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Real estate purchase: the role of the notary in 5 points

Real estate purchase: the role of the notary in 5 points

Advice is the primary mission of a notary. So, whether you want to sell or buy, before signing a compromise or a promise, it is better to discuss the project with your notary. During a purchase, he will be able to guide you, point out the important points to check before committing to you (works, environment). During a sale, he will be able to remind you of the precautions to be taken (agency commission, validity of an email with the intention to sell, etc.). Oklahoma Judicial Process Server offers a professional notary service in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our experts will share some of the most important pieces of information on notary services.

An infallible mediator

A ministerial officer, in all the matters he is called upon to deal with, the notary is subject to a duty of objectivity and impartiality. He must respect everyone’s interests and must give the same parties the same advice and the same information. If he perceives an anomaly in a sale project, he will notify the protagonist concerned or injured, whether or not his client. What reassure all candidates of a real estate transaction! Also, even if you go through a real estate agency authorized to sign compromises or promises to sell, it is better to entrust this mission to a notary.

OJPS by your side: thanks to our solution, the purchaser, the seller and their notaries are brought together around the real estate purchase file online, with each one being able to sign the compromise, promise or power of attorney – certified signature, without moving.

An official guarantor of real estate transactions

Legally, the notary is an out-of-court magistrate (non-contentious justice). Family, business, town planning, environmental law… whatever the field, whatever the acts, since they are written, dated and signed by the notary, they are considered “authentic” and have legal value under the law. It is the guarantor of legal certainty for all the acts that accompany our daily life. During a property sale, he is responsible for gathering and verifying the validity of all the documents necessary for its smooth running: authentic acts, building permit, mortgage situation of the property, accuracy of the diagnoses, statement of charges for co-ownership, future work, certificate, pre – emption right of the municipality, etc.

OJPS at your side: our tool is at the service of the notary and allows him to do everything to reduce the processing time, 15 times faster on average, of your property purchase file.

An unassailable collector

During a real estate transaction, the notary also plays the role of financial intermediary. It is he who collects in a specially dedicated account (which does not generate any interest) the provision paid when signing the agreement (5 to 10% of the sale price) then the product of the sale before paying it back to the beneficiary by bank transfer. It is one way to avoid wooden checks and fraudulent business.

Simultaneously, he also collects taxes, taxation on capital gains and other costs generated by these acts or sales on behalf of the State. These taxes which are wrongly called notary fees! All the sums received by this ministerial officer during the sale of real estate are, in reality, acquisition costs which are calculated on the purchase price.

OJPS by your side: our secure online service is free and you simply pay the notary fees, at no additional cost for your procedures.

Notary offer

The notary is the custodian of the acts of the real estate transaction

Losing a deed of ownership is everyone’s fear. What to do if the notary has retired? It is not always easy either for children in the context of an estate to find the notary who established the act of purchase of the family home. Legally, a notary has the obligation to keep the authentic acts. If a firm is transferred, his successor is therefore obliged to keep his archives. After these deadlines, the acts are transmitted to the departmental archives. Still need to know!

Oklahoma Judicial legal agent by your side: our service ensures you secure storage of your documents, thanks to its ultra-secure digital safe, allowing you to entrust access to it to the notary, as well as to people who have your confidence.

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