Since ancient civilizations, the need to leave authentic records of the different treaties made between people had been considered. The word notary comes from the Latin “Notare” which means to designate, write, mark with a sign or take note. The function of the notaries has had great importance because they are the ones who verify, legitimize and give public faith of the acts and facts agreed between the people.

What is a notary?

It is that legal person in charge of providing the notarial service and considered a public servant. It is assigned by law to give public faith of the acts and events performed by people.

What is public or notarial faith?

It grants full authenticity of the statements made before the notary. This power is granted to the notary by law in search of cooperation of public interests.

How do you perform your duties?

It is important to keep in mind that the notary may only exercise his functions at the request of the interested parties, who have the full freedom to choose the notary they wish.

What are the functions of notaries?

They are responsible for the preparation and processing of public deeds for the facts and acts that the law provides or when the parties wish to do so.

  • Preparation of public deeds for the cancellation of mortgages.
  • Saving, opening and publication of closed wills.
  • Recognition of private documents, stating the statement of the interested party and the content of the document.
  • Authentications, making precision of the document that was in sight to make it. You can authenticate copies or signatures.
  • Written testimony of a person’s survival.
  • Issuance of copies of public deeds.
  • Correction of errors in public deeds.
  • Save and keep notarized files


In property: When the notary has complied the legal requirements and is selected by contest.

In interim: When you have been designated as a notary.

On request: When appointed to replace the holder.

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