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Oklahoma Private Investigators Need to Know Their Clients’ True Intentions Before Investigating

Many times private investigators in Oklahoma and elsewhere have clients approach them asking for help with one matter or another.  Whether they need a private detective’s assistance with a criminal case, determining whether or not a spouse is cheating, help with locating a missing child, or any number of other matters, clients often tell the truth and are willing to pay for some answers.  Sometimes, however, clients conceal the truth and have ulterior motives that they take great care to conceal from an Oklahoma private investigation firm.  It is important that Oklahoma private investigators take careful steps to help ensure that they perform due diligence in establishing a client’s true intentions, prior to agreeing to accept a case.

If a client comes in and claims that he has a court order that prohibits his wife from having men over there after certain hours at night (i.e., 10:00 pm), this could very well be true.  Obviously, if the client suspects that men are coming over and are staying the night, then he might indeed have reasonable suspicion to take action to have something to show to the judge.  In this case, an Oklahoma private investigator could certainly conduct surveillance and try to get video footage, photographs, etc.  Of course, how can private investigators know if this is the real reason for the surveillance?

It is also totally possible that the client is an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who is jealous and just wants to keep tabs on the people his ex-spouse is dating.  Indeed, the client could have any number of motives.  This is why private detectives in Oklahoma and elsewhere, even if they are deception experts, should ask questions and try to gather as much information as possible before accepting cases.

One such way to find out if the client is telling the truth or not in this matter, is for private investigators to simply ask to see the court order.  If the client is telling the truth and has access to the court order, then there should be no reason he or she would not willingly provide it.  If the person refuses to show it or otherwise cannot, this should raise a red flag.  At the very least, the case number and the accompanying documents should be on file with the appropriate court clerk and should generally be available for the private investigator to view.

By gaining access to the court order, this can help provide the Oklahoma private detective with invaluable information.  Armed with this, a private investigation agency like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com  can determine what all is prohibited and allowed.  The information contained in that document should make it easier for private investigators to see with their own eyes what all they specifically should and should not try to do.  But private investigators are not the only ones who have ways of at getting at the truth.

Deception experts have their own methods and techniques for finding out who is lying and when.  While most private investigators are not deception experts, those who are have an extra advantage.  By gauging emotions, asking certain questions, and so much more, a dual deception expert/private investigator in Oklahoma can often get to the truth with a fair amount of ease.  Indeed, there are many ways that private investigators in general can get to the truth of various matters.

It is important that Oklahoma private investigators do not unnecessarily or unfairly badger their clients or otherwise run them off.  The majority of clients usually tell the truth to those working at Oklahoma private investigation firms.  By adequately performing due diligence, an exceptional Oklahoma private investigator can help the client spend only the money he or she needs to, while simultaneously fulfilling his or her duty to protect the public from unnecessary harm.

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