Bodyguards and private security officers can face a wide variety of threats from a number of sources.  From wayward ducks to homicidal maniacs, many threats abound.  It is the responsibility of the Oklahoma bodyguard or private security officer to remain on constant vigilance for these potential threats, and to proactively assess each situation he or she encounters.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers examines how bodyguards and private security officers who take care to watch body language and emotions can often fare better than those that do not and keep both themselves and their clients safer from harm.

Watching an individual’s facial expressions is vital.  If an Oklahoma bodyguard sees that a person’s smile turns to a look of rage with his or her eyes widening, this could indeed prove to be a dangerous situation.  This is especially true if the individual leans forward or otherwise makes any move toward either the bodyguard or the client.  Bodyguards in Oklahoma and elsewhere should closely monitor any changes in facial expressions or body language/movements.

It is also always imperative for Oklahoma bodyguards to keep at least five feet of space between potential attackers, the bodyguards and his or her clients.  No one should come within five feet of the bodyguard or client, unless those individuals  are on a preapproved list of “safe” people that the client has provided beforehand.  In some cases, this allowable amount of space should certainly increase, depending upon the danger levels.  Never giving a potential attacker the opportunity to make an unmonitored move that cannot be countered is vital to a client’s safety.

Sometimes would-be threats have dangerous expressions on their faces to begin with.  At other times, they may make a move toward a gun or even have their hands in their pockets.  Bodyguards need to consider who is doing what and when.  Is a potential attacker communicating with anyone by cell phone, two-way radio, etc.?  Who could be about to make a sudden move?  What possible motivations might people have which could affect their actions?   These are all vital questions for those providing private security to consider.

Bodyguards and those providing private security guards should undergo training in the field of lie detection, which includes learning about body language and emotions.  Doing so is one of numerous ways in which Oklahoma City bodyguards can help keep their clients safe from harm.  Granted, there are numerous other aspects to properly protecting people.  Oklahoma private security and bodyguards who are consistently and accurately analysing possible threat assessments will find that it constitutes an ongoing and sometimes difficult task, but it sure beats getting hurt or even killed!