Multiple factors can make you ponder when hiring a private investigator. But before considering any of those facts, how much do you know about a private investigator?

A private investigator can legally detect and investigate cases. They are skilled professionals who handle all sorts of matters related to official, personal, and even marital issues. A PI has complete training on how to handle cases that are very different from other detectives. Here are some things that you must consider before hiring a private investigator.


Having said that, and considering the paragraph above, one needs to understand why it’s crucial to hire a PI with a valid license to investigate. Numerous investigators practice investigation without any authentic legal backgrounds. You can always ask a PI to prove he is legally authorized to take cases.

With the help of a license, you can ensure that the detective before you is a professional and is skilled in his relevant field. The state issues these licenses, so if you are a resident in Oklahoma, make sure the PI you are working with has the relevant documents to practice.


The second most important thing you must consider is the experience. It’s no rocket science; when we have little information about anything, we often make mistakes. Even though we learn along the ropes as we move higher. Similarly, if you ask a fresh private investigator to help you with your case, expect him/ her to make mistakes.

If your situation is delicate and you cannot afford any mishaps, go with a professional investigator. Remember, the more qualification and experience a detective has, the more chances are to obtain accurate information.


We may be discussing this at the very end, but that doesn’t change the fact that people usually see if they can afford a PI in the first place. The cost depends on two things;

  • Experience
  • Qualification

As mentioned earlier, you need an experienced and qualified person to handle your case if you are not up for any catastrophes. However, with more experience and qualification comes a higher cost, making cost and experiencing a hand in hand factor that you must consider.

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You may also interview a PI before hiring. That one on one conversation can help you understand if that PI can handle your case. And once you hire one, you must make sure that everything stays lowkey and between the two of you.

So, if you require a private investigator, Keefe Private Investigations is just the right place for you. We are a professional service provider, and our prime objective is to offload all our clients’ worries and assure that they leave the case on us!

The Secret to Catch Cheating Employees Well Before Time Card Fraud

The Secret to Catch Cheating Employees Well Before Time Card Fraud

Timecard fraud is equivalent to an employee running away with all the cash stored in a cash register of a company. But how? Let’s find out. Timecard frauds, throughout their history, have caused a lot of damage to the revenues of a company. It is quite evident that if an employee or a worker is working lesser hours than he or she was appointed for, and taking a full salary, it is doing financial damage to the company. Their lower performance is adding up to the decrease in the revenues generated by a company, and on the other hand, there isn’t a decrease in the salary expenses, and they are taking away their full salary against which they aren’t producing enough.

Now, if we are talking about a single employee or worker, the negative impact on the company’s revenue sheet may be insignificant. Still, if a significant percentage of employees start doing this fraudulent act, the impact can become noticeable. According to statistics, around 45 percent of the workers working on hourly wages are found involved in Timecard fraud, and every one out of five of these employees is found guilty of punching in their work colleagues, which is itself a big fraud.

How to catch those involved in this fraud

As an employer, the first step to take to stop these kinds of fraudulent activities is ensuring that all the employees in the organization are well aware of the corporate procedures and policies of the company. They must be having a signed employee agreement form at all times to make sure that they abide by all the laws, regulations, and policies of the company under the surveillance of the human resources department.

Private investigators can help in such a scenario by conducting in-depth surveillance. They can have a check on an employee who is allegedly committing a Timecard fraud. For those who are working on the sales team, a private investigator can keep an eye on them by checking with the company with which a particular sales agent fixed a meeting.

So, if you require a private investigator, Keefe Private Investigations is just the right place for you. We are a professional service provider, and our prime objective is to offload all our clients’ worries and assure that they leave the case on us!

How can a private investigator help you in case of harassment?

How can a private investigator help you in case of harassment?

The help of the private detective

It is not uncommon to see victims of harassment hiding in silence. Fear of retaliation, of not being believed, or having to fight – the reasons are often related to the difficulty of bringing evidence of harassment. Indeed, to accuse an individual without tangible proof can be particularly dangerous, especially when the stalker is a relative, a superior or a colleague appreciated by all. That’s why calling a private detective can help fix the situation.

Evidence of harassment admissible in court

A private investigator solicited in a case of psychological or sexual harassment has a priority: to provide evidence that will allow the victim to put an end to this harassment, and to bring the case before a judge. Our process of private investigation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma involves setting up a monitoring device, but also by soliciting personal and professional circles, who can attest to certain facts. It is important to use a professional private detective service like Oklahoma Judicial Process Server, which comes up with evidence that is actually admissible in court.

Investigation for psychological harassment

Internal investigation is probably one of the most important steps in the process of handling a complaint for psychological harassment, for all involved parties. It is after all to determine what really happened.

When the complaint has not been settled by a procedure such as mediation or the person against whom the complaint is made (the party complained against) denies the facts alleged against him, and if the complaint does not appear frivolous, the head of a policy against harassment at work can trigger an internal investigation.

The investigator first obtains from the person in charge a copy of the relevant documentation, including the current policy and the wording of the complaint. He checks whether each of the allegations is well defined. If this work has not been done beforehand by the person in charge of the file, the investigator draws up the list of the allegations with the complaining party and makes him approve it. He also informs the alleged party of what he is accused of.

Some useful principles

  • Meetings must be private in order to respect confidentiality. It is, incidentally, reasonable to obtain in this respect a written commitment from the persons involved and from all the persons met.
  • The investigation must be triggered quickly (the better the chance to know exactly what happened and solve the problem).
  • The investigation report (introduction, description of the mandate, history, description of the complaint and allegations, methodology, description of the documentation reviewed, summary of the facts revealed, analysis and conclusion), must be signed and dated by the investigator and delivered confidentially to the manager.
  • The investigator meets one by one with the parties directly involved as well as the identified witnesses, explains the progress of the process (taking statements, confidentiality, etc.). It may happen that the parties ask to be accompanied. Several policies allow this, however, providing that the role of coaches is limited. Accompanying persons are not and should not be called as witnesses and they simply act as observers.
  • The investigator must be available, have a good knowledge of the concept of harassment at work and be credible so that the parties feel confident and respected.
  • The investigator must be well organized and not prejudiced. He must listen to the parties and witnesses and obtain relevant details. Each person met rereads and signs his declaration of which he can keep a copy. The investigator keeps the originals.
  • The investigator should be subject to a protocol of conduct and investigate each allegation.
  • The investigator should not have a relationship of authority with the parties involved or be answerable to them.
  • The person chosen to conduct the investigation, whether as an internal investigator or an external investigator appointed for this purpose (consultant) or as a member of an investigating committee, must possess personal qualities, knowledge, skills and relevant training and experience to complete the investigation.

The search for heirs

The search for heirs

Every year, some 350,000 estates are liquidated by notaries. Nevertheless, for 3% of them, the search for heirs can be particularly difficult and leaves the framework of the obligation of diligence. Therefore, we’re here to tell you about how to carry out the search of the heirs.

The notary

The notary is traditionally in charge of establishing the act of notoriety necessary for the liquidation of the estate. His investigations generally consist of cross-checking the various pieces of information brought to his attention (testimonies, family record book, marriage contract and other official documents) to prove the family relationship of the designated heirs with the deceased and establish their estates.

Therefore, the notary is the first professional required to establish and control the devolution of the estate. However, certain conjunctures may make it particularly difficult for him to honor. Obstacles to identifying and locating the most frequently reported heirs include:

  • Absence of domiciliation of heirs
  • Chaotic family configurations (blended or geographically dispersed families, for example)
  • Lack of time
  • The lack of human resources to mobilize on the file
  • Traditional non-probative research methods, etc.

The duty of diligence of the notary is limited to reasonable investigations. In fact, if research fails, the notary has a direct and legitimate interest in the identification of heirs or the settlement of the estate. He is entitled to send a mandate to a third-party professional specialized in the search for heirs: the estate genealogist.

The estate genealogist

Representative of a relatively unknown professional field, the estate genealogist is charged by a prescriber (usually a notary) to confirm the uncertain devolutions and/or to locate the heirs to allow the settlement of the succession. Essentially, they also trace ancestry.

To ensure successful research, he supports his research on neighborhood surveys, departmental records, military registers, and so on. Long-term work, which will take up to several years of investigation in the most extreme cases.

The private detective

The private search agent or private detective is likely to be mandated by the family of the deceased, the notary or anyone with an interest, to participate actively in the search for heirs and assigns involved in the estate. This branch belongs to the field of searching for missing persons. Like the genealogist, his performance is subject to fees.

How to Defend Yourself against False Sexual Battery Accusations

How to Defend Yourself against False Sexual Accusations

In the state of Oklahoma, sexual battery is considered a felony. Being accused of sexual battery charges is a very grave matter. Your life changes for the worse. Everything you work for, your family, your job, your reputation, you lose it in the blink of an eye. On top of that, you also have to serve serious jail time.

However, what if you were falsely accused? It’s not something unheard of. Every other month you read about such cases where the man was found innocent and the allegations were proven to be false.

So how do you defend and prove yourself innocent? Here are some of the ways.

1.   Cooperate With the Investigation

An investigation will take place no matter how much you say you are not guilty. When you know very well that you are innocent and have not committed this awful crime, there is no reason why you should not cooperate with the investigation.

2.   Hire a Private Investigator

Being accused of sexual battery can be a serious and severe issue. It is important that you involve a Private Investigator Oklahoma City for this matter. Your private investigator will help you gather evidences so you are able to defend you against the false sexual battery charges you have been alleged with.

3.   Keep Away From Your Accuser

Until you can legally defend yourself, it is best that you keep a distance from your accuser. These are things your private investigator will let you know of.

4.   Keep Your Emotions Under Control

There is no doubt that you will feel frustrated and enraged of being falsely accused of sexual battery. However, it is imperative you learn to control your emotions and try to stay calm. Your private detective will tell you this is the best way to protect yourself.

5.   Try To Understand Your Accuser’s Motives

You must try to understand what was the motive of your accuser to charge you falsely of sexual battery. There are many reasons why the victim is accused of such allegations. It could be that a colleague is jealous of their co-worker’s success. Or maybe an ex is looking for a way to get back at their partner. Whatever the reason may be, your private investigator OKC will try to get to the bottom of the case and understand your accuser’s motives for falsely accusing you.

The Technologies Process Servers Use To Locate People

Process Servers Oklahoma City

The requirements of the process serving industry are continuously upgrading. Thus, process servers must adopt the latest trends and invest in the latest technologies in order to meet the standard expected of them. A process server needs to be as innovative as possible to successfully (and legally) track down their subject and serve papers. Devices that help keep a track of subjects’ in real time are a necessity for process servers in this day and age. Here are the technologies that process servers need to use on duty.

Smartphone Apps

If it exists, there is an app about it. There are numerous apps available that not only help the process server from Oklahoma City keep a track of their assignment but also helps them locate the subject. Some of those key apps are:

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Tracking Apps (Google Maps)

GPS has been revolutionary in providing direction to people when they are looking to visit a specific area that they have never been to before. Just plug in the location in the app and then let GPS lead the process server to the place marked, making their job a lot easier.

Social Media Applications

One good thing that social media did for people is that it made it easier for law officials and process servers to look for their subjects. A process server from Oklahoma would not typically have access to private databases so they need to rely heavily on public databases for relevant information. They may find out the subject’s workplace, residence or their partner’s residence if needed. They will also gain insight as to the timings of the subject is present at certain locations. They may also find out key information on public transportation services that they may avail.


In some cases, the process server from OKC needs to very covertly follow their subjects. Some subjects may be running from the law and if they suspect that a process server is out to serve them papers, they may make a run for it. Therefore, binoculars can be an extremely beneficial technology for process servers to possess.

It is crazy to think that we all hold so much power in our hands at all times. Just owning a smartphone can introduce you to whole new worlds you never could have thought existed. Process servers have successfully just utilized these constantly evolving technologies for their own benefit.