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Women have been reshaping the private investigations scene, yet no one has noticed

What comes to mind when you think of the stereotypical Private Investigator? Maybe you think of a man with a fancy British accent and a pipe, or you think about a man with an oversized trench coat and a fedora sitting in a moody car. Either one you pick, the common factor between all of these representations is that they are men.

Literature, TV shows, and movies have built these stereotypes surrounding Private Investigators OKC. And only when you start to dig into contemporary literature can you find a single female PI that has managed to reach even a small amount of popularity, Kinsey Millhone.

However, today there are plenty of female PIs that people know about, one of them being Jessica Jones from the Netflix show by the same name. But it’s not just pop culture where female private investigators OKC are making a name for themselves and are taking the entire industry by storm.

A Wave Coming

Private investigation was, and usually always has been, a man’s line of work. All forms of media pointed to that stereotype, with very little female representation throughout. But in the real world, research shows that more women are coming into the industry now more than ever. Almost 20% of the industry is all-female, with the wave showing no signs of stopping.

Of course, it might not come as surprising that women make for such naturally good PIs. They have an eye for detail, and their intuition is usually off the charts. They can usually feel like something is wrong or tell that something is off by reading a room. Most female PIs also have the intuition necessary to determine if something isn’t right.

But more importantly, women are just more empathetic than men, which allows them to better relate to their clients. More importantly, empathy is an essential part of the job and is necessary at every turn. Clients are desperate, confused, angry, scared, or all of them combined. Therefore, the PI will have to make them feel safe and will have to make them feel safe and secure. They need reassurance that things will be all right, and no one else can provide that special kind of reassurance like a female PI.

And it is becoming very clear that women are starting to understand their innate talent as a PI better. A few years ago, the industry barely had more than 15% of female private investigators. Now, in the US alone, there has been an astronomical rise of almost 86% of female representation in the past decade.

A Way with Words

While the depiction of women in most forms of media has been a little problematic, to put it mildly. Not only have they been objectified for nearly a century throughout film and television, but the patriarchy has also put them in less than favorable positions. But all those years living in such a strange environment, women have gathered skills that prove to be quite useful in the field.

Not only are they good at figuring out how to talk to certain people in specific situations, but they are also good at talking their way into most places. They can be sweet or threatening on a dime, and they are better equipped to deal with extremely sensitive situations or complicated ones.

Women can easily access more places than men. So while male private investigators will have to be crafty about getting into a specific place, women can usually walk right in or talk their way around it.

Furthermore, one of the most popular cases for a PI is that of a cheating spouse or partner. And since most clients coming in with that complaint are women, a female PI can naturally be more empathetic. A female client will also be more willing to share intimate or private details with a fellow woman.

And when it comes to tracking a person down and finding out more about them, a female PI can usually easily get information from a cheating partner. Either they can try to seduce them, or they can try to be more sympathetic to them so that they can open up.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Other than getting access to various locations that men would have trouble with, women tend to blend in easier. Women stand out a lot less in places like a grocery store, the gym, a clothing store, and even a community center. It also helps that if the subject is close to children, men can have difficulty staying in the vicinity for too long.

Female private investigators in Oklahoma are can easily blend into these aforementioned locations and do not stand out as much. And since most stereotypes of a Private Investigator center around a man, they have an inherent, if not slightly misogynistic, an advantage over men in this regard.

It is easy to see that clients and individuals feel safer with women than with men. They have been able to prove time and time again that people are willing to trust them more than anyone else. And when things go well, they can prove to be an invaluable asset for any client. All of the benefits listed above are enough to sell female private investigators how valuable they can be.

Hire the Best of the Best

Female investigators are the best when it comes to solving a case. They can be efficient and precise while also being empathetic and caring. If you want someone to sneak into a specific place or need someone to hide in plain sight, they can do both with ease.

All in all, hiring a female investigator can prove to be very beneficial for your case. Not only will you have a naturally empathetic PI working for you, but she can also provide better results.


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