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Criminal Private Investigators Share Stories Of 10 Times Cats Foiled Crimes

Caught On Camera: 10 Times Cats Foiled Crimes | Keefe Private Investigations

Hello, detectives-at-heart! Welcome back to Keefe Private Investigations, here, we bring you the most jaw-dropping stories of crime and life that will make your jaw drop. I’m Makayla and caught on camera today, criminal private investigators share stories of 10 times cats foiled crimes. So, don’t touch the dial, sit tight and enjoy. Don’t forget that, for top-notch private investigation services in Oklahoma which you cannot get elsewhere, call Keefe at (405) 435-8355 and you will not regret it.

Introduction to the case

The fight against crime is important. Surveillance cameras capture nearly every moment, even cats have become unexpected helpers in the fight against crime as captured cameras. Shortly, we will be looking at some of these instances which will leave you shocked.

1 Binky

Binky is the first cat we will be talking about who helped prevent a crime. Binky prevented a thief from breaking through a window at home. At around midnight, that would-be thief showed up at a house on Finley Avenue to break in. However, the family cat had different plans. Binky growled loudly refusing the burglar’s entry. Binky used his teeth on the burglar to prevent the burglar from escaping till the police got there.

2 The drugs finder

A cat dragged home a bag full of drugs dropped it on its bed and curled up next to it. Its owner and Somerset Police Department was left stunned and they tweeted about it. This shows how cats foil crime and it just makes us speechless.

3 Bandit

It was the family cat Bandit, not the fire alarm, that woke them up when a fire broke out in the middle of the night at their home. In an attempt to wake the owner, Bandit raced to her bedroom and scratched her face. A cat scratch would normally bother most people, but Bandit’s owners had reasons to be pleased. They were able to summon a fire engine to their home which saved their lives.”

4 The cat’s DNA

For the first time, cat DNA was used by Portsmouth detectives during a murder inquiry to prove a man’s guilt of killing his friend. Detectives in Hampshire contacted scientists when they discovered the victim’s mutilated body on a beach in Southsea.

5 The cute cat=

In this case of a cat foiling crime, a cat uses its cuteness to do that. Daniel Pinedo Velapatino, 21, a criminal eluded the police in Boca Raton. Naturally, he needed to rehydrate after reportedly doing narcotics, stealing money, smashing automobiles, and eluding the police during the morning when he realized he was thirsty. He knocked on a stranger’s door and requested water and the stranger felt off when she saw him on the floor playing with her cat when she went to get water. She called the cops who came to arrest him.”

6 Tara the Heroic cat

A young boy was attacked by a neighbor’s dog in Bakersfield, California. Tara, the family cat, rushed to the scene and bravely chased the dog away, saving the boy from further harm. This incident was captured on surveillance footage and went viral, showcasing how cats can act heroically to prevent crimes.”

7 Masha the rescuer

In 2015, a homeless cat named Masha in Russia saved an abandoned baby by keeping him warm in freezing temperatures. The cat’s constant meowing attracted the attention of a passerby who then discovered the baby. Masha’s actions prevented a potential crime and saved the infant’s life.

8 The smoke detector

Smokey, a cat in Florida, saved its owner from a house fire by waking her up during the night when smoke started filling the house. Smokey’s actions prevented a potential disaster and showcased how cats can be instrumental in preventing emergencies. However, Smokey did not survive”

9 Rescue cat Lily

When Lilly, a rescue cat from Lake Oswego, Oregon, discovered a potentially fatal gas leak at her owners’ house, she saved them. Lilly had been playing in the living room with her owner, Sandi Martin when she approached the gas fireplace and began to sniff at the valve which made them check out the valve and call the gas company. It was discovered there was a dangerous leak. Lily saved them.

10 Schnautzie’s intuition

In 2007, the Guys adopted Schnautzie as their pet. One day, while they were sleeping they the cat sniffing the air loudly in their bedroom. Initially, they didn’t think much of it because they thought it was their neighbor’s sprinklers. Later, they discovered that it was a terrible gas leak that they discovered because of their cat


The extraordinary stories of cats foiling crimes serve as a testament to the remarkable instincts and intelligence they have. As we look back on these stories, we are reminded of the importance of being open to unexpected sources of assistance and the remarkable ways in which even the most unlikely creatures can make a difference in the world. At Keefe Private Investigations, we see how important it is for the criminal justice system to take its time in carrying out thorough investigations and to ensure that justice is served well. For more insights or our services, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content. Until next time, please stay alert and if you see a story you want us to feature, send us a message

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