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Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe’s Secret to Blending In as a Private Investigator

Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe’s Secret to Blending In as a Private Investigator

Being able to blend in is a huge component of being a private investigator. If you are not good at being either a master of disguise or a chameleon, then you will find nothing but struggle in the world of private-eyes. Starting out as a private investigator in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe learned the tricks of blending fairly quickly. She is a natural, and now she is here to help you realize your blending abilities too. The first trick to blending in as a private investigator is the clothing you wear. Of course, if you do not have to blend there is no reason to not dress as glamorous as you can financially afford. However, if you are out trying to dig up dirt on someone . . . showing up in a blue summer dress is not exactly blending.

Pulling from her experience at blending in as a private detective in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe makes note of the colors that blend the best: blacks and grays. White does not blend well unless you are trailing someone through the snowy mountains. Other vibrant colors or even neutral colors still have the chance at being noticed. While blacks and grays can still be noticed depending on the design of the clothing, they are still the least likely to be seen. This leads to the next tip; do not wear something in black or gray that is intricate in detail or style. Try to dress as plainly as possible. If you own plain black or gray pants and shirts, take them out of the closet and brush off the dust that has gathered. If you do not own any, then get your wallet out and hit the mall.

As a side note, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows from working as a private detective in OKC that hats can also be worn to hide bright hair colors such as blondes and reds. The next step on blending in as a private investigator is being quiet while you snoop. If you wear high heels that click every time you take a step, chances are you will be noticed. If you wear crocs that squeak every time you hit a hard surface, then you will be noticed. You need to find the softest pair of shoes that you can – and if you are driving, you need to find the most inconspicuous car that you can find. Being a private investigator is all about blending in with the peaceful quietness of your surroundings.

Learning these tips while working as a private investigator in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe knows that if you follow them you will succeed at blending in. Even if you are just starting out and your blending abilities are at an all-time-low, you might benefit from these tips enough that your blending level will be boosted by five. After a little practice, you will be the epitome of invisibility in the world of private detectives.

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