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Tinsley Keefe Shares on How to Avoid Skiptracers

Tinsley Keefe Shares on How to Avoid Skiptracers

Avoiding skiptracers is actually fairly easy if you take the right precautions. Believe it or not but skiptracing is not always your fault. There are many occurrences where someone else will have access to your credentials, take loans or credit lines out in your name, and then run them dry without ever paying them back. Of course, there are also times where you are so far in debt that you stop paying it back. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe shares from her experience as a skiptracer in Oklahoma City ways to prevent your name from ending up in a skiptracer’s care. First and foremost – and this should be followed all the time in general – keep all information related to money safe and secure. Do not leave passwords or account numbers lying around. Do not put your pin number on the back of your debit card.

By keeping your money safe and secure, you reduce the chances of someone else obtaining your financial information. That rules out one dangerous way of ending up on the other side of a skiptracer’s investigation. The second key to avoiding skiptracers is to keep track of your payments and how much debt you are in. Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows from her time as a skiptracer in Oklahoma that this is the most important thing when it comes to steering clear of skiptracers. Sometimes it is easy to forget how much debt you are in – student loans, credit cards, mortgages and credit accounts. You can open up credit accounts at basically any well-known retailer and even some lesser known ones. This is convenient at the time, but in the end it can be more troublesome than anything else.

Debt is easy to forget about, but accounts that are impossible to keep track of are even harder to remember. When you forget about your debt, you end up in the pocket of a skiptracer. Dr. Tinsley Keefe knows a few things from her time as skiptracer in OKC, and she recommends keeping track of your loans and payments in a document (that is backed up). By keeping track in a document ALL of your payments including credit accounts and student loans, it is impossible to forget about them. Just remember that after you write them down, ignoring them will not help you either. The best thing to do is keep track. Never forget that and you will be fine.

If you keep in mind those tips throughout life, you will most likely never end up dealing with a skiptracer. Just remember that if by chance you do, if you treat them with respect, you will have a much better time. Skiptracers are only doing their jobs, and if you are guilty of ignoring your debt, then it is their job to track you down and get you to pay that money. The alternative is a much more terrible place . . . so keep track of your debt in the first place and you will be golden.

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