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How to Take Up Polygraph Examiner as a Second Career in Oklahoma City

Polygraph Examiner as a Second Career in Oklahoma City

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City use sophisticated tests called polygraphs (mostly also known as “lie detectors”) to find out whether a job candidate, criminal suspect, and other test subjects are telling the truth or lying. Although these so-called “lie-detector tests” are rarely used as the basis for actual criminal convictions, they are nonetheless regarded as helpful tools for police and potential employers for investigative purposes.

Specific instrumentation called a polygraph or “lie-detector test” is deployed by polygraph examiners in Oklahoma to detect deceit and lies in people. When administering these tests, examinees are asked carefully curated questions. Their autonomic activity, including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and perspiration, is constantly monitored as they reply to these questions.

When an examinee exhibits autonomic arousal (excess sweating) while answering an essential but personal inquiry, it can be assumed that the examinee is being dishonest or deceiving.

These tests are not without their share of criticism. Apparently, polygraph examination are not very good at detecting lies. Instead, they are mostly used to getting naive examinees to confess.

How to Become a Polygraph Examiner in Oklahoma City?

To become a polygraph examiner OKC, aspiring candidates start off by enrolling in the American Polygraph Association-accredited training. Interviewing skills, legal requirements, and polygraph technology are all offered and covered in this course. Fieldwork is the next step, followed by certification or achieving a state license. Background checks and clearance to work in law enforcement are required for polygraph examiners. Getting through these checks is the most important for candidates.

You will also usually require an associate’s degree. However, you might be able to get by with just a bachelor’s degree. Criminal justice, psychology, forensic science, and criminology degrees are also beneficial. Rather than hiring from the outside, most government employers will promote current officers for the job and arrange for them to be trained. In this sector, a master’s degree in federal law enforcement would be highly valued and helpful for the candidate.

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City frequently attend a training academy to learn how to conduct the tests. As a result, you’ll need to complete 200 hours of specialized industry training. Before you get to be certified by the APA.  Also, you’ll be required to conduct 200 exams to get the final certification.

After completing the training as mentioned above and passing a state-administered examination, polygraph examiner Oklahoma must become certified by the American Polygraph Association. Here you will learn suitable interview tactics, polygraph equipment training, and basic legal ideas that pertain to polygraph examinations. Before becoming licensed, students will need to frequently collaborate with a qualified polygraph examiner and conduct practice tests on their peers.

Anyone looking forward to being entrusted with the title of polygraph examiner in Oklahoma must first obtain a state license. Examiners should be familiar with the fundamentals of how a court trial is conducted as well as the legal constraints and responsibilities that come with their position. Polygraph examiners must be honest, trustworthy, and law-abiding individuals who adhere to ethical standards.

Career Benefits for a Polygraph Examiner

From 2010 to 2020, job growth for all forensic and polygraph examiners was predicted to be 19 percent. This indicates a fertile job market for aspiring polygraph examiner Oklahoma City, but these opportunities are not as easy to come by as they seem at first.

Even so, it’s above the national average. In addition, you can be confident in your job security because polygraph examiners in Oklahoma have specific training, and their talents are frequently employed in background checks.

Polygraph examiners mostly work in criminal justice, law enforcement, and intelligence in agencies and departments dedicated to these professions.

Polygraph examination Oklahoma may work for a variety of government agencies, including police departments, the CIA, state and federal correctional departments, and the Justice Department.

They can be extremely useful in investigations and pre-employment screenings. In addition, a polygraph examiner may be summoned to administer tests or testify about the results in courtrooms and legal proceedings. A polygraph examination in Oklahoma City may be used in some psychology activities. Polygraph examiners can also be hired through private companies.

You will frequently find yourself being summoned to court cases to perform duties as a witness. It’s also possible that you’ll be asked for your expert opinion on any fraud discovered during the polygraph tests which you conduct.

In the chance you land a US government job for performing polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City, you will receive a comprehensive benefits package. In addition, you and your family will have access to a variety of perks as a federal employee, all of which will contribute to making your career rewarding.

Thus, it is a diverse career offering numerous opportunities to grow as a professional and expand your social circle.

Individual honesty is essential, especially in critical areas like national security, the judiciary, criminal proceedings, security checks, employee theft, and recruitment.

In such situations and cases, all concerned departments and teams rely heavily on the findings of a PE.

This increases the importance and need of hiring PEs having experience and a record of integrity and honest practices.

Can You Be a Part-Time Polygraph Examiner in OKC?

The simple answer to that question is “Yes.” It is possible to practice as a part-time polygraph examiner in Oklahoma.

Most polygraph examiners begin their careers in polygraph examination by conducting polygraph examination in Oklahoma on offenders in collaboration with local police departments. They can then also engage with a judicial system and conduct interviews with those involved in court cases.

At the beginning of their careers, the majority of polygraph examiners get the chance to work for local governments.

Polygraph institutes frequently offer job placement assistance to their graduates. Often these internship contacts can lead to job opportunities. Job openings are frequently posted by professional associations or journals related to law enforcement and criminal justice. Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma who are qualified can also apply to work in courts and crime labs.

Polygraph examination OKC credentials are sometimes earned by professionals who are already active in investigative work, such as police and private investigators, or with the military intelligence staff.

How Much Can You Earn as a Polygraph Examiner in OKC?

The average annual salary for a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma is $89,000+ per year as of March 11, 2022. This figure works out to almost $1,700+ a week or $7,400+ per month.

Source: ZipRecruiter

Polygraph examiners in OKC can make good money. According to the website, polygraph examiners earned an average salary of $54,757 in 2019. In addition, the CIA’s posted polygraph examiner job openings in 2019 paid between $57 K and $108.4 K, with all of the polygraph examiners reporting that they receive a salary bonus each year.

Source: Payscale


The polygraph examination is an important tool for law enforcement to distinguish between truth and lies.

As a result, polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City play a significant role in sustaining peace, national security, and even socioeconomic stability.

If the prospect of administering polygraph examinations in Oklahoma appeals to you, a job as a polygraph examiner or OJPS could be a fantastic fit for you.

In the domains of law enforcement and criminal justice, polygraph devices are regularly used to screen applicants and run investigations. Therefore, polygraph examiners must be able to conduct tests and interpret results in a legal and ethical manner. They may also be called to testify in court or participate in relevant investigations, where they are required to explain the polygraph test results.

Polygraph examiners in OKC enjoy a lucrative career with high-end salaries and job opportunities available in both the government and private sectors.

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