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Oklahoma Private Investigators Who Spy on Each Other: Effective Tips and Techniques

Sometimes Oklahoma private investigators find themselves the target of counterintelligence and surveillance.  People hire other private investigators to follow and track other Oklahoma private investigators for a variety of reasons.  The Oklahoma Private Investigator Association (OPIA) might be conducting a background check on a new applicant.  Perhaps the subject of investigation wants to get the “goods” on an Oklahoma private investigator who is set to testify in a court proceeding.  Whatever the case, the staff at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com knows that there are definitely ways in which private investigators can counter various forms of counterintelligence and surveillance.

The first and most important thing to do is to recognize that someone is trying to conduct surveillance.  The person could be videotaping the private investigator, taking photos or voice recordings of him or her, etc.  Whatever the case, it is imperative to find the source of the recording device.  The Oklahoma private investigator needs to thwart whatever is recording or otherwise collecting the information about him or her, as well as the person doing it.

If the device is a planted bug, tracking device, or other stationary equipment, then those can be deactivated and saved in a secure location for future evidence.  If an individual is the one actually holding and performing the recording/surveillance via a video camera or other device, then taking the equipment away is not possible.  Under the latter circumstance, there are several precautions to take.

Firstly, it is important not to confront the other private investigator or otherwise let him or her know that his or her surveillance campaign is known.  Doing this makes it easier to give Oklahoma private investigators conducting counterintelligence on other private investigators a false sense of security.  Besides, private investigators are expensive, so it does not benefit the other party to waste money when their private investigator’s results will now definitely not amount to anything.  Thus, it is imperative to continue going about the daily routine, making very sure not to do anything bad that they might be looking for or that could otherwise discredit an upstanding private investigator in a courtroom.

After this task is done, it is then important to find out the identity of the private investigator that is doing the spying.  Armed with this knowledge, there may be a plethora of information on the Internet, from neighbours, or other sources.  Having knowledge and insights into the life of the private investigator who is following you can help one determine possible educational and training backgrounds, work habits, tactics, etc.  Fortunately, there are often a wide variety of ways to ascertain information about private investigators!

One way to get information about the person spying on another private investigator is to simply hire yet another private investigator to spy on him or her.  This route can prove costly, however, and that private investigator’s actions might not even be very important to the situation at hand.  Of course, by hiring someone else, it frees the private investigator who is currently getting spied on to move about more freely as if nothing else is going on.  He or she can then track the Oklahoma private investigator who is now conducting the surveillance, etc

Another method is to try to very casually collect the private investigator’s information (i.e., license plate number, name, etc.) while being spied upon.  This requires more maneuvering, stealth, and skill, as it has to be done without tipping the other private investigator off to the fact that his or her presence is well known.  In these situations, the use of hidden cameras, etc., can come in very handy indeed!  If done right, finding ways to counter counterintelligence and surveillance on one’s own can save money and might yield desirable results.

Once a person has the Oklahoma private investigator’s information (i.e., license plate number, address, photos, etc.), then sites like www.tlo.com, Facebook, Google, the Oklahoma private investigator’s neighbours, and other sources become invaluable.  These sources can provide insights into who the person is and possible motives for the surveillance.

While private investigators are not spied upon very often, it can and sometimes does happen. Norman private investigators who know how to effectively counter surveillance and get to the truth can often do both themselves and their clients a big favour.  It is vital that private investigators remember the importance of never making the situation worse in the process.  Otherwise, attempting to thwart surveillance and counterintelligence can backfire.

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