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If there is a risk of kidnapping, an assassination or a classic attack, professional personal protection becomes a lifesaver. The monitoring of the data subject or group of people by third parties is intended to avert hazards. Both state and private bodyguards in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can be active for security. Professional personal protection usually applies to a small group of people. Mainly due to the high costs and the financial burdens, professional personal protection mainly applies to wealthy people or to vulnerable people with a social interest, for example politicians. Security technology is also an important aspect of personal protection.

What tasks does personal protection take on?

The most important task of personal protection is to maintain the physical integrity of the person being guarded. If there is a threat, the bodyguards come into play. If several bodyguards are necessary for the efficient protection of the protective person, the protective persons are referred to collectively as the Personal Protection Group People in public life or people are particularly at risk. While the first group mainly includes actors or professional athletes, the second of the groups mentioned are important witnesses, members of criminal connections or victims of organized crime, for example.

In order to meet the requirements of professional personal protection, various aids are used and the training of bodyguards also plays a very important role for success. The professional bodyguards are trained in hand-to-hand combat, for example. In addition, firearms and modern means of communication are among the most important equipment features of bodyguards. If there is a particularly high risk, several bodyguards are often used directly to maintain physical integrity.

Personal protection

Personal protection requires constant attention

The professional bodyguards are usually in the immediate vicinity of the person to be protected. Only when monitored by several bodyguards is the environment directly involved and is also monitored. The most important task is to be fulfilled through permanent attention in combination with the appropriate training of the employees: The timely detection and prevention of dangers. To ensure this, for example, the people in the immediate vicinity can be observed, whereby conspicuous behavior, unusual appearance or striking processes and objects should be given special attention. The bodyguards work particularly often in civilian clothes, so official clothes or uniforms are rather rare.

Armored vehicles, for example, provide further options for more security in professional personal protection. This is divided into different protection classes. Also, thanks to today’s modern technology, modern vehicles for efficient personal protection can hardly be distinguished from classic vehicles.

The tasks of professional personal protection can be performed by both state and private providers. In general, however, protection by state institutions is rather rare. This requires a very high-risk assessment. For the most part, surveillance is carried out by private security service providers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who then ensure the necessary security for the data subjects.


Sound training plays a very important role in everyday life as a bodyguard. At Oklahoma Judicial Process Server, you are welcome to hire high-end security professionals from us. We welcome you with patience, motivation and commitment for your safety.

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