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How to protect yourself from wiretapping, surveillance and interception of personal information?

How to protect yourself from wiretapping, surveillance and interception of personal information 1

In an age of rampant use of smartphones – protecting gadgets from wiretapping is a very relevant topic. And it excites not only politicians and businessmen, but also ordinary citizens who do not want their personal data to become the property of third parties.

It should immediately be noted that there is no universal way to identify the fact of listening. There are indirect signs that may indicate this. Interference during a conversation, constantly heated battery, fast battery drain, slow Internet, spontaneous shutdown – all this may indicate that the phone is tapping.

Basic protection methods

In order to communicate by phone without fear, you must:

  • Do not transfer the gadget to strangers;
  • Switch to Internet calls and video calls;
  • Remove the SIM card, and preferably the battery from the phone to maintain confidentiality;
  • Pay attention to background sounds and noise;
  • Use the CDMA communication standard.

Set a password to enter the smartphone, lock the screen. This will prevent unauthorized use of the phone, as well as leakage of confidential information.

Listening to CDMA mobile phones is difficult. Therefore, the transition from GSM is a radical but effective measure.

In general, users who are concerned about information security can be advised to purchase a conventional push-button mobile phone. The simpler the model, the better. Such devices are not susceptible to virus attacks.

As a rule, subscribers are monitored not by special services, but by programs designed to steal personal data. They can be used, for example, to crack banking applications and steal money from cards. Therefore, do not install unfamiliar software and unverified applications on your smartphone. Do not follow dubious links and use multi-level authentication. In this case, wiretapping the phone by number will not be scary to you.

Use for conversation programs, for example, Skype, Telegram, Viber. It is safer than GSM communication. But note that each messenger has its own level of protection.

If the request “wiretap how to find out” is relevant for you, pay attention to the information that you post publicly. Should people know your mobile number or family details.

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