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More Creative Approaches for Process Servers in Oklahoma

Process servers in Oklahoma can utilize many creative approaches to serving individuals who just do not want anyone to be able to find them. In earlier posts, the staff at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has noted several meritorious ways in which a process server can use new methods to get legal documents to someone. Now it is essential to proffer a few other ways that might be of use to those professionals in the legal field.

One cool but seldom-used technique involves a baby carriage. Who can resist peeking out the door and seeing a baby’s little carriage right there in front of their door? If a process server is sure to add a realistic but nonliving human-looking baby and the papers to be served inside of the carriage, the person lurking in the house just might let curiosity get the better of him or her. It is important for process servers in Oklahoma to retrieve the carriage and the toy baby thereafter, and they should not be afraid to possibly lose the props.

Another creative method involves the use of a well-trained dog or cat. If the person being served is hiding out and a process server wants to verify whether or not the person in question is actually living there, a cute dog or cat just might do the trick. By delicately placing the papers right inside of the collar of a cat or in a little carrying case underneath a dog’s neck, the pet-loving person might just take the bait. If the dog or cat is adept at pawing at doors or meowing or barking when hearing a silent whistle, process servers will find this method even more effective. Process servers should, however, make sure to keep a close eye on their cats or dogs, as they could inadvertently become targets of possible violence with dangerous clients.

One trick for getting someone served can be when a process server pretends to be someone who is lost and just looking for directions – especially when carrying a small child! Most people would probably not suspect someone with a little kid to be serving papers? Of course, Oklahoma process servers should not use this trick when the guy or girl being served could be dangerous!

These are just a few of many tricks of the trade that process servers in Oklahoma can use when trying to get people who are avoiding service to come out of hiding. There are a variety of unique and creative ways to get the job done. Process servers who have done a little research about the people they want to serve can find out what their weaknesses and proclivities are. Remember that Knowledge is power!

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