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Oklahoma Notary Public Services Enhanced by Certification Training

Another professional field in Oklahoma which could certainly benefit from mandatory training is the notary public profession.  An individual who serves as a notary public in Oklahoma essentially just has to pay a fee, sign an affidavit, and get his or her commission.  This is probably acceptable for many types of basic services that mobile notaries perform, but it still leaves those in the profession, well, untrained and less professional.

A wide variety of training exists that can help notaries get enhanced training. These types of programs, many of which are online, also help notaries learn more about the applicable laws that pertain to their profession.  The National Notary Association (NNA) offers some helpful training through its site, which can be found on Notary public training.  Those who are serious about the profession should not only consider joining the National Notary Association, but they should also give great consideration to joining the NNA.

The National Notary Association also offers wonderful errors & omissions (E&O) insurance.  This helps protect notaries and even owners of companies from liability, in the event they make some kind of mistake.  A notary public in Oklahoma that does general work for the public should probably carry about $25,000 of E&O insurance, while those doing much bigger jobs for banks, etc., should carry about $100,000.  However, many notaries do not even know that such insurance is needed or even exists, as few companies or other organizations take the time to explain this to those seeking to serve as mobile notaries in Oklahoma.

Training of some sort always helps in almost any profession, and professional notaries are no exception.  Certifications and further education in the field will not only enhance a notary public’s ability to perform his or her job, but training also builds confidence and trust in a notary public’s ability to perform the job correctly.  Thus, a little investment could pay off some big dividends to both the notary public in Oklahoma City and the clients he or she serves.

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