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Tinsley Keefe’s Guide on Getting Creative as a Process Server

Tinsley Keefe’s Guide on Getting Creative as a Process Server

Sometimes working as a process server requires creativity more than anything else. What happens when you go to serve your legal documents and the person is MIA? Maybe you track them down to their work or their friend’s house and they try to book it? What is your initial reaction to a client that is not the normal “here take these documents, goodbye”?  Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows as a process server in Oklahoma City that the job requires a large quantity of creativity on a daily basis. If you are not expecting certain situations out of the norm, then this job is not meant for you. On the other hand, if you are a creative individual, there might not be another job better-suited for your skills.

The first tip in Tinsley Keefe’s guide on getting creative as a process server is thinking outside of the box. Having used her creativity in the weirdest ways as a process server in Oklahoma, Tinsley is not only aware of the need to be creative . . . but she is more than comfortable with it. There are times when the people that need to be served the documents will be just as creative, and then your skill will really be tested. A miniscule example of this is if you go to serve legal documents to someone and they are not home. You do a little investigating and it turns out they are at work. You now have a decision to make. Do you wait for them to get home, or do you get creative and think outside of the box?

Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows from her personal experience as a process server in OKC that the second option is always the answer. You march down to that person’s work. You don a similar outfit to their standard uniform, and if there is no uniform you make your way through the business like you belong there. No one will question you if you follow one of those two rules, and if they do . . . well hopefully you are a good runner. Tinsley’s second tip in the guide on getting creative as a process server is studying the individual on a personal scale. If you get familiar with the person that is getting served the papers, you will have an easier time getting them the papers.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe thinks back to one of her experiences as a process server in Oklahoma and cannot help but chuckle. The person was stubborn – they refused to be around when Tinsley was around. From her research, she found out that the person had a soft spot for horses. She put up an ad for a horse at a ridiculously low price, and sure enough the person found it and replied. Long story short; the person showed up at Tinsley’s doorstep and was finally served their papers. If you always keep your creativity close by, you will never fail as a process server.

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