notepad and Pencil/Pen
  • Food, drinks, and something to urinate/defecate in
  • Tinted car windows
  • Pillow, warm/cool clothing, blankets, etc.
  • Phone numbers for local law enforcement agencies
  • Address, identifying information, photos, etc., of the area and people being watched
  • Car that does not readily stand out from the surrounding vehicles
  • Gun or other protective equipment for which the private investigator is licensed


This is not an all-inclusive list.  The needs for each surveillance case may vary greatly, and they should be brought on a case-by-case basis.  It always helps to have something on hand and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Alerting the Police and Other Oklahoma Staff About Your Presence:

Private investigators who call the police in advance to let them know about their presence can benefit in many ways.  Once the police already know the general location of the private investigators, their physical description, a description of their car, how they can be reached by phone, etc., they often feel better about the situation.  This can potentially benefit both the Norman, Oklahoma private investigator and the police.

If someone calls about a “suspicious car” or an “unusual person” outside of a home or business, then the police may or may not come out to investigate the matter.  However, sometimes the police, if they know about the private investigator in advance, may simply drive by the car without stopping, getting out of their car with the lights flashing, etc.  This can really help to save a private detective’s cover!  However, it is important to remember that privacy laws which protect the client still apply when interacting with the law enforcement personnel.

Also, it is always important for those conducting private investigations to let at least one other staff member know where they are at any given time.  This way if something bad happens and things go south, someone else can at least know the private investigator’s general whereabouts.  Private investigators should also check in with someone else from time to time.

Selecting a Decent Observation Point:

Private investigators should always try to choose an observation point whereby they will attract the least attention to themselves.  Of course, they can only assume a position/location they have the right to be on (i.e., a public street), and they may have to move or change places from time to time.

Keeping Free of Distractions:

While conducting surveillance, it is imperative that private detectives keep themselves free from distractions.  Playing with cell phones, sleeping, or other unnecessary items are disruptive to the process.  It can take mere seconds for something to happen, and it is vital that these precious moments are not lost to an “LOL”.

Taking Integrity Shots/Footage or Collecting Continuous Video Footage:

Often surveillance can take many hours to complete.  Clients and judges often want to know that their Oklahoma City private detectives were there the entire time.  If clients do not want and/or need their private detective to run continuous video footage the entire time, then integrity shots become important.  One can obtain these by simply turning on the video camera, stating the date, time, location, what is happening, etc.  The private investigator should also have the camera’s setting to where it should automatically note the date and time on the video, too.  Integrity shots are quite helpful for a variety of reasons.

Many clients who do not want continuous footage run on a place want to know that their private investigators did not go home.  By taking integrity shots, a private investigator can show that he or she was indeed there at the location at the intervals noted on the camera.  This way the client cannot come back and demand money for surveillance the private investigator supposedly did not conduct.

Judges also like to see integrity shots for similar reasons.  They, too, want to know that the private investigator did not just pack up and go home.  That way someone under surveillance who arrives home at 10:00 p.m. and stayed there all night, would have greater difficulty in court claiming she had left at midnight.  This would be particularly true if the woman had parked her car or truck outside in the driveway the entire time.  The judge could easily ask, “Why then, do we have video footage of your car being parked there all night?”  Once again, integrity shots can help for many reasons!

Use Night Vision Cameras When Appropriate:

If it is even remotely possible that surveillance could occur when it is dark, then special video cameras can certainly help!  Cameras with infrared detectors can help determine if people arrive home at night.  While they cannot provide clear visual images of the faces of those entering and exiting an area, they can at least help show that people arrived, left, etc.  Once again, these can become helpful to clients who are seeking to know the truth.

Effectively and Timely Communicating Information With Clients:

Private detectives should take the time to communicate with their clients on a regular basis.  The amount of communication may vary from client to client.  Some people may want continual updates whenever possible, while others just want to know the final result.  Oklahoma private detectives who communicate information and evidence discovered during their surveillance with their clients, can also help collaboratively determine the best course of action for the rest of the assignment.  Oklahoma private investigators should always discuss the amount and type of information disseminated and to whom, before beginning surveillance.

Writing Effective Reports & Delivering Evidence:

Oklahoma City private investigators should take care to ensure that the reports they write for their clients are clear, concise, truthful, and to the point.  Those working for private detective agencies should take great care to only state the facts and to eliminate opinions and commentaries from their reports.  These are legal documents that could very well end up in a courtroom as evidence, so they need to be as accurate and professional as possible.  Also, private investigators should take care to turn over any other evidence that belongs to the client (i.e., video footage), too.

Testifying in Court, if Asked:

Oklahoma private detectives who have served in the field long enough will likely attest to the fact that courtroom testimony sometimes becomes very necessary.  Sometimes an attorney will need more than a written report, and testifying is often considered a billable part of the written contractual agreement.  This is sometimes just a routine part of surveillance and is something a private investigator needs to prepare for.

These are just a few of the many things that those operating an Oklahoma private detective agency should consider.  Sometimes items on the aforementioned list may not apply.  In other circumstances, one might need to add extra items not mentioned above.  However, by following this general list of necessities, Oklahoma private investigators and their clients will generally enjoy much more success!

How to Find an Effective Oklahoma Process Server

Finding an effective Oklahoma process server is not always as easy as you think, but there are ways to make the process much easier and smoother. Indeed, process servers in Oklahoma can sometimes help make or break very important legal cases. If the process server does an effective and efficient job, then your case can proceed. On the other hand, if he or she botches it with illegal and/or untimely service, then it can unnecessarily delay your case, thus incurring more expenses and time. Here are a few tips for avoiding the pitfalls while simultaneously finding the best Oklahoma process server to fit your needs.

When looking for an extraordinary Private Investigators in Oklahoma, it is important to consider many things. One vital aspect is whether or not the process server is familiar with the Oklahoma’s process serving laws, as well as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. If a process server serves someone in Oklahoma via substitute service who is not over the age of fifteen, that service will not count and the case can get temporarily dismissed for bad service. It is wise to ask your process server about laws pertaining to your case, and it will help you determine if he or she has much experience in the field.

Current Oklahoma law allows pretty much anyone who is at least eighteen years old, has no felonies, and can pay the licensing fee to become a process server. This necessitates checking into your process server’s educational background and practical experience. Does your process server have any other certifications as a private investigator? Has he or she undergone any specialized training? What, if any, experience in law enforcement does your Oklahoma process server have? These are fair questions to ask when trusting someone with such an important legal task.

Finding a meritorious, trustworthy Process Servers in Oklahoma is also vital. It is imperative that people (i.e., individuals, law firms, businesses, etc.) have the chance to find and build up trusting relationships with their process servers and vice versa. However, this means that you want an Oklahoma process server who is honest and will not just leave the papers on the front door and then claim that he or she personally hand delivered them to the person you wanted served.

It is good to do a Google, Yahoo! or Bing search of the Oklahoma process server and, if applicable, his or her company. Information others have provided about your Oklahoma process server could prove to be invaluable. Indeed, to help others learn about your process server, you should also consider leaving feedback on sites such as Yahoo! Local, Google Plus, etc. This will not only benefit others who use process servers in Oklahoma, but it will help process servers who have really gone out of their way to assist you with your task.

Extremely reputable Oklahoma process server companies will often have listed themselves with the Better Business Bureau www.BBB.org/. The Better Business Bureau is one invaluable mark of excellence, and its members are held to a strict code of conduct. If a dispute between you and a process server arises, then the Better Business Bureau is one very helpful resource to help you resolve the matter – hopefully without having to go through a costly court battle with a constant quid quo pro relationship.

If an Oklahoma process server and/or the company he or she works for is truly reputable and experienced, then you should have no problem asking for some references if time allows. Extraordinary process servers should be able to provide you with a satisfactory list several references, which should include a wide variety of clients with whom they have worked with for an extended period of time. Oklahoma process servers you will want to work with should already have people and companies who are willing to vouch for them at their disposal.

Customer service is a very important aspect of any praiseworthy process server, and so is the amount they charge! Checking around with several companies is usually a good idea, as their prices may vary. Some Oklahoma process servers may have a proclivity for charging you twice as much as others would, but it is also imperative to consider each person’s/company’s experience, background, education, and general reputation in the process serving business. Sometimes you can even do a Google searchwww.Google.comand find special discounts. Try searching for “Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers discounts” and see what you pull up. You might be amazed at what a little research can provide!

It is often a fantastic idea to get a price quote in writing before you begin the services. Ask your Oklahoma process server for a good faith estimate at the very beginning. You should also have the right to provide a retainer for your process server to have some leeway, if needed, to do what is necessary. You can also agree to be able to authorize more funds for extremely difficult cases via e-mail, over the phone, etc., if you so desire. Keep in mind that you often get the quality that you pay for, so the cheapest Oklahoma process server is not always the best.

One plausible aspect of an Oklahoma process server’s quality includes creativity. How would he or she handle a situation in which the person you want served is avoiding service? What techniques and strategies would your Oklahoma process server implement to find the person quickly? What if you do not have much information to provide your process server with? Is he or she skilled at skip tracing and other techniques aimed at finding people who have gone into hiding? Creativity can speak volumes about the kind of service your process server in Oklahoma will provide you. Having said that, keep in mind that while discussing strategies can be helpful, it is important not to micromanage your Oklahoma process server, either.

Process servers in Oklahoma should also strive to keep you well informed as to how your case is proceeding. Phone calls, e-mails, and even special equipment can help you know exactly what is happening with your legal case. If you do not hear something from your Oklahoma process server, do not hesitate to initiate the calling, e-mails, etc. Communication about your case is vital, and you have the right to know what is happening.

Another thing you will want to watch out for are companies that merely hire untrained process servers they do not even know, paying them a small portion of the fee you have provided. These kinds of Oklahoma process servers may not have much of a clue as to what they are doing, and many are quite new to the field. If a company you hire is going to subcontract your important legal case out to another individual, you have the right to know who that person is and what educational background and experience that Oklahoma process server has. Sometimes it can pay off to go with smaller companies that do not do casesen masse.

This article has discussed a few of the many aspects of finding an exceptional Oklahoma process server. It goes without saying that there are many aspects that comprise a noteworthy process server in Oklahoma. Take your time and be careful when selecting someone you entrust with this process, as choosing the wrong one could cost you a lot of money and time.

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