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Top Defenses for Human Trafficking: Legal Advice

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In human trafficking and sex trafficking, another person’s freedom is taken from them. There are severe accusations, and if you’re found guilty, it may ruin your life, according to our criminal defense attorney near me. Choosing the best criminal defense lawyer is the first step in mounting a powerful defense for a human trafficking or sex trafficking accusation.

Your selection of a criminal defense attorney near me may significantly impact your case if you are accused of human trafficking or sex trafficking in your region. There are several ways that someone could be falsely charged with sex trafficking and human trafficking. It typically happens when an adult goes on holiday with a youngster whose last name differs from theirs. When a person’s own kid has a distinct last name or appearance from them, this might occur.

Authorities may grow suspicious and think the parent is involved in human trafficking or sex trafficking, for instance, if the child is adopted or has bi-racial parents and doesn’t look like the parent they are traveling with. Adults with children not related to them and foster parents traveling with their foster children may also be wrongly accused of sex trafficking and human trafficking.

Forms of Human Trafficking

Understanding the accusations you are facing for human trafficking and sex trafficking may be aided by examples of situations in which the human trafficking legislation is applicable. Take a look at the following instances.

  • In a scenario similar to the one above, a homeowner employs a housekeeper who is an immigrant living lawfully in this country on a work visa. After some time, the homeowner seizes the housekeeper’s visa and all her identity documents. The homeowner demands the housekeeper’s labor for free instead of returning the visa. The homeowner would probably be charged with human trafficking in this situation.
  • An illegal immigrant is employed by a homeowner as a housekeeper. They eventually stop paying the maid and insist that she stay in her room inside their house anytime she isn’t cleaning. If she doesn’t cooperate, the homeowner promises to report her to immigration officials. The homeowner can be accused of human trafficking if they use threats to prevent the maid from leaving or working.
  • A pimp threatens physical harm to a minor prostitute who works for him. He says that if she doesn’t keep working and give him her wages, he’ll kill her and her family. Penal Code 236.1(c) provides for a potential life term for the pimp, and this instance comes in the term of sex trafficking.

Best Criminal Defenses for Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking Perpetrators

You may depend on several defenses in a human trafficking and sex trafficking prosecution. These defenses, however, cannot be utilized in a vacuum since the circumstances of your case will determine what is allowable. You might be helped in creating the best defense possible with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney near me.

Actual innocence is one of the best defenses in these situations. In one of the other circumstances of the case, you must be found not guilty if the prosecution cannot establish each element of the crime. One of the most popular innocence defenses is predicated on restricting the victim’s freedom. You shouldn’t be held guilty if you didn’t give the claimed victim any cause to think their freedom was being curtailed.

False allegations often happen, according to a criminal defense attorney near me. The majority of these situations do not just happen. Usually, the individual who is being accused has worked with the alleged victim in the past. It’s conceivable that you are being accused of human trafficking and sex trafficking accusations as payback.

Human trafficking and sex trafficking can never happen by chance. This means that if you didn’t know that anything you did restricted someone else’s freedom, it shouldn’t be considered a crime. These factual error defenses are frequently effective while being difficult to establish for sex trafficking and human trafficking allegations.

Attorneys may use a variety of tactics to defend their clients while fighting allegations of sex trafficking and human trafficking. These typical countermeasures are available below that can be used as defenses for sex trafficking and human trafficking:

No Intention

The defendant may not have intended to engage in sex trafficking or human trafficking, according to the criminal defense attorney. A strong defense tactic might be proving that the defendant did not intend to conduct the claimed charges or that their actions were not purposeful.

Knowledge Deficit

The accused may be accused of having no knowledge of any involvement in sex trafficking and human trafficking, according to the criminal defense attorney. The prosecution’s case may be undermined by showing that the defendant was unaware of the illegal activity.

Absence of Proof

A frequent defense strategy is contesting the validity or sufficiency of the prosecution’s evidence. This may entail contesting the veracity of paperwork, casting doubt on the credibility of witnesses, or highlighting discrepancies in the evidence for sex trafficking or human trafficking.

Using Force

According to the criminal defense attorney, the defendant may have committed the claimed acts under pressure or compulsion. A defense can be established by the criminal defense attorney by presenting proof that the defendant was coerced or threatened into engaging in sex trafficking or human trafficking.

Mistaken Identity

The defense may contend that the individual charged is not the person allegedly engaged in the sex trafficking or human trafficking operations if there is any question regarding the identification of the accused. This defense may be more potent if there is scant or suspect identification evidence.

Absence of Proof

The prosecution’s capacity to establish that the ingredients of sex trafficking or human trafficking are at play in the case may be contested by the defense. This might entail proving that the accused acts weren’t involved in recruiting, transportation, or coercion.

Constitutional Infraction

The criminal defense attorney may claim that the investigation, the arrest, or the gathering of the evidence infringed upon the defendant’s constitutional rights. This may involve problems with unlawful search and seizure, violations of Miranda rights, or inappropriate evidence processing, which the criminal defense attorney can present as a defense.


Human trafficking or sex trafficking can sometimes be wrongly or misleadingly charged, putting the innocent under light. However, the above mentioned defenses can greatly help in proving someone innocent with the help of a criminal defense attorney. If you require someone to lead your case for sex trafficking or human trafficking accusations, hire a criminal defense attorney now!


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