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Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving

Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving

Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving Unfortunately, the world is filled with people suffering from disabilities. Some disabilities are easier to spot than others, but a good deal are unnoticeable to the public eye. Because of this, it is a dangerous game to assume that someone is completely healthy. This is why, as a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe makes it her mission to uncover as much information about her clients as possible before serving them papers.

If they have a disability that might affect the way she moves forward in her job, Tinsley takes a second to step back and think of alternative options. For example, if person that you are trying to serve papers to is avoiding you at all costs – but they have a disability like MS that can cause them to collapse during moments of stress – it is probably not the best idea to back them into a corner in an intense process serving situation.

On the other hand, if your research on a person has provided you with reason to believe that your client might be dangerous, you have the opportunity to bring a bodyguard or armed officer with you for extra protection. Furthermore, if you discover that the person has a criminal background for something extremely dangerous like harassment or assault, you have the opportunity to tell the person requesting that the papers be served “no”.

Although that is a worst case scenario, as process servers almost always accept cases; no matter the possible consequences. In fact, Tinsley Keefe can recall several situations during her process serving days in Oklahoma that have ended in successful disaster. By looking ahead at the person she was serving papers to, Tinsley was able to see that the person was mentally unstable. This caused her to bring an armed detective with her when delivering the papers. It was a good thing she did too, as the person ended up “freaking out”. Needless to say, the detective was put to good use.

When it comes to the harmless disabilities though, it is necessary to use some tact when approaching a person. When serving papers to people with disabilities in OKC, Moore process server Tinsley Keefe always approaches the person with a sense of kindness and comfort. She wants the person to realize that she means no harm and is not a threat – rather, she wants to help them. And if they do not give her much trouble, Tinsley makes it a point to help them through the process as much as she can.

Overall, the papers still need to be served even if the person has a disability. Although the circumstances are not the greatest, you have a job to do and the person is being served papers for a reason. With that being said, it is also a nice thing to take all conditions into account before deciding on your approach method. If you choose wisely, you cannot go wrong. After a while, you will also get better in general at serving papers in Oklahoma to people with disabilities.

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