Do You Need a Sheriff or A Process Server in Oklahoma? Know the Difference

Sheriff or A Process Server in Oklahoma

The law provisions for process serving in Oklahoma City allows either a Sheriff or Process server OKC to serve defendants legal papers.

However, there’s a need to know the pros and cons of both options to ascertain the one you truly need, thereby ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

While both Sheriff and a process server Oklahoma can serve papers, their roles differ greatly under the law. The only similarity is serving process to defendants.

A process server Oklahoma City is only concerned with serving processes, while the duty of an Oklahoma Sheriff goes beyond process serving. Oklahoma City’s Sheriff also has law enforcement and security provision responsibilities.

Hence, certain factors need to be considered when choosing between hiring an Oklahoma City Sheriff and a process server in OKC. We look into these factors below.

Criteria for Choosing Between a Sheriff or a Process Server to Serve Process in Oklahoma

Determining whether it’s a process server Oklahoma City you need or a Sheriff can be as simple as considering some essential criteria. These criteria include:

  • Service Speed —. You may need to get your legal papers across to a defendant as fast as possible. In such a scenario, how quickly they can render your service becomes paramount. Most legal practitioners in Oklahoma believe that a process server Oklahoma City is your best bet for swift service delivery.

This can be attributed to the difference in Sheriffs and process servers in Oklahoma work hours. Most Sheriffs only work from 7 am to 7 pm, making it easier for defendants to evade them.

On the other hand, a process server Edmond Oklahoma, process server Ardmore Oklahoma, process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma, and other OKC process servers, can perform their duty at any time of the day, provided they are within the constraint of the law.

  • Success Rate – According to reports, Sheriff’s return papers to court as undeliverable more than process servers OKC. This implies that process servers in Oklahoma City boast higher success rates in delivering legal papers than Sheriffs.

However, this assertion only stands true when you hire a competent process server Oklahoma or work with a reputable process serving agency Oklahoma like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS).

Most process servers Enid Oklahoma and process servers Lawton Oklahoma employ different strategies like stealthily following their targets before choosing to pounce like big cats. This is one luxury Sheriffs can’t afford because of their other responsibilities.

  • Knowledge of Local Laws – Specialization gives process servers in Oklahoma an edge over Sheriffs to get the full grasp of the law.

Sheriffs are involved with a series of other law enforcement and protection duties, making it harder for them to know all the laws guiding each of their duties in-depth. This is why most process servers Oklahoma City have more knowledge about the local laws guiding process serving than Sheriffs.

A process server’s primary and only duty is to see to the completion of the seamless process of serving papers through the appropriate ways prescribed by the law. Hence, knowing all about serving processes is easier.

  • Limitations – There are some special scenarios whereby the only way to get an evading defendant is to trespass prohibited areas. If you’re faced with such a situation, there’s little a process server OKC can do to help you.

In this case, using a Sheriff to serve papers becomes your best bet because they are law enforcers and have certain exemptions from the law to go beyond process server limits if situations call for it.

Process servers in Oklahoma aren’t law enforcers, and going beyond what the law permits can attract sanctions. Hence, you must consider this before deciding on using a process server Oklahoma or a Sheriff in Oklahoma.

  • Type Of Case – While a process server Oklahoma can deliver any type of legal papers, the law provisions don’t permit Sheriffs to serve subpoenas, except if the Judge of a court permits.

It’s essential to check with your legal practitioner on the law’s stance about the type of cases a Sheriff, and a process server can deliver to avoid nullifying your case.

  • Communication – Communication during service process helps keep the plaintiff and lawyer up-to-date. It gives them a sense of direction, what to expect, and what actions they should take in preparation for what to expect.

A good process server OKC communicates better with clients during service process than Sheriffs. Process servers accord you the time and attention you need while ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

However, Sheriffs are more concerned about getting your job done with or without carrying you along.

  • Reliability – When it comes to serving process, you can always place your last funds on a process server to deliver your papers irrespective of the situation. Same can not be said about a Sheriff. Sheriff’s tight schedules and prioritization sometimes make them unable to serve defendants within due time.

Thus, if reliability is your watchword, process servers are your best choice. Nevertheless, there’s a need to ensure you work with a reputable process server in Oklahoma that can provide you with the reliability and satisfaction that you need.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) boasts some of these trusted process servers Oklahoma.

Specialization forms the bases of any edge process servers have over Sheriffs. The need to handle four or more duties than process servers make Sheriffs look inefficient in delivering processes. While it’s true that using a process server may be your best option, they are not as free from limitations by the law as Sheriffs.

Hence, how you prioritize each of these criteria determines whether what you need is a Sheriff or a process server. Ideally, a process server should be in charge of serving processes, but most courts suggest Sheriffs unless the plaintiff says otherwise.

The cost of hiring both professionals are similar, but the above factors set them apart. Irrespective of whether you use a Sheriff or a process server, the essential thing is for their operations to be within the law constraints to avoid getting your case thrown out.

Can Process Servers in Oklahoma City Serve Process Through Cats?

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

An essential part of the judicial system is the process server in Oklahoma City who can serve different individuals. Not only are they responsible for delivering the official court notice, but they will also have to deliver official court documents to the defendant. And taking up that responsibility, they also take up the many challenges that come with the serving process.

Defendants will usually be unresponsive to a process server in OKC, as they will either not answer the door or will start to hide out in their home, trying their best to avoid a server. And when these types of defendants try to avoid being served, they can make a rather simple delivery rather difficult.

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

The process server in Oklahoma will now have to try a multitude of tactics to try and intercept the defendant when they leave their house. Or, if they are trying to stay indoors at all times, they will have to try and bring them out through different tactics.

But getting someone out of their house will only come later, as the defendant might have run away. They could have left their home or could be trying to escape the city to avoid being served. The process server in Oklahoma City will have to try and locate the individual through skip tracing in OKC. Locating the individual can be a separate hassle, especially since a server will only have 90 days to deliver.

So when dealing with all of this stress, it is not uncommon for a process server in Oklahoma to have a pet like a cat to help them better deal with the stress that comes with the job. But many people wonder if a process server can use a cat to serve the process. And while nothing is stopping them from trying it, it can also be a very effective way to get the defendant’s attention

Using Cats to Serve Process to Defendants

The most important thing about process servers in OKC is that they must be fast and efficient. They should be able to serve the process to the defendant within a week or two because anything more than that will start losing money with each day they spend trying to make the delivery. Process servers will only receive their payment once, and any extra costs during the delivery will not be compensated. Therefore, they will have to be smart with grabbing some people’s attention.

Tying the documents to a cat and leaving them on the front door is sure to get people’s attention. The process server in Oklahoma City can also give the cat a fancy suit to make them look the part. Of course, the cat must be friendly enough to individuals, ensuring that it doesn’t bite. And if the defendant manages to take the bait, the process server can then serve the process effectively, without possibly waiting for the defendant to leave their house.

They could also try to seem more welcoming to the defendant by coming to meet them with a cat. The defendant might be happier to see the process server in Oklahoma City, making them much more likable.

Sometimes, it is even possible that the defendant changed their address and did not get the time to update it on a public registry. While the process server will still have to go through the trouble of finding the individual’s house, it does mean that the defendant will not be hostile when engaging with the process server. And in that case, the cat can be the ice breaker, allowing the process server and the defendant to become comfortable enough to take the documents and give their signature. Either way, cats can be an effective way of serving process.

Serving Process through Other Means

Although trying to serve the process with the help of a cat can be effective, cats can be notoriously stingy about who they work with. They can often be difficult to tame and lead, and if the process server in Oklahoma keeps the cat there, it might just walk away. Or worse, the cat can become hostile towards the defendant, attacking them on sight. This can be especially problematic, as an uncooperative defendant will become even more reclusive. Fortunately, a process server can enlist the help of a courier service to give the notice to the individual. The courier company will also be able to get the individual’s signature, doing the process server’s job for them.

The process server in Oklahoma can also use an official email to send the notice. The official email is even recognized in court as a valid way of sending the serving process but could make matters more complicated in the process. And serving process personally can always be great, as a friendly face is often what people want to see when they are about to open a door. So if a process server can put on a smile, most defendants will be willing to open up.

Finding the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

A process server in Oklahoma will need to serve the process if they want their payment, and they are even willing to use cats to help them get it. And if you need the help of a process server to get that signature, then Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the people you need.

OJPS has some of the most experienced servers in the industry who have the skills and the knowledge necessary to get your desired results. They will flush out a defendant who is being unreasonable and will calm an agitated one, thanks to their years of experience. But most importantly, they will get that signature you need to move the case forward. Contact them today and rest easy knowing that the right people will receive their documents.

Are Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers in OKC on the Job

Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers

Process servers are an essential part of the judicial system. They help their clients by delivering legal documents to the court. The major goal of process servers in Oklahoma is to simplify the case process and help their client with a win. For that, they reconcile and deliver the right documents and ensure that everything is according to the court order.

Furthermore, process server in Oklahoma City also finds the defendants. For them, locating a defendant who is trying to hide to avoid trial is not a big deal. But, there are some exceptions where they have to perform some additional homework to find defendants. Sometimes, when the defendant recently changed their home address, they track for their new home. Or at times, they actively try to hide from the court. Since, the process server in OKC have to deliver the documents in 90 days otherwise it will result in the case dismissal, they make additional efforts.

In all the conditions where finding the defendant is a difficult job, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers use other means to deliver the documents. OJPS rely on couriers and emails to send the documents to the defendants. According to process server in Enid Oklahoma, if they can’t succeed in personal deliveries, they depend on emails and couriers to reach the defendants.

Three Reliable Methods Process Server in OKC Use to Deliver Documents

These methods to send documents to the defendant are reliable and effective. Although they are less effective that personal deliveries, but it helps to locate the defendant. When process server in Tulsa Oklahoma delivers files personally, they can find the evidence that the defendant receives the legal documents. They get their signature on document’s copy as a form of identification. But, this doesn’t mean other means to deliver the files are not important. Let’s review each method and understand why process servers use these methods:

1. Email

Today, email has become a reliable and authorized way to process documents to the defendants. Process server in Altus Oklahoma can save a significant amount of time and money by sending an authorized email. Process server in Edmond Oklahoma uses this method as a protection against violent defendants. When the defendant receives the email, they respond as a confirmation.

However, there is a problem with this method as some defendants trying to avoid the hearing ignore the email. This can be a problem, as process server in Oklahoma needs a response in 90 days to proceed with the case. Now, process server creates hard copy of the documents and sends it by mail or courier.

At times, defendants didn’t receive the documents via email because the email address is wrong. They actively don’t ignore the mail. In that case, they can respond to the documents after receiving it by courier. So, the job of process server isn’t that easy as it seems. They have to go down the rabbit hole to conclude the right scenario.

2. Mail

This is the least effective method to deliver the documents as you can’t estimate the time it takes for the post office to deliver the documents. Furthermore, popular companies such as USPS and US Postal Service don’t have a good track record. But, a process server in Lawton Oklahoma uses this process to deliver documents as a formality.

Mail services perform relentless services when it comes to delivering the legal documents. They will drop the documents in the mailbox or leave the parcel on the front porch. In most cases, people don’t receive their parcel or at least in one piece if they have a dog in the porch.

3. Courier

Courier services are different than mail services. Sending legal document via courier service is an effective way. Many process servers rely on this method of delivery to send important documents to the defendants. While delivering the parcel, the courier guy receives signature of the recipient. Thus, through this method you can get the form of identification.

Although courier service is similar to mailing services, sending documents as a courier is the fastest way to deliver the documents. Usually, recipients receive the parcel in a day or two. Process server in Ardmore Oklahoma can request the proof of identification from the courier service and present it as evidence in the court.

Furthermore, courier service is a care-free method to deliver documents. After sending documents using this service, OKC process server can stay assure that the defendant will receive the documents. Process server in Broken Arrow Oklahoma trusts this method to send legal documents without worrying.

Why You Should Rely on Process Server in OKC to Deliver Legal Documents

While you can deliver the documents to the defendant, hiring professional process server in Edmond Oklahoma would be a good decision. When a process server delivers your documents, they will ensure that everything is perfect. They will create a complete file and share with the court on your behalf.

Keep in mind that you have to deliver the documents according to the provincial law. The law explains the proper order and method to deliver the documents to different parties. Process server in OKC has extensive experience in delivering the documents. They can complete the documents according to the legal requirements.


Are you looking for process server in OKC to compile and deliver the documents with the defendants? If yes, then you should consult with our professional team. We have a team of process servers with extensive experience in dealing with legal issues. They will carefully analyze the case and defend you in front of the court. Do you want to learn more? If yes, then talk with our expert process servers in Oklahoma.

How Cats Help Process Servers in Oklahoma City Deal with their Stress

Process Servers Deal with their Stress

Process servers in Oklahoma City have been essential in helping bring defendants to court as they continue to take their role in the judicial system seriously. However, an important thing to understand about process servers is that they have to deal with incredible amounts of stress when going about their job.

They can usually face many difficulties when trying to serve the process, the least being finding the defendant. Sometimes a quick Google search is enough to find out where the individual lives. They will have to perform a more in-depth search for the individual, often working with a private investigator in OKC to help find the individual.

With skip tracing in Oklahoma City, they can eventually find the individual trying to avoid their sentence. But finding them is only half the trouble; the next step is to serve the process safely and get evidence for the court. Without that crucial evidence, they will not show the court that they did send the defending party a proper notice.

Serving to individuals trying their best to avoid being served is a difficult task, as gathering evidence will usually include a signature. This can often include a lot of back and forth with the defendant, which can take its toll on a process server in OKC.

Luckily, they can better deal with the stress of their job by adopting a kitten. While some dogs can come specially trained to help you deal with stress, cats are generally very low maintenance and can offer a very comforting presence. Therefore, many process servers in Oklahoma City are dealing with their stress by adopting cats.

Why Some Process Servers in OKC Choose Cats over Dogs

The age-old question from most people often comes down to whether they should get a dog or cat. Most would prefer a dog over anything else. They can be very kind affectionate, and some even come with training to specifically help stressed people. These reasons are usually enough for process servers in Oklahoma to choose a god over a cat.

But these dogs tend to be very high maintenance, which can make them a hassle to keep for most Process servers. Dogs, especially service dogs, often require exercise daily, where you need to take them on a walk or give them a very high-intensity playtime session. Either way, they need to be stimulated thoroughly, or they will start to feel agitated or even a little annoyed.

And with process servers in OKC working for most of the day, coming back home and taking the dog for a walk can feel like an impossible task. That alone can be a serious turn-off, which is otherwise a very good option when looking for a more comfortable way to deal with stress.

On the other hand, cats can be very relaxed and easygoing and are considered low maintenance. Cats will keep themselves clean and often find ways to play around independently. Playing with them doesn’t have to be a very high effort either, as you can relax on the couch and play with a laser pointer. Cats can also help process servers calm down, as their purring is a general soothing mechanism, which is also infectious! Petting them can make them purr, which can also help you calm down.

It also helps that cats are generally very cute and give a very warm presence to a home. They can be especially fun to keep in an apartment, as the proximity will allow you to run into them more often.

There is one thing that does make cats a little high maintenance is their constant shedding and cleaning out their litter. Process servers in Oklahoma City will have to clean out the litter once every day at most, and they can deal with shedding by brushing their coat. Regular brushing can keep hairs to a minimum and avoid leaving hair everywhere.

Cats Offer Unique Companionship

Unlike dogs and other pets that a process server could keep, cats offer a unique type of companionship. They are very independent and can often show affection in endearing, if subtle, ways. Sometimes, they will want to cuddle or rest on their owner’s lap and purr as they pet them. This may make you feel like a James Bond villain, but it is still very fun and is generally a great way to relax after a long day at work. Of course, Process servers in OKC are also careful not to fall asleep while the cat is still in their lap, as that is the fastest way to get a neck cramp.

Furthermore, cats can also interact with other people in different ways, making for some very funny interactions. Cats will always have their favorite person, and they will have their not-so-favorite person. Seeing how they interact with both can be very fun. And it doesn’t hurt that cats are often just silly, which ensures that you do not have a boring time with them.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Having a good process server in OKC can completely change how you work on a case, as you no longer have to worry about the defendant not receiving their documents and court notice. And if you’re looking for effective process servers in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can certainly help.

With years of experience throughout the industry, our process servers have the skills and knowledge to make an effective delivery. They will use emails and courier services to ensure the defendant gets the necessary documents. Their experience in the field especially comes in handy when dealing with individuals who are not complying. Therefore, save yourself time and stress by working with OJPS to deliver the necessary documents.

Criminal Background Checks in Oklahoma and the Dreadful Charge of Holding Marijuana

Criminal background checks in Oklahoma City have long been a point of contention. For many years, companies have continued to use criminal background checks to withhold positions in their company from different individuals wrongfully. And it is no secret that these individuals would usually be minorities or people of color.

Dreadful Charge of Holding Marijuana

For a long time, minorities like previously incarcerated African Americans have always been in an unfair position. Not only are they less likely to be called in for an interview, but even if they are, their entire future could be decided by checking a single box.

Most applications would come with a question with a yes or no answer. The application would ask if the applicant had a criminal history, and usually, both answers would leave them in a disadvantageous position. If they lie and answer no, a quick background criminal background check in OKC will reveal that they were lying. But if they are honest and choose yes instead, they will still be rejected regardless of their crime.

The fact that a simple question could decide an individual’s professional future was outrageous why most people would take this issue so seriously. Eventually, ban the box rules would come along, which would force employers to give a dedicated reason if they do not accept an applicant. If they fail to provide one, they could be looking at a potential lawsuit.

But even with the ban, the box movement could not stop the fact that criminal background checks in Oklahoma could still show the possession of Marijuana as a crime. And that simple act could be the deciding factor if the individual gets a job. And only by legalizing Marijuana can this issue ever be resolved.

How Police Continue To Influence Criminal Background Checks in OKC

Criminal background checks in Oklahoma had always started with pure intentions. Companies only wanted to keep potential felons out of the company to keep it safe. However, as society becomes more open to individuals who have gone to prison, companies should adjust accordingly. But the real issue stems from the police and how there has been a history of petty crimes being blown out of proportion.

Police officers responsible for writing the reports that will decide these individuals’ future will often take a non-serious attitude. Arrests will often be blown out of proportion, and the suspects will often be included in the report as well, making it seem like they were responsible for the felony.

When employers look through these reports during a criminal background check in Oklahoma City, they will not accurately represent the candidate. Furthermore, most companies will also see an arrest as a worrying sign, so they will not accept the candidate.

Since a police report can greatly influence how a company views a specific candidate, it can greatly influence the hiring process. That is not necessarily a good thing for an institution with a history of police brutality. Therefore, it is not hard to see them abusing this power to affect an individual’s life.

How Legalizing Marijuana Can Change Criminal Background Checks in Oklahoma City

The fight to legalize Marijuana has more to do with just people smoking whenever and wherever they please. Instead, this is to help people with a history of persecution due to this drug. And these people were usually minorities and people of color. Therefore, arresting someone for possessing Marijuana or falsely accusing them of holding Marijuana will no longer be a thing.

So by legalizing Marijuana, one of the biggest crimes that people may be accused of will instantly disappear. In criminal background checks in OKC, it is truly worrying just how many people are subjected to arrests and convictions on something as small as possessing or smoking Marijuana. Even people who smoke Marijuana for medical reasons will be subjected to the same treatment, as they might not even get a chance to prove that they are innocent before being arrested.

Only by legalizing Marijuana can these criminal background checks become more fair and balanced. A nationwide criminal background check in Oklahoma City will not show the possession of Marijuana as an illegal act. This alone will allow them to have a fair chance at applying for a job.

Furthermore,  legalizing Marijuana will also help alleviate a lot of the stigma surrounding people consuming Marijuana. If the business requests a drug test before they can finalize the selection process, them finding traces of Marijuana can be a reason for them to disqualify you. Even if you were consuming medical Marijuana, they would see the higher than average levels of THC in the system as a red flag.

This is unfair to the applicants who rely on Marijuana, either to deal with stress or their medical problems. Either way, they should not face such heavy consequences for these small actions. And even if the criminal background check in Oklahoma does become better in the future, drug tests that still see Marijuana as an illegal substance will create problems for individuals who have not done anything wrong.

The fight to legalize Marijuana has mobilized to such an extent that most people have a distinct understanding of how to pull through. Approval from the federal government is everything they need right now.

Criminal Background Checks In Oklahoma City

IF you wish to conduct ethical criminal background checks in Oklahoma, we can certainly help. Not only do we focus on more serious crimes that an individual might have committed, but we are also sure to check if the reports reflect the nature of the crime or arrest accurately, ensuring that every individual has a fair shot. And with the eventual legalization of Marijuana in the future, people will no longer have to worry about criminal background checks being such a big problem.

Hire A Process Server Edmond Oklahoma

Sign documents with process server Edmond Oklahoma

At some point or the other, you would need the services of a professional process server. Most people prefer to get one through recommendations since it saves them the stress of sourcing one themselves. When your need for an expert process server Oklahoma is location-specific, it becomes even more challenging—looking to hire a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma? Want one specifically in your area? Then here are some tips to help you find one.

Find A Process Server Edmond Oklahoma.

Ever found a process server either through recommendations or online only to find out that they operate in different cities or states. Sometimes, finding one in your location seems like trying to eat your cake and have it. However, the great news is, you definitely can! It would be best to be more specific about where you search and how you search.

Suppose your search for a process server Edmond Oklahoma has brought you options outside of Edmond, Oklahoma. In that case, the chances are that your search mode has a couple of issues location-specific issues. To get what you need and maybe even better, some changes have to be made when looking for one.

Tips to Find a Process Server Edmond Oklahoma

Be Location Specific

If the location of the process server is critical to the service they are to render, then it is of high essentiality that you are location-specific in your search. Do not just wander online or tell people you require a process server without specifying your ideal location. You will only end up getting options that are most likely out of your area.

Even when asking from people who have also gotten the service you require from a process server, you still have to be location-specific in your questioning. You may need the services of a process server Edmond Oklahoma even though you reside in Ardmore, Oklahoma. A lot of times, you realise late that while you got every other thing figured out, the location difference is enough to dampen up your good find with several process server Ardmore Oklahoma mixed up in your search.

When searching for a process server Edmond, Oklahoma, remember to specify the location. Not just process server OKC but include the particular area you require the services like “process server “Edmond Oklahoma.

Ask The Right People.

Here’s one funny thing people do yet wonder why they get recommendations of process server outside their location. They keep asking the wrong people! Just because you know someone who has gotten the services of a process server does not mean their recommendation would operate in your desired location.

The only reason to ask a process server you know works in another place is if they also work in your needed area or recommend one who does. Asides from that, a whole part of the search would be a bunch of wasted time and effort. When searching for a location-sensitive one and you decide to reach out to a fee contact for recommendations, the location should come together with the server needed.

For example, instead of “I need the services of an expert process server,” go instead with “I need the services of an expert process server+ desired location.” In this case, that would be “I need the assistance of a professional process server Edmond Oklahoma.” That sends the message across pretty clearly. It also saves you a ton of time and effort, which would have been spent filtering between options and recommendations.

Google it Right

Here comes the one we all run to when we need to find information in the digital and non-digital space. Google seems to have every information needed, and we do not hesitate to google just what we need from it whenever we want. However, it is pretty prevalent that people do not find what they need on google. Some become discouraged with so many options out of their required search.

While some might believe it to be Google’s way of showing they do not have that information, the chances are that you don’t know how to search the web properly. It’s nothing alarming. You are just missing a few tricks and tips to sourcing the right and needed information from the web. When searching for an expert process server with a specific location in mind, the same rules as the top two apply. Area is highly essential when using the web, and Google understands this.

All you need is to be a little more specific and less generic with your search. With so many options made available on the web, making your path to the right ones would mean filtering away other options. You can do this just by being specific with your search. Let’s take your preferred location to be a process server Edmond Oklahoma. That location alongside what you need should be placed on the search engine to get better results and streamlined options.

Hire an Agency

An agency or company specialising in the services you require remains the best choice, especially with location-specific services required. They are a great way to take a ton of stress out of the whole process server search. Asides from that, most companies that offer process server services cover a large area, sometimes even a country.

This means whatever state/city you reside in has options/recommendations of a process server that operates in your location. Such agencies have process server Oklahoma City as a part of their service location. They will most likely have for most places in Oklahoma City. For your specific area being process server Edmond Oklahoma, you can get a recommendation from the company. It would work well enough for the services needed per location.

Get An Expert Process Server Edmond Oklahoma with OJPS

Searching for a process server agency that takes the stress out of the search process and offers top-notch services? Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers offers process server Oklahoma City services. It means

Are LGBTQIA+ Process Servers More Likely to Face Discrimination from Recipients?

LGBTQIA+ Process Servers

Process servers in Oklahoma contribute greatly to the justice system and are usually underappreciated for their contributions. They take up the responsibilities of finding the defending party, thereby ensuring that the correct person receives the notice. Process servers will also take on the responsibilities of delivering the notice, which can be dangerous in its own right.

LGBTQIA+ Process Servers

Some states have allowed process servers to use other traditional means to deliver the notice. So even though process servers in Oklahoma City can send an urgent email or use the postal services, they are not as effective as delivering it in person.

And when process servers decide to take up these responsibilities, they also take up the risks that come with them. There have been many cases where process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, have been assaulted or have faced threats from individuals for simply doing their job.

Since process servers in Oklahoma City rarely bring good news to their recipients, it is not uncommon for the recipients to lash out in a fit of rage. And unfortunately, the closest thing to them at the time is a process server just doing their job.

With the risks that come with the job, it is worth examining if the LGBTQIA+ process servers faced more discrimination from people. And the truth of the matter is that process servers in OKC rarely have to be open about their sexuality while on the job or show any sign that could allude to them being part of the community. But given the cases that have occurred in recent memory, it is very much a possibility that gay process servers could potentially face more discrimination.

The Lack of Tolerance for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Looking past LGBTQIA+ individuals as process servers in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the community continues to face a lot of discrimination. Since the early 70s, the eh LGBTQIA+ community has very much been in a fight to prove that it is here to stay and that they are humans too. And over the years, they had faced multiple issues like the draconian sodomy laws or the Defense of Marriage Act, which barred them from marrying.

And throughout those years, they had managed to come out on the other side unfazed and strong. Over the years, they managed to strive and have won many battles leading up to where they are now. They were able to remove the DOMA from federal laws, fought against sodomy laws, and were even able to win their right to marriage in 2015. The supreme court’s decision in favor of the LGBTQIA+ community in 2015 was possibly their biggest win, allowing them to marry in every state.

And if businesses were to discriminate against them, they could even take those businesses to court for discrimination. And there are various examples of couples who faced discrimination at the hands of different businesses but were able to win in court.

A Long Way to Go in Acceptance

Process servers in OKC, in general, have a very hard time going about their job without the defendant trying to interfere. The defendant will either hire security to keep the process server away, or they will close themselves off in their homes to dodge the deadline. Since process servers only have about three months to deliver a notice, camping in does seem like a good option for some.

And if the defendant is not trying to get in the process server’s way, they will be actively aggressive. Some will resort to violence when they see the process server in Oklahoma City, often injuring them. Unfortunately, there have even been instances where the recipients shot a process server when they brought notice to their doorstep.

Given that Process servers in Oklahoma have faced this kind of discrimination, there is a probability that more conservative individuals might be more violent towards LGBTQIA+ servers. They might see a male-presenting server wearing makeup, nail polish, or even something as small as a pride flag badge. And that could be enough for the recipient to become very violent.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that a transgender person might be especially prone to this type of aggression. Since they are more recognizable than most members of the LGBTQIA+ community, it is not uncommon for them to receive the worst treatment.

Protecting Process Servers

Since process servers take on one of the most difficult jobs in the justice system, many states have put in laws that further protect them from harm. The penal code clarifies that people who stand in the way of a process server or purposefully obstruct from serving the process will face jail time.

States like Florida take it one step further and classify assault and battery as class C or level three felonies. As a result of the new ruling, people who engage in such an act will either face jail time or will have to pay a heavy fine. In some cases, the perpetrator may be faced with both.

Thanks to these new rules, process servers can go about their job without having to worry about their safety or, in some cases, their lives. Some states have gone so far as to treat threats against servers as a felony, with possible jail time.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC for the Job

If you want to hire the right process servers in Oklahoma to deliver your notice, the Oklahoma Judicial Process server can be of service. Our process servers have the experience and the knowledge to deal with a difficult recipient. Whether they try to use intimidation tactics or try to assault them, our servers can easily handle the situation.

Furthermore, our servers can also help with finding the right person wherever they might be hiding. Using their years of experience in the field, they can easily skip right to the most credible ways to find someone.


How Process Servers Deal With the Challenges that Come With Their Job

Process servers are a vital part of the justice system, seeing how they are the ones that deal the necessary documents to various parties. But not only do they deliver the documents, they are also responsible for tracking down the recipient and delivering it by hand. OKC process servers would enjoy the luxury of simply delivering the document through the mail or through a simple email.

However, process servers in Oklahoma City need to make sure that the right person is able to receive the notice. If the right party does not get the notice in time, or at all, there can be no legal action against them. And despite performing a very important task, process servers in Oklahoma have to deal with a lot of challenges when going about their job.

The Challenges That Process Servers Face

Process serving is no easy task. Process servers in Oklahoma City not only have to locate the individual who need to receive the court notice, but they are also responsible for the delivery. And even though it may seem like a very simple process, it can get very difficult at times.

Some individuals might live in more remote areas, or some have moved to new houses without updating their information. There have also been cases where individuals can move to different states, so the process server in OKC now has to track them down and deliver it to them at any cost.

Locating someone can sometimes be as easy as looking for the individual on social media. They will usually have their address available on their professional profiles on websites like LinkedIn. But if they move out of that address or forget to update it, the process server in Oklahoma will have to track down the new address quickly.

Physical Assault

If finding the home was not difficult enough, deliveries for process servers in Oklahoma City can be dangerous as well. There have been numerous cases where process servers brought notices to a recipient, only to be met with violence. Either people would assault them upon hearing where they were from or they would see the document and lash out at the nearest person, who was usually the process server.

Process servers rarely ever bring good news to a recipient, who is usually being called to court for a lawsuit. But despite what the recipient is feeling, that is certainly no way to treat a process server. Incidents have occurred where process servers in Oklahoma City have been doused with pepper spray for bringing an individual’s notice. And even though it is very unethical, many servers have started to mentally and physically prepared themselves for an angry recipient.

No Payment until Completed Delivery

Process servers in OKC state their price for a specific delivery before they start working on it. Therefore, the city where they are delivering, the attempts made to deliver the document, and the service they requested are all factors that will dictate the price that they charge for their services.

Other factors that could change the price of the delivery include attempted service, routine service, court filing, multiple parties that need delivery, and same day delivering.  All of these factors can greatly influence the money that the process server receives for their services.

While they do certainly make enough to compensate them for their troubles at the time, they only receive payment for their services once they deliver the notice and return with the individual’s sign. Only when they meet this very specific criteria will they be able to get the money that they deserve.

So if a process server in Oklahoma City is unable to see the job through, they might only get a reaction of what they would have gotten, or get nothing at all. It can be very heartbreaking for them to spend so much time trying to deliver a document to someone, only to not give the document because of factors out of their control.

Dealing with Complicated Laws

One of the first major issues that come with process serving come in the form of dealing with complicated laws. Each state has specific laws surrounding practice serving, as process servers have to walk around their laws to do their job. If the recipient is in a different state, then the process server in Oklahoma will have to approach the individual with the state’s laws in mind.

Some states will also require a process server to have a GPS tracker on them or first fill in affidavits before starting their search. All of these steps further complicate their process and needlessly makes it more difficult to find the individual.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the process server and the sheriff to be at odds during a search, as the sheriff might restrict the individual’s access to certain places. so not only does the process server have to deal with the different state laws as well, but they might face some resistance from the local police.

Tackling These Issues

When it comes to solving these issues, states have put laws into place to help process servers in OKC. In some states, attacking the process server is a felony and can result in jail time. Furthermore, process servers are also working with law enforcement to ensure their safety when on the job.

As for the issues that come with payment, most process servers charge for the different services. So skip tracing will usually charge a client upfront, but payment for the delivery will happen later.

So if you are looking for process servers who can better deal with this job, and can also be efficient with their deliveries, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has what you need. Our process servers in Oklahoma City have the experience and expertise necessary to make the delivery without any issues. And when the time is right, they will be sure to find the recipient and easily deliver the notice to them.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers who is Transgender Files Federal Lawsuit to Fight for Transgender Legal Document Rights

Transgender Legal Document Rights

A Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in OKC & civil rights expert Dr. Makayla Saramosing with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, got upset by the constant discrimination she has faced in Oklahoma over the years by multiple governmental agencies. For many years, different agencies and even some judges have required the extermination of the right to procreate, the right to privacy, and the right to basic human decency of people who are transgender. Dr. Makayla Saramosing found this completely unacceptable and has vowed to change it.

Transgender Legal Document Rights

She filed a pro se/non-attorney federal lawsuit in December, 2021 against the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OPS). Dr. Saramosing achieved this by suing the cabinet secretary of the OSDH, Kevin Corbett, Keith Reed, the interim commissioner of Health for the OSDH, Kelly Baker, the deputy registrar of vital records for the OSDH, and Tim Tipton, the commissioner of public safety for the OPS.

These aforementioned agencies and some Oklahoma judges have for many years illegally forced people who are transgender in Oklahoma to undergo permanent, irreversible sterilizing hormone therapy and surgery, prior to being able to change their name and gender markers on their birth certificates and drivers’ licenses. It has basically been a Holocaust against the LGBTQIA+ community, just as the Nazis in Germany horribly did during World War II (WWII) and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) have also done/do to non-Whites, the LGBTQIA+ community, intellectuals, trade unionists, persons with disabilities, Jews, Catholics, non-Christians, Communists and more.

To make matters worse, the OSDH also illegally and cruelly outs people who are transgender against their will by making notations of their names and gender marker changes on their birth certificates. Every time people who are transgender have to present their birth certificates for marriage, school, employment, passports/visas, etc., this unlawful practice constantly exposes them to an incredible amount of socio-economic harm. This is especially true in bigoted states like Oklahoma, the South in General, Wyoming, Utah, and others where education is not a priority.

Outing people who are transgender against their will expose them to the following:

  1. Violence/Threats/Bullying/Death
  2. Denial of Initial Employment/Loss of Employment
  3. Exclusion from their Family, Friends, Schools, Religious Institutions & Society in General
  4. Being Forced to Use the Wrong Bathrooms/Locke Rooms
  5. Being Kicked Off of Sports Teams
  6. Heightened Emotional Trauma, Sexual Assaults, Murder
  7. Greatly Increased Suicide Rates
  8. Much, Much More


Why should individuals not be allowed to procreate, just to be whom they are? Why are they not entitled to basic human decency, privacy and kindness? What purpose does it serve to treat people who are transgender in such a cruel and inhumane manner? How is this possibly legal? Well, in fact, it is not legal at all! The OSDH and OPS have broken many, many laws.

They first violate the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution, which states the following:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

By cruelly requiring people who are transgender to have to undergo permanently sterilizing hormone therapy and surgery before they can get their names and genders marker changed, it basically tells the world, “People who are transgender are undesirables; we do not want your kind on Earth and want to murder all of you. You are unworthy of having kids, kindness, love or respect and dignity.”

There are a plethora of other laws, constitutional protections and case laws which protect the transgender community from this type of insanely cruel treatment, and they can be found here here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here in the documents Dr. Makayla Saramosing filed in for this case (5:21-cv-01152). There is absolutely no legal or societal benefit whatsoever of engaging in this type of discrimination, no matter what the defendants may try to claim.

This type of cruel institutional behavior hurts everyone, not just people who are transgender. All species form a Symbian circle, so what happens to one person of any species will undoubtedly affect everyone else of all species. One can truly judge a society by how it protects its most vulnerable people, and Oklahoma, the South, and certain other states do a pretty horrible job of it. ☹

This type of cruel behavior on the part of the defendants especially harms the Process server clients of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers who are transgender and just want to live their lives in peace and harmony. Being transgender or cisgender is not a choice; the person is simply born that way. So, placing extra requirements makes each of the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma City especially sad.

Anyone wishing to help the transgender community and Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma  Dr Makayla Saramosing fight this injustice may donate through the GoFundMe site set up to help this long, protracted legal battle. Sadly, Lambda Legal tried to discourage Dr. Makayla Saramosing from attempting to change the issue right now, and the staff there essentially just told her to just “endure it” on her own. The ACLU said it was “too busy” to assist, and even if she does win there are likely to be numerous appeals that will require a significant amount of time, money and effort to have a decent chance to win on.

10 Major Challenges That Process servers Face

Process servers are essential parts of the justice system. Not only do they have the difficult responsibility of tracking down the individuals or businesses that need to receive the summon, but they are usually the ones to face a lot of the challenges associated with it.

And despite the misconceptions that people have about Process servers, their job is anything but easy. OKC process servers can face numerous challenges while on the job, especially when members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The challenges that Process servers in Oklahoma face

Process serving is a difficult and sometimes thankless job that can lead to servers facing many difficulties and challenges. Some of these include:

1. Negative Feedback from Lawyers and Law Firms

The art of process serving relies heavily on the results that a server can provide. So if an OKC process server receives a task, they will have to complete it and give the lawyer or law firm their desired results. Of course, the real problem comes when the process server cannot provide the lawyers or law firms with their desired results.

If a process server in Oklahoma City fails to provide their client with their desired results, they may receive a negative review. And in an industry as competitive as that of the process serving, a negative review can be a very difficult thing to recover from.

2. Choosing between Contractors or employees

Another major issue that most process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, face regularly is their employment. Most law firms will hire process servers to work with them, as they can be a valuable part of their firm. However, the task of a process server does not take very long, so it is not uncommon for them to find themselves with nothing on their hands to do. This free time can seem like an unnecessary expense for law firms, which is why they prefer going the contractor route instead. The only problem with contractors is that they receive money for notice they serve and do not get other employment benefits.

3. No Notice No Pay

When it comes to payment, OKC process servers can have a very difficult time. For one, they will only be receiving money once they have managed to serve the notice. So if they fail to serve a notice to an individual for any reason, they will not be receiving any money.

The real problem stems from individuals who are not looking to receive their notice or who will sometimes assault process servers. Therefore, serving the notice is never quite as easy as just giving a piece of paper to someone and walking away.

4. Assault and Threats

Speaking of assaults, these are something that process servers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also have to consider when serving a notice. While it does not happen too often, especially since many states have added laws to protect process servers from assault, there is still a chance of it happening.

Serving a notice is never the nicest thing in the world, and getting one can usually lead to people getting into a bad mood. Therefore, they will usually lash out at the first person they see, who might, unfortunately, be the process server themselves.

5. Refusing to Accept Notice

Another major challenge that most process servers face is when a party refuses to accept the notice. So other than possibly being assaulted, process servers might also be refused by other parties on the spot. And if they happen to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, then the chances that they will be refused can skyrocket.

However, denial can be a small or big problem depending on the state where the process server operates. They can use substitute or drop services to reduce the stress of facing some parties head-on.

6. Not Finding the Right Party for the Lawsuit

Easily one of the biggest problems that any process server in Oklahoma City can attest to is not being able to find the right party for the lawsuit. Since they will only receive payment for their efforts once they deliver the notice, finding the necessary party can be very stressful.

There is also the possibility that the secondary party is living in a separate state. So now, the OKC process server will have to travel miles to deliver notice and will even have to consider the state’s laws and regulations.

7. Physically Handover the Notice

Unfortunately, process serving is never as easy as sending an email to the receiving party and hoping for a response. Instead, it is a tiring process, always including a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, having to deliver it personally. Therefore, finding the necessary party and ensuring that they receive it is their responsibility.

8. Crossing paths with the sheriff’s office

In some instances, Georgia’s sheriff’s office has kept process severs in Oklahoma at arm’s length. Therefore, it is not unusual for process servers and the sheriff’s office to butt heads now and then.

9. New Changes to the Industry

As with every industry in the world, evolution is a major part of the industry. And as it continues to evolve, process servers in OKC have to evolve with it. If they fail to adjust to the times, they will be left behind.

10. Complicated Laws and Regulations

Several states in the US have unique rules and regulations for their process servers. They might have to sign multiple affidavits, carry a GPS tracker, or even provide proof of their ability to serve.

Find the Right Process servers for the job

The job of a process server is never as simple as just handing over documents to the receiving party. Fortunately, the process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the skills and training necessary to complete the task. Not only will they surely serve the notice to the required party, but they will also do it efficiently and quickly.