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The Fundamentals of Being a Stellar Notary Public Like Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Notary Public

Notary PublicYou may not understand how important notary publics are, but the world needs them. John Patrick Keefe II has planted firm, foundational roots of his notary public business within the Oklahoma City community, as well as the surrounding areas. If you are considering becoming a public notary, you are going to want to continue reading this article.

One of the first steps to being an amazing public notary is knowing how to treat people. There are quite a few different personalities in the world, but the most dominate is the commanders, the helpers, the partiers, and the organizers. When working with your customers, try to gauge which personality profile they fall into so that you may better serve them.

As a notary public, you need to make yourself available at all times for your customers. There have been many times that Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has received notary public calls on weekends, evenings, and on holidays. Mr. Keefe had always answered the call of duty, even when it was inconvenient for him because he cares about the needs of his customers. This is so important when building your notary public business. You want word to get out that you are available for document signing no matter the time of day or year.

Always have a good attitude. It is not your customer’s fault that you are having a bad day. The old saying goes, “Fake it until you make it.” Put a smile on your face and greet your customers with a positive attitude. Chances are, you are notarizing documents that are very important to them. What if they are making a purchase such as a new car or house? This is a very exciting time for them, and you do not want to bring them down with your poor attitude.

Sometimes, John Patrick Keefe will have his customers come to his personal residence for notary public services. Treat your customers like you would any guest and offer them a place to sit down and even a beverage. Make them feel at home while they are in your home! Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has gone as far as to offer his notary public customers snacks. Mr. Keefe is an exemplary example of a stellar notary public.

Many times, notary public customers want you to come to them. This is a service that all notary publics should offer. There have been numerous times when Dr. John Keefe II has driven to car dealerships, banks, real estate agencies, and even the county courthouse. You might even need to go to the client’s personal residence.

The moral of the story is, treat people the way you want to be treated and your notary public business will flourish. Follow John Keefe’s lead and you cannot go wrong! Your good attitude and positive disposition will take you far in this business as you will be known for making your customers feel comfortable and cared for.

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