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OJPS Investigators Who Provide Expert Witness Testimony in Courts Should Come Prepared

Oklahoma City private investigators will sometimes find that they must provide expert witness testimony in Oklahoma’s various courts.  Whether they are needed to attest to incidents they saw or to counter another private detective’s testimony on procedural grounds, Oklahoma investigation agent always need to come prepared.  Private detectives have a duty bound obligation to do so in a professional manner that will best benefit everyone involved in the case.  By following a few best practices for the profession that Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers OJPS suggests, those conducting private investigations can accomplish this with much greater ease.

First and foremost, it is important for all inquiry agents to practice answering questions in their head that attorneys and judges might ask them.  Sometimes it can help if the attorney that has hired the private investigator reviews those possible questions with him or her in advance.  While it is vital that attorneys do not coach private investigators, it sometimes helps to practice what one might say and the manner in which he or she says it before taking the stand.

Of course, it is important to remember that lawyers and judge may ask questions that the private investigator has not yet considered.  Trying to memorize answers is seldom a good idea; rather, it is more desirable to have a general idea of what one might say.  Initial questions may include, but are not limited to.

  • What are your educational and field-related training areas?
  • How long have you worked as a private investigator?

Then again, some Oklahoma City private investigators do better flying by the seat of their pants.  Whatever the case, the expert witness testimony should come out freely and should not look rehearsed.

Another important aspect of expert witness testimony is to always tell the truth.  While individuals and attorneys hire investigation officer and pay them for their services, this does not mean they have to lie or otherwise embellish the truth.  In fact, ethical standards of the profession strictly prohibit it.  Besides, what court case is worth getting caught lying on the stand and subsequently charged with perjury?

Sometimes it is easy for those on the stand to want to add a commentary or even become emotional.  However, the facts are what count the most.  Many legal professionals and juries alike often do not view Oklahoma inquiry representative who add unnecessary opinions, unless specifically asked for them, or who become emotional as very professional.  Doing so is likely to make the expert witness testimony less credible and is something all private investigators should strive to avoid.

Personal detective who are providing expert witness testimony should never argue while on the stand.  Astute attorneys may try to goad a licensed private investigator into a debate or argument, but this will only work against the person testifying.  Someone who is telling the truth in a professional manner does not need to raise his or her voice, argue, debate, etc.

An OKC private investigator should also come to court on time and dressed professionally.  If a private investigator wants the judge, jury, the attorneys, and the client(s) to take the testimony he or she provides seriously, then proper attire and mannerisms are imperative.  Who would take a judge seriously if he or she came to the bench in a nightgown and cap?  How a private investigator in Oklahoma looks and acts is almost as important as what he or she says.

These are just a few of the best practices that all of those serving in the private investigation field should follow.  Indeed, private investigations and the testimony that those running effective private detective agencies can provide sometimes helps make or break a case.  Expert witness testimony in courts throughout Oklahoma is a very serious matter, and everyone involved should take it very seriously.

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