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Can Process Servers in Oklahoma City Serve Process Through Cats?

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

An essential part of the judicial system is the process server in Oklahoma City who can serve different individuals. Not only are they responsible for delivering the official court notice, but they will also have to deliver official court documents to the defendant. And taking up that responsibility, they also take up the many challenges that come with the serving process.

Defendants will usually be unresponsive to a process server in OKC, as they will either not answer the door or will start to hide out in their home, trying their best to avoid a server. And when these types of defendants try to avoid being served, they can make a rather simple delivery rather difficult.

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

The process server in Oklahoma will now have to try a multitude of tactics to try and intercept the defendant when they leave their house. Or, if they are trying to stay indoors at all times, they will have to try and bring them out through different tactics.

But getting someone out of their house will only come later, as the defendant might have run away. They could have left their home or could be trying to escape the city to avoid being served. The process server in Oklahoma City will have to try and locate the individual through skip tracing in OKC. Locating the individual can be a separate hassle, especially since a server will only have 90 days to deliver.

So when dealing with all of this stress, it is not uncommon for a process server in Oklahoma to have a pet like a cat to help them better deal with the stress that comes with the job. But many people wonder if a process server can use a cat to serve the process. And while nothing is stopping them from trying it, it can also be a very effective way to get the defendant’s attention

Using Cats to Serve Process to Defendants

The most important thing about process servers in OKC is that they must be fast and efficient. They should be able to serve the process to the defendant within a week or two because anything more than that will start losing money with each day they spend trying to make the delivery. Process servers will only receive their payment once, and any extra costs during the delivery will not be compensated. Therefore, they will have to be smart with grabbing some people’s attention.

Tying the documents to a cat and leaving them on the front door is sure to get people’s attention. The process server in Oklahoma City can also give the cat a fancy suit to make them look the part. Of course, the cat must be friendly enough to individuals, ensuring that it doesn’t bite. And if the defendant manages to take the bait, the process server can then serve the process effectively, without possibly waiting for the defendant to leave their house.

They could also try to seem more welcoming to the defendant by coming to meet them with a cat. The defendant might be happier to see the process server in Oklahoma City, making them much more likable.

Sometimes, it is even possible that the defendant changed their address and did not get the time to update it on a public registry. While the process server will still have to go through the trouble of finding the individual’s house, it does mean that the defendant will not be hostile when engaging with the process server. And in that case, the cat can be the ice breaker, allowing the process server and the defendant to become comfortable enough to take the documents and give their signature. Either way, cats can be an effective way of serving process.

Serving Process through Other Means

Although trying to serve the process with the help of a cat can be effective, cats can be notoriously stingy about who they work with. They can often be difficult to tame and lead, and if the process server in Oklahoma keeps the cat there, it might just walk away. Or worse, the cat can become hostile towards the defendant, attacking them on sight. This can be especially problematic, as an uncooperative defendant will become even more reclusive. Fortunately, a process server can enlist the help of a courier service to give the notice to the individual. The courier company will also be able to get the individual’s signature, doing the process server’s job for them.

The process server in Oklahoma can also use an official email to send the notice. The official email is even recognized in court as a valid way of sending the serving process but could make matters more complicated in the process. And serving process personally can always be great, as a friendly face is often what people want to see when they are about to open a door. So if a process server can put on a smile, most defendants will be willing to open up.

Finding the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

A process server in Oklahoma will need to serve the process if they want their payment, and they are even willing to use cats to help them get it. And if you need the help of a process server to get that signature, then Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the people you need.

OJPS has some of the most experienced servers in the industry who have the skills and the knowledge necessary to get your desired results. They will flush out a defendant who is being unreasonable and will calm an agitated one, thanks to their years of experience. But most importantly, they will get that signature you need to move the case forward. Contact them today and rest easy knowing that the right people will receive their documents.

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