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Three Annoying Things you will Experience as a Notary Public

Experiencing annoying things is a part of life, and it is no secret that being a notary public can multiply those daily annoyances. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe deals with setbacks like this constantly as an endorser in Oklahoma, but it does not mean she loves her job any less. In fact, she stresses the importance of experiencing those annoying things. Why? Because they make for the best stories later on!

The Loss of Pens Everywhere 

It does not matter where you are, how many pens you had the day before, or who you are meeting with in that moment – there will not be a damn pen within five miles. What is a pen? Do you even need one? Yes, you do. Will you find one? Nope. The middle-aged married couples you are meeting with are the exact type to keep a pen in their purse or pocket.

The wife says she might have one on her! She forgot it. You pride yourself in always keeping a pen on you, but this is the one time the ink has run dry. Whatever the reason is, you will be in an awkward situation because you need that pen in order to get on with business. You are going to end up running out to the store and buying a 34-pack (that will be gone by next week for sure).

Oklahoma NotaryChildren WILL Occasionally be Present 

Sometimes it is refreshing to see youth at its liveliest . . . other times it is a pain in the ass. Of course the kids are not always with their parents, and those are definitely the days you smile and thank the daycares everywhere for their services. Hearing horror stories from other notaries in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows working childless is not always the case. The only time they can meet with you is on their way home from picking up the kids: what then?

You grin and nod and assure them that is completely fine – you love kids! Then they cry and scream. They tell you that you are ugly in an innocent little voice. Then they steal 20 of the 34 pens you just bought, and hide the other 14. Sometimes it takes an hour longer than the ten minutes you anticipated, but you suck it up and smile because it is your job and you love it the other 90% of the time.

Drama, Drama, and more Drama 

Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe explains that the worst thing you can experience when notarizing a document in Oklahoma is drama. Whether it is an intense fire between husband and wife, animosity between family members, or even a rude attitude directed towards you – it all sucks. The sad thing is . . . it is part of the job. Just like you cannot escape drama in real life, you cannot escape it in the workplace either.

Sometimes, the dramatics can spring up unexpectedly. Tinsley Keefe recalls hearing of notary horror stories discussing other dramatic experiences including phone calls from paranoid wives, letters from angry past clients, and even rare but laughable lawsuits. Regardless of the dramatics, you still would not trade your job for anything and that is exactly why it is meant for you.

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