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What can a public notary in the USA do?

What can a public notary in the USA do?

Notarial activities in America and Oklahoma are very different from many other countries, in which a notary public must have a law degree and can advise, draw up documents and even replace a lawyer in some matters.

In the United States, public notaries do not only have a law degree, but may not have any higher education at all.

It is enough to be a state resident, to reach the age of 18 and in some states pass an exam. Most states do not require any special training or tests. A public notary has a limited field of activity – only the certification of signatures and copies of documents. The verification of the powers of the signatories of such documents is not within the competence of the “public notary”. The notarization we are used to in our countries is not available.

The American public notary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is not allowed by law to advise clients on the contents of a certified document, not to mention its preparation. Consultation in the USA is considered a legal activity, and only law offices have the right to conduct it. Failure to comply with this rule entails liability in accordance with the law up to the revocation of the license of a public notary.

Thus, the professional activity of a public notary comes down solely to the certification of a signature on a document or a copy of a document.

The language of the document also does not matter, a public notary is not obliged to delve into its essence and verify its compliance with applicable law.

Having received a state license to provide services, a notary can only verify the signature of the person who contacted him. To do this, you need to show an identity document and sign in the presence of a notary.

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