How Process Servers Catch Those Evading Service

For those who think it’s easy to evade being served papers- think again! You will only make it harder for yourself if you think that avoiding a process server will get you out of being served, as there are other ways a process server can adopt to serve you and sue you. Here are the ways process servers catch those evading service (and no, it is not illegal or as dramatic as some movies may portray it to be) or use plan B or C to serve papers.

Asking Neighbors

Neighbors of the person being served papers can be a valuable source of information for process servers, as they might know their whereabouts. If a neighbor is willing to comply and give information to the process server in Oklahoma City, they may contact them as soon as the target is at home.

Following them on social media

You can find out a lot about a person through social media. A process server in Oklahoma can follow their targets on social media to know about their whereabouts through their posts. It is legal, as oftentimes social media pages are public.


This is a lengthier and more determined way to find evasive subjects, as many times process servers can stakeout to familiarize themselves with their target’s daily routine, and where they may be. This can ensure that process servers in OKC find the subject on purpose rather than by chance.

Posing as someone else

Process servers may at times act as delivery persons so that they can contact or come face to face with their target. There are other creative ways process servers may contact their subjects (legally) however, if disclosed, those ways may prove to be ineffective.

Plan ‘B’ and ‘C’

Process servers have a plan B and C to effectively serve the subject papers if physically finding them is proving to be difficult or impossible. Here is what plan B and C entail:

Plan B

There are two steps that the process server can take when carrying out plan B:

  1. They can leave the court papers at the subject’s house or at their place of work with another adult or
  2. They can mail a copy of the papers via certified mail to the subject’s home or place of work’


Plan C

Even though it is hard to avoid the strategies listed in plan B, if the defendant still manages to evade being served papers, plan C entails the process server will get a grant by a judge to serve the defendant through publications. This is highly effective as ads of the subject being sued and called into court can alert them far quicker than any other method.

Serving Papers In Prison

There are many reasons why someone might be served papers even when they are serving jail time. The person could be served divorce papers from their partner or may be served papers from a civil case. Thus, the question arises, who delivers the papers to them? They may not even have a lawyer through which the papers might go through, and of course the one who has ordered the papers would not want to be endangered by going to a prison. The solution to this would be to get a process server to serve the papers to the person in prison. Here are all the processes involved when a process server from Oklahoma City serves papers to someone in prison.

Visiting Application

Any visitor needs to fill out a visiting application or a ‘visitor request form,’ in order to be approved for visitation. The application is mailed along with photo ID to the relevant facility. Background checks take a long time, hence the process server from Oklahoma needs to state their reason for the visit and have to ensure they have a clean background. The process server will need to take along their approved application and identification in order to get through the security.

Access to the Inmate at an Appropriate Time

The inmates have many duties even while they are in prison, such as going to work duty, attending addiction programs, attending classes or going to counseling sessions and more. Thus, the process server from OKC will have to go during the set visitation hours in order to serve the papers. An experienced process server will know what the most opportune time to go is, so the inmate is not expecting papers and is also available to be served.

Following Dress Codes

The process server should be careful to follow the required dress code of the institution. In Oklahoma, visitors have to be dressed conservatively and should not wear shirts with offensive images or language on it. They also cannot wear attire similar to the inmates’ uniform, so that they are easily distinguishable.

Things They Are Allowed To Bring

Electronics including cell phones, recorders and cameras are strictly forbidden, even for process servers. And of course no weapons or tobacco related products are allowed either.

It is difficult to serve papers in a prison due to the various processes that visitors have to go through in order to do so. A professional process server may be adept in serving papers in prison, and can do so effectively and efficiently.

How To Properly Serve Eviction Papers?

In most movies and TV shows, people get evicted at a moment’s notice when their landlord is screaming at them to get out. In reality, an eviction notice have to be served and there is a whole proper process for it, which ranges from filing the eviction papers to hiring a process server. If you own a property and want to evict a tenant from your home, you should familiarize yourself with the eviction process. Here is how to properly serve eviction papers.

Serving The Eviction Notice

Before your tenant can be officially evicted, they will have to be served with a notice. Since the tenants will probably have an idea about the upcoming eviction, they may try to avoid you. The tenant may not answer the door to you, may stay away from home, or change their work timings. Until they are given the notice, the eviction process will come to a halt. Thus, hiring a process server from Oklahoma City can make sure that the proceedings do not get delayed. Using their skill and expertise, they can make sure that eviction notice is served to the tenant.

Must Be Accurate

The landowner must file the eviction at least a week before contacting a process server from Oklahoma. The only legal action that is permitted without a court order from a judge is an eviction, thus a process server from OKC can also mail the eviction notice through the mail and then post the notice on their front door. However, the landlord must keep in mind that the notice has to specify information that is accurate and not misspelled. For example, if they address is central street but the notice says central drive, the entire notice will be rendered ineffective. It is possible to type up another notice and file it again, but that will delay the proceedings, thus you should make absolutely sure that the document is accurate before filing it.

Timeline And Reasoning Should Be Included In The Notice

The landlord needs to specify the reason for evicting the tenant, whether it’s due to non-payment of rent on a timely basis or any other violation of the lease terms. The reason should be provided in detail and contain specifics, for instance the lease term that they violated or the weeks passed without paying rent, etc. The notice should also include the timeline during which the renter needs to respond to the notice.

Hiring a professional process server can make sure your eviction notice is served timely and efficiently, which in turn will save you time as well.

Trespassing: How Far Can a Process Server Go?

Process servers usually have to come up with creative or daring ways in order to serve papers to their subject, especially if the subject is doing their best to evade being served. However, the question comes to mind: how far can a process server go when delivering papers? They can go undercover, they can use surveillance techniques and even ask their neighbors for information, but can they trespass if no other option is working for them?

Let’s explore how far a process server can go to commit to his duty.

What Do Process Servers Do?

Process servers are hired to help people serve defendants with documents or court orders to compel them to appear before the court. The papers can range from formal complaints to subpoenas. Many times, process servers will find the guilty defendant aware that they will be summoned, and in this fear, are trying to escape from the grasps of them, thus this job can be especially difficult as well.

What Does Trespassing Entail?

Trespassing refers to being on a private property without the owner’s permission. It is illegal as it counts as an act of invasion of privacy. However, if a process server from Oklahoma City is trying to deliver legal documents to a subject, are they immune to the crime of trespassing in the defendant’s private property?

Is Trespassing Illegal For Process Servers Who Are Trying To Do Their Job?

There are varying accounts of whether or not it is illegal for a process server in Oklahoma to trespass in order to serve papers. Those concerned with the law state that due to the nature of their job, they are trespassing for a lawful reason. However, different states have different takes on this. In California, it may be considered a criminal offense. However, due the blurry lines of how a person can give “permission” to a person to be on their property, such as a wanderer coming along, girl scouts or other door to door salesmen coming to your door or even the postmen, how is it any different for a process server from OKC who is doing his legal duty in a civil manner? Thus, it is concluded, that it is not essentially illegal for process servers to trespass, however, it is advised to them to take other less serious routes when it comes to serving papers, and those who are being served should not refuse the papers as the court will then issue other more public ways to summon you to court.

The Process of Hiring A Process Server

It is extremely important to go through all the options that are available when it comes to giving legal notice to an individual. As many initial notices and court summons cannot be served by the accusant, a process server is hired to locate the person and serve them the court papers. However, what is a process server, how do they do their job and how do you hire one? Here is all that you need to know about the process of hiring a process server.

Why Are Process Servers Important?

Process servers help to protect the defendants due rights as stated by the US constitution, ‘nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.’ A process server from Oklahoma City helps to fulfil the function of providing the defendant notice of the legal proceeding or lawsuit before it is time to appear in court. If the defendant does not appear in court after being properly served, then the accusant can request the judge to make a default judgement against the accused.

Should You Hire A Process Server?

Process servers are needed to perform the duties of due process of law as someone who is biased against or related to the defendant are not allowed to serve papers to them. Process servers are the neutral third party that are also trained to track down the defendant. A process server from Oklahoma will also make sure to serve papers in a timely manner, so that the defendant has enough notice to be able to appear in court.

The Process Of Hiring A Process Server

You can look up a registered process server from OKC through the telephone book, however, a way to look for a more reliable process server is by searching through the web. Many sites have recommended process servers that are in your area. You can even check out reviews and take advice from people who had hired the process servers and choose the one who has good credibility and positive reviews. You must compare the rates of each process serverslearn about their experience, and their clients they have successfully dealt with, to obtain a better understanding about them.

The Costs Of Hiring A Process Server

On a national level, the average cost of hiring a process server is $45-$75. Of course, if you are hiring a process server to serve papers on the same day or on rushed basis then it might cost you more. It usually takes around 5-7 days to serve papers, and depending on location, it can cost anywhere from $20 to $100.

At the end of the day it is important to choose an experienced process server over a cheaper one, in order to get the service done on time and in a professional manner

How To Become A Better Process Server

It has been quoted countless times: there is always room for improvement. This applies to most scenarios we encounter in our life. For example, even if you are considered a master of your trade, you can always pick up on some simple tips and tricks to improve the service(s) you are offering and, thus, run operations more smoothly. For process servers, it is a must to observe and understand your surroundings and human behavior in order perform better.

Here are a few tips on how you can become a better process server.

Acquire All The Information You Can About The Defendant

Before attempting service, ask about all the nitty gritty details from your client about the person you have to serve. As a process server from Oklahoma City, you can make your life a whole lot easier if you gather even the seemingly unimportant pieces of information from the plaintiff. Small things such as knowing about the defendant’s daily routine, work hours, friends, and hobbies can actually help you successfully and easily serve the papers to them. Even though you will probably get a picture of the defendant from your client, knowing more about their physical appearance and mannerisms can be of great help, as a picture cannot aptly tell you about how tall a person is and other factors.

‘By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail’
If you are a process server from Oklahoma, you have to be absolutely certain that you have done full background research about the defendant before leaving your office. It may be very tempting to just go attempt service and hope for the best, but that can cost you time, money and resources. Research the defendant’s locations and the best way to covertly get to them, before you attempt service.

Quietly Listen and Observe

Once you are certain you are at the right address, do not just go on knocking at the door without observing for signs of the resident. You need to check that the house is currently occupied by making observations such as the presence of cars, lights or any signs of activity such as sounds coming from inside the house, before you can be absolutely sure that you have found your defendant.

Be Nice

Even though you have to deliver papers from your client, it does not hurt to be nice when serving the papers. If you come off as aggressive or uninterested, the defendant might not take you seriously and may not cooperate with you. Thus, be as nice and polite as you possibly can be before delivering the news and papers to the defendant after identifying them.

These are just a few handy tips on how a process server in OKC can better themselves and have a higher success rate of delivering papers. Mostly, process servers need to be open to growth so they can improve after each service.

Tips on Choosing the Best Process Server

You need to serve papers for a restraining order against someone. That is, obviously, not an easy or doable job for you. Then who does it? Who hunts the person down and gives them paper to abide by the formal complaint against them? That is when a process server comes in. A process server is a person who serves “papers” such as a court order to a defendant. The process server can help with delivering legal documents such as subpoenas, summons, restraining orders etc. However, it is important for the process server to be quick and efficient in order to successfully deliver the papers to the defendant.


Here are a few tips on how to choose the best process server for the job.

Choosing the Best Process Server for You

The most important thing to remember is to sign a contract with any process server you choose. Here are a few other ways to carefully select a competent process server to help you deliver important legal papers:

Check Credentials

Searching through lists of process servers to choose a process server from Oklahoma City is one of the first steps. However, you can take it up a notch and check whether or not the process server’s credentials are in line with state requirements. If a process server from Oklahoma is not verified, then the delivery of the papers will become invalid within the court of law. It is important to keep in mind, however, that these regulations are different for different states.

Customer Satisfaction

As with any service you hire, you need to first do a little background to see if the process server from OKC has satisfied their client’s demands and showed efficient handling of the task appointed to them. It is not necessary that just because they have years of experience they are great at doing their job. You can check out reviews from previous clients in order to make a sense of their success rate or check out the Better Business Bureau to see their standing.

Easy to reach

Make sure that the process server’s methods of communication are easy and fast, as you will want to keep in contact with the server in case there is any change to find out as soon as they have delivered the papers. You can find out from the customer reviews if the process server was readily available when messaged or called.

Why Owners of Oklahoma Process Server Firms Should Help Train Each New Process Server in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Process Server in Oklahoma City (OKC)

All owners of Oklahoma process server companies should help train their new process servers in Oklahoma City. Owners of these firms have a duty to their clients, their communities and their process server employees. Thus, they owe it to others to have well-trained Oklahoma process servers on staff who can stand ready to serve in the most effective ways possible on a moment’s notice. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers explores the reasons why all owners of Oklahoma process server companies should train their new process servers in OKC extremely well . . .

Clients demand to have their papers served whenever they want them served. A skilled process server in OKC will have the best chance of getting the job done right. Thus, a new Oklahoma process server needs to know the following things about the process serving field:

  • What times and days of the week a process server in OKC may serve papers
  • What to do if a person being served tries to refuse service of process from a licensed Oklahoma process server
  • How a process server in OKC can properly fill out an affidavit of service form
  • What the trespassing laws are for Oklahoma process servers
  • The different types of service of process and when/how a process server in OKC should use them
  • Signs of potential danger on the job and how a process server in OKC can both avoid it and respond to a crisis
  • Licensing requirements for Oklahoma process servers
  • Marketing strategies, tax liabilities & more for process servers in OKC

Clients are not the only ones who deserve to have well-trained Oklahoma process servers. Communities as a whole deserve to have process servers in Oklahoma City who know what they are doing. A process server in OKC needs to be knowledgeable of the laws and how to perform his or her job. Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s current laws do not currently require any process server in Oklahoma City to take any pre-licensing or continuing education classes. This leads to less skilled Oklahoma process servers, and it saturates the field with lower skilled workers whom society often does not often view as true professionals.

Each new process server in Oklahoma City also deserves to be trained for the job. Oklahoma process servers are working in a dangerous field with little, if any, mentors to assist them. Sometimes deranged people try to kill Oklahoma process servers. A process server in OKC has the right to know the warning signs of who might attack him, as well as what the basic Oklahoma process serving laws are. Sure, a process server in Oklahoma City can learn these things on his or her own, but it is a lot more difficult for a process server in OKC to learn by “ordeal” than from an experienced field mentor.

Owners of Oklahoma City process serving companies should take the time to properly train each Oklahoma process server. A process server in OKC does not get paid an inordinate amount of money anyway, and he or she just wants to stay safe, do the job correctly, and go back to his or her family at the end of the day. Owners of Oklahoma process server firms who train each new Oklahoma City process server will help nurture more professional, productive, happier Oklahoma process servers, while reducing their staff’s turnover rate. Overall, proper training for each new process server in Oklahoma City is indeed a worthwhile investment.