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Party Bus Process Server: Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Boogies Her Way to Serving Them Papers Though

process-server-oklahoma-party-bus When it comes to process serving in Guthrie, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe is all about thinking up creative ways to get her client’s paperwork to where it needs to go. Sometimes, this means going to extreme measures. However, Dr. Keefe has been known to have a lot of fun with her clients in the process. Remember, a good process server gets ‘em served anyway she or he has to.

So, one day, maybe a month or two ago, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe gets a phone call from a friend that she knows from Oklahoma City. Actually, Tinsley’s assistant, Jessica, received the phone call. You see, Tinsley Keefe is super busy so sometimes she routes her phone calls to Jessica’s phone so that she may answer them for her. Anyway, the friend needed some papers served to a real head banger of a guy.

The guy’s name was Cocaine Dwayne if that tells you anything about his character. The papers that needed to be served to him dealt with child support or something to that effect. Now, the problem with this case is that Cocaine Dwayne was very hard to track down as he was always partying! Like, always, always partying. It didn’t matter the time or day; Dwayne was livin’ la vida loca.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe had to put her thinking helmet on for this one. How could she come in contact with Cocaine Dwayne in order to serve him his child support paperwork? And then, it hit her. Tinsley would party with Dwayne. Dr. Keefe called her friend back and asked if she knew where Dwayne would be partying this weekend and her friend said, “Oh, that’s easy! We will both be on a party bus on Saturday.”

At first, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Keefe was a bit perplexed. Why on earth would you be serving a dude with child support papers yet be partying with his deadbeat ass over the weekend? Whatever. That was none of Tinsley’s concern. She had a job to do despite the circumstances and she was going to git ‘er done!

As Saturday rolled around, Dr. Keefe slipped into her sexiest jean shorts and swankest sleeveless top. She may as well look like a million bucks and have some fun if she was going to be on a party bus. Before she knew it, Dr. Keefe heard a loud beeping in her driveway. She shoved the papers in her bag and headed out the door. The party bus had arrived!

As she climbed the bus stairs she was met but clouds of smoke, clanking glasses, and Izzy Azalea music playing over the speakers. “This is going to be a night to remember,” thought Tinsley.

She spotted Cocaine Dwayne right away and he looked exactly as she envisioned him. Mullet, skin tight jeans, and a wife beater tank top. And would you believe it? Dwayne was hitting on Tinsley all night long and tried to take her home. He actually said, “Hey baby, you look like a hot mamajamma! Wanna come home with me tonight?” Dr. Keefe smiled and said. “No, but you can take these papers home with you. You’ve been served.”

The End

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