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Everything About Fraudulent Claims For Disability

Once we have covered this basic information with you, we will explore in more detail how computer research can help you build your case against fraud. This was not the case in the past, but now technology is leading us all to leave virtual traces, and so there is a lot of information that can be gathered through a thorough and detailed computer survey of the habits and behaviors of people in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Whether on the internet or within social networks, comprehensive such research is conducted by a professional online private investigator. This will not, of course, represent the only evidence presented in a fraud prosecution, but computer research can, support a case in a strong and convincing manner, for example by confirming or contradicting an alibi, or by establishing the personality of an individual, etc.

So first, here is some important information about fraud:

  • Fraud can occur when a person, for example, makes false claims about his or her sources of income when filing a disability claim. There may also be fraud when someone uses forged documents when submitting this disability claim, for example by submitting someone else’s social insurance number.
  • If a person’s health improves, as this person fails to share this information with the Social Security Office, this represents fraud.
  • However, be careful: not all disabilities and diagnoses are immediately visible. So before declaring that a person is better, remember that some medical conditions are less easily identifiable than others, such as autoimmune disorders, mental health problems and cognitive deficits.
  • Same people who make disability claims have the right to work a limited number of hours a week, so be careful if you make these kinds of charges.

Can a private investigator’s online computer investigation be used in court to make a complaint about fraud?

The answer to this question is yes, absolutely! If you are a HR executive or a boss, and you believe that one of your employees may be applying for a fraudulent disability, it is important that you consider the potential evidence for yourself.

Computer research: it can support or even cement your case. An investigator from an online private detective agency will be able to delve deeper and deeper in order to build your case, or will simply be able to provide you with the information you need to determine whether or not your employee is acting illegally.

Below you will find different reasons why an online and social networks survey could be useful:

  • Determine if an employee is telling the truth: Your employee may be alleging that he has been the victim of an accident at work, but you suddenly see him on Facebook in a skiing video. This could of course serve you well for proofs! A lot of things like social media activity, photos, videos, blogs, online searches, messages from private apps and email sites, and many other virtual activities, can be used to unmask your employee or, on the contrary, to justify his claims.
  • Keep this in mind if you think an employee is actually working elsewhere: Your employee is posting news that seems to be dealing with another job. Curious if it is completely legal? Often you will not immediately have all the answers to your questions, but you will be able to explore all of this more online to determine once and for all if your concerns are well founded.
  • Information gathering through social networks: What if your employee applied for a disability claiming to be single, but you suddenly saw them, hand in hand, with a spouse on the Instagram account?

In general, research online and within social networks are able to reveal some cliques of information that may be useful in the preparation of your file against some employees, or on the contrary can reassure you very quickly that your worries are wrong. If you would like to explore in more detail the ways in which a computer survey can help you, then review the private detective agencies in your area, and identify one with a good reputation. In consultation with your staff, you will be able to identify how a survey together with social networks can help you. We are the leading private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and we are here to help you solve all your worries.

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