Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

Skip Tracing OKC

Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

Skip tracing is essentially the search of an individual, mostly a borrower who does what he or she can do to not be found so they do not have to repay their debt. Skip tracing OKC is a challenging and complicated endeavor, especially when the person is difficult to locate. For this purpose, there are experts who specialize in skip tracing services and are easily able to find people who have no intention of being found.

Skip Tracing Techniques To Locate Your Debtor

A skip tracer uses various sources of information to track down the debtor. These sources include:

1.   Acquaintances

One of the techniques a skip tracer uses is contacting the debtor’s neighbors, friends, business associates, or relatives if they may have an idea of the whereabouts of the person. Although it can be quite difficult to get useful information from these people who are close to the person, you can get a direct lead on the target without having to engage in other skip tracing activities.

2.   Directory assistance

Regardless that the phone line is disconnected, the skip tracer can contact directory assistance to ask for listings in the locality, or for other phone numbers that have the last name as the missing debtor.

3.   Fraternal organizations

Skip Tracing Oklahoma calls for the skip tracer to go through the person’s history in detail. Maybe the missing debtor was in a fraternal organization. There may be a chance that the person has provided the organization with their updated contact information.

4.   Professional licenses

The skip tracer will inquire from the certifying agency if the missing debtor is certified by any state organizations.

5.   Search engine

Thanks to today’s Internet, Skip Tracing Oklahoma City is much easier and stress-free than it previously used to be. A huge amount of valuable information is easily available through online resources such as Skip Tracing Oklahoma web sites where links can be accessed to public record files that may contain other leads or useful information to help locate the individual. Even if you simply enter the individual’s name in the search engine, you will find relevant information of some sort.

6.   Telephone listing

Both printed and online telephone directories can contain address and phone information, which can help the skip tracer in locating the individual.

7.   Vehicle Registrations

If the missing debtor has a registered boat or vehicles, the skip tracer will have no trouble in locating the address of the missing debtor.



How Bounty Hunters Benefit From Skip Tracing Services

Bounty Hunter is not just a concept made up for the 2010 movie of the same name. Bounty hunters exist, and work day and night in order to capture fugitives who are on the run. Bounty hunters possess special skills and tools, and receive proper training as they need to be prepared for the dangerous and strenuous task of capturing a fugitive and bringing them back to wherever they should be. However, bounty hunters may need help from private investigators or skip tracers in finding the fugitive they have been assigned to bring back. Here is how bounty hunters can benefit from skip tracing services.

What Is Skip Tracing and How Is It Used?

The term skip tracing comes from the concept of ‘skipping’ town, and tracing is the act of finding the person who has skipped. Skip tracing services are commonly used by repossession agents, private investigators, bail bondsmen, journalists, bounty hunters and debt collectors. A skip tracer is one who is skilled in locating hard to find individuals, using their expertise and location mechanisms and techniques in order to locate the skip. Skip tracers use the minimal information they have and head to the deep ends of the internet and may even go through the person’s social media accounts in order to generate a lead. Skip tracers may also access the following:

  • Credit Reports
  • Job applications
  • Phone number databases
  • Criminal records
  • Loan Applications
  • Credit card applications
  • Public tax records
  • Utility bills
  • Public records
  • Courthouse records
  • Air travel records
  • Loyalty cards for stores
  • Car registration departments

How Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City Can Benefit Bounty Hunters

Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters may require the services of skip tracing from Oklahoma for those defendants or fugitives who have not met their bond conditions. Skip tracing in such a challenging situation, where a person has intentionally skipped town to avoid detection, should only be left to the professionals. When bounty hunters procure the services of skip tracing in OKC, they typically use both modern and traditional tools, such as going through records as well as online databases. At the same time, skip tracers need to abide by federal and local laws, like those pertaining to privacy and trespassing. They help to build a report of evidences that the bounty hunter can use to capture a fugitive. Even the smallest lead can be extremely vital for the bounty hunter in their endeavor.

Skip tracing is quite similar to investigative work, where they need to scour databases, understand how and where to search for relevant information, and follow up on leads. In some cases they may need to conduct interviews, do surveillance activities and assess information about the subject.