Skip tracing

It often happens that people travel to different cities and countries and so over the years you want to find each other and find out how your old friend lives or maybe your first love. In this case, a detective can also help you, who will help you find a contact to contact your old friend.

Do you suspect your partner of infidelity and do not know how to dispel doubts? Your teenage child has recently become very suspicious, and you think that he is affected by bad company? You do not know whether you can trust a new business partner or a new lover? With any suspicions, we will help you clarify them with our popular private investigator service that we offer, including skip tracing or outdoor surveillance of a person.


The easiest way to monitor a person is direct observation. You secretly observe from the side what the object is doing, with whom it communicates and how it behaves. However, there is one caveat. If the surveillance is conducted by a layman, then it will be easy to suspect and reveal. Any careless movement of the observer will lead to the fact that the one who has been set up for surveillance will immediately recognize everything and begin to conflict. It turns out that this is not the result that a person wants to achieve. So, surveillance should be professional.

To establish an observation and find out all the necessary information about the object, just contact a private detective. Depending on what exactly you want to know about the object, we will determine our approach, such as pedestrian observation, car tracking or other analytical methods for obtaining information.


Since everyone today has a mobile phone, it’s easy enough to track a person using geolocation, unless of course you have direct access to the telephone. This location tracing method of the object depends on where it is now located with mobile phone. Such supervision is preferred by parents for their children.

Another parental method is installing spyware on a child’s computer. By pressing a single button, it will be possible to understand with whom, how and when a person is talking, and which sites he visits.

The second method of observing an object is to monitor a person’s car using an anti-theft system or study recordings from a car video recorder. Of course, such surveillance can be prevented, but only a few know how to do it correctly.

If you decide to establish surveillance of a person, do it secretly without unnecessary suspicion and questions. With a competent approach to this issue, a private detective will do everything for you, and you will already receive a detailed report. We are here to offer you skip tracing and detective services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.