While working as a notary public for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, I had the interesting experience of having a client in Oklahoma try to pass off a fake identification card as her own. This can potentially prove to be very hazardous to those working in the notary public profession, and notaries in Oklahoma should make sure to pay special attention to this matter. Ensuring the validity of an identification used by a client to prove his or her identify is crucial, and there are several ways you can help make the process easier.

When I initially spoke with this particular client on the phone, I asked her to try to bring in some kind of state or federal identification with her to Oklahoma Judicial Process Server’s corporate office. State or federal identifications such as a driver’s license, state identification card, or passport usually have more security features and are harder, though not impossible, to forge. These kinds of identifications give the notary public/mobile notaries in Oklahoma more protection over such things as student identification cards, etc.

One thing that particularly stood out about the driver’s license the lady presented to me in Oklahoma was that the license itself looked somewhat broken/fragmented. Upon further examination, I was able to determine that someone had done a very poor job of gluing two pieces of completely different licenses together. The two pieces did not even really fit together and did not contain the same information, so luckily I was able to spot this forgery rather easily.

Mobile notaries in Oklahoma should also keep a log book of who signs documents. The notary public can have each person sign the book as well, which can later help both you and your potential client if the need for additional verification should ever arise. These books do not cost much and are fairly inexpensive. Notaries in Oklahoma can easily find them online or at companies like Walker & Walker. Sometimes making a small investment can pay out big dividends down the road in terms of a notary public’s time, possible legal expenses, and general headaches arising from forgeries or other mistakes.

Always remember to take care when verifying the identify of an individual in Oklahoma who comes to you to have something notarized. If you ever have a noteworthy reason to believe that the proof of identity might have been forged or otherwise counterfeited, then it is best to either ask for a secondary identification card or simply turn the client away. While this probably will not happen to you all that often, it is much better to be safe and take great care when doing this than to end up having someone possibly hold you liable at a later point in time. If you ever have any questions about this matter, please consult your local laws or contact Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers at https://oklahomajudicialprocessservers.com for additional information.