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How Cats Help Process Servers in Oklahoma City Deal with their Stress

Process Servers Deal with their Stress

Process servers in Oklahoma City have been essential in helping bring defendants to court as they continue to take their role in the judicial system seriously. However, an important thing to understand about process servers is that they have to deal with incredible amounts of stress when going about their job.

They can usually face many difficulties when trying to serve the process, the least being finding the defendant. Sometimes a quick Google search is enough to find out where the individual lives. They will have to perform a more in-depth search for the individual, often working with a private investigator in OKC to help find the individual.

With skip tracing in Oklahoma City, they can eventually find the individual trying to avoid their sentence. But finding them is only half the trouble; the next step is to serve the process safely and get evidence for the court. Without that crucial evidence, they will not show the court that they did send the defending party a proper notice.

Serving to individuals trying their best to avoid being served is a difficult task, as gathering evidence will usually include a signature. This can often include a lot of back and forth with the defendant, which can take its toll on a process server in OKC.

Luckily, they can better deal with the stress of their job by adopting a kitten. While some dogs can come specially trained to help you deal with stress, cats are generally very low maintenance and can offer a very comforting presence. Therefore, many process servers in Oklahoma City are dealing with their stress by adopting cats.

Why Some Process Servers in OKC Choose Cats over Dogs

The age-old question from most people often comes down to whether they should get a dog or cat. Most would prefer a dog over anything else. They can be very kind affectionate, and some even come with training to specifically help stressed people. These reasons are usually enough for process servers in Oklahoma to choose a god over a cat.

But these dogs tend to be very high maintenance, which can make them a hassle to keep for most Process servers. Dogs, especially service dogs, often require exercise daily, where you need to take them on a walk or give them a very high-intensity playtime session. Either way, they need to be stimulated thoroughly, or they will start to feel agitated or even a little annoyed.

And with process servers in OKC working for most of the day, coming back home and taking the dog for a walk can feel like an impossible task. That alone can be a serious turn-off, which is otherwise a very good option when looking for a more comfortable way to deal with stress.

On the other hand, cats can be very relaxed and easygoing and are considered low maintenance. Cats will keep themselves clean and often find ways to play around independently. Playing with them doesn’t have to be a very high effort either, as you can relax on the couch and play with a laser pointer. Cats can also help process servers calm down, as their purring is a general soothing mechanism, which is also infectious! Petting them can make them purr, which can also help you calm down.

It also helps that cats are generally very cute and give a very warm presence to a home. They can be especially fun to keep in an apartment, as the proximity will allow you to run into them more often.

There is one thing that does make cats a little high maintenance is their constant shedding and cleaning out their litter. Process servers in Oklahoma City will have to clean out the litter once every day at most, and they can deal with shedding by brushing their coat. Regular brushing can keep hairs to a minimum and avoid leaving hair everywhere.

Cats Offer Unique Companionship

Unlike dogs and other pets that a process server could keep, cats offer a unique type of companionship. They are very independent and can often show affection in endearing, if subtle, ways. Sometimes, they will want to cuddle or rest on their owner’s lap and purr as they pet them. This may make you feel like a James Bond villain, but it is still very fun and is generally a great way to relax after a long day at work. Of course, Process servers in OKC are also careful not to fall asleep while the cat is still in their lap, as that is the fastest way to get a neck cramp.

Furthermore, cats can also interact with other people in different ways, making for some very funny interactions. Cats will always have their favorite person, and they will have their not-so-favorite person. Seeing how they interact with both can be very fun. And it doesn’t hurt that cats are often just silly, which ensures that you do not have a boring time with them.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Having a good process server in OKC can completely change how you work on a case, as you no longer have to worry about the defendant not receiving their documents and court notice. And if you’re looking for effective process servers in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can certainly help.

With years of experience throughout the industry, our process servers have the skills and knowledge to make an effective delivery. They will use emails and courier services to ensure the defendant gets the necessary documents. Their experience in the field especially comes in handy when dealing with individuals who are not complying. Therefore, save yourself time and stress by working with OJPS to deliver the necessary documents.

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