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8 Ways to Listen to your Account – Techniques and Gadgets

8 ways to listen to your account

Who owns the information, owns the world? If valuable information falls into the hands of competitors, the business can be seriously affected and suffer considerable losses. Experts estimate that unfair competition is the reason for the loss of more than 65% of companies. The hidden wiretapping of the office is a hot topic that concerns not only business representatives, but also social activists, as well as everyone who thinks about their own safety.

There are a large number of methods and devices that allow you to listen to the office. Basically, they are divided into those that are used at a distance and local, that is, located directly on the object.

Distance listening

If you cannot install a bug or voice recorder, a directional microphone may be used. He is able to record audio at a distance of up to 100 m. You do not need to approach the object – this is its plus. But visually the device is quite noticeable and requires masking. As an alternative, he uses a laser microphone. It has a much larger radius of action – 500 m. But it also costs significantly more.

Listening can work through the wall. Moreover, it will calmly “take” an obstacle more than 30 cm thick. The device leans against the wall and is adjusted to the desired parameters.

Local devices

A single visit to the facility is enough to install listening equipment.

Radio bugs transmit a signal over the air. They have high-quality sound, miniature dimensions, can be installed without the need for dismantling. GSM bugs are an alternative to the previous type of equipment. They have a large, practically unlimited, signal range and a long operating time.

Voice recorders are another means of covert surveillance. They can work for several days – they are small in size. However, to obtain the necessary information, subsequent removal of the device is required.

Where to looking for?

For those who are wondering “what the wiretap looks like,” it would be interesting to know that any item could be a threat. Pens, lighters, wall, floor or even watches, gadget chargers, tablets, laptops, cups, photo frames – a miniature microphone can hide in any of these items.

8 ways to covert listening

  • A radio microphone or bug can be fixed under the table just on tape. It can be camouflaged in any interior items – from curtains to flower pots.
  • Cell phone – with the help of special equipment you can connect to the phone from any distance and listen to incoming and outgoing calls, as well as any conversations that occur in your office.
  • Intruders bring a voice recorder with them and leave it switched on in their office.
  • Telephone lines – the bug is mounted on wires in a telephone or ordinary 220V socket.
  • The cabinet windows are tapped with a laser microphone.
  • Computer or laptop – the necessary data can be “read” from the screen using special equipment.
  • Hidden camcorders, like bugs, can be embedded in home decoration.
  • Walls, ceiling, ventilation, and even heating pipes can be of interest to intruders using a stethoscope.

How to check if there is wiretapping in the office?

There are two answers to this question. First, you can do it yourself. Visually inspect the room. Check to see if something has appeared in the office that was not in it before. What looks or lies weird? This method is superficial and, as a rule, ineffective.

A more reliable option is to trust the professionals. If you are going to an important meeting in an unfamiliar place, if there are doubts about the honesty of partners, as well as domestic staff, suspect surveillance – it is necessary to conduct an audit.

The company “Oklahoma Judicial Process Server” specializes in the detection of tracking devices in rooms and technical devices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We scan telephone lines, power lines, perform radio monitoring of an object, examine the spectrum of an electromagnetic field, scan objects using a nonlinear location method, conduct an examination with a thermal imager, optical scan, examine vehicles for third-party GPS trackers, provide special equipment that makes voice recording impossible during negotiation.

We know everything about how to determine if there is wiretapping in a room. We have an impressive staff of qualified specialists and a modern material and technical base, consisting of certified devices.

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