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Creative Process Server Approaches Can Pay Huge Dividends!

Process servers who know how to use their creative talents on those hard to serve cases often find that it prove to be extremely rewarding. Often time’s individuals who are avoiding service are especially suspicious of strangers coming to their house. Therefore, having someone who is less suspicious might just help a process servers get the job done right.

One wonderful example of a costume a process server can wear is that of a nun. Who would suspect a female nun who looks so reverent? While it is true that some may potentially gawk at the idea of using religious clothes to get someone served that is all the more reason why it could make the person one is trying to serve less suspicious. If that individual is Roman Catholic, then it could make it even easier to catch the guy off guard. Besides, even if someone gets served by a nun, how could someone possibly be angry with a nun?

Another good tactic is the “pizza delivery” approach. If someone is avoiding service, he or she just might show his or her face for someone delivering a pizza – especially if it is around dinnertime and they have a proclivity for hot tasty bread and cheese. Why not just hire someone to deliver a pizza to them and then hide so they cannot see you? If they should happen to appear, an Oklahoma private investigator will then know that the person is there and thus serve him or her. The person receiving the papers might feel the blow of being duped eased a bit if he or she has something nice to eat thereafter. If worse comes to worst and the individual never shows up at the front door, well, at least the process server will have something nice to eat!

Another tricky method is when you call a client up at his or her business and pretend to be a client. This works especially well with people who work as insurance salespersons and those who have to travel to their clients. The idea is to get them to travel to you and meet you at a coffee shop or some other place of business. When the person arrives, you can serve him or her papers. Watch out for scouts and decoys, however, and make sure you know what the person looks like! Otherwise, a savvy person may have you trying to serve the wrong individual.

In the event you happen to have a daughter and know the person being served is not dangerous, then why not send your daughter to the door? She can dress up in a uniform similar to one used by the Girl Scouts and can pretend to be taking cookie orders. Who can possibly resist a cute face and delicious cookies? When the person comes to the door, your daughter can simply run away and you can come out and serve the guy. Having prearranged hand signals helps in this endeavor.

During the holiday seasons, it can be fun to go trick-or-treating with your kids. Well, why not make the most of it? You can be Santa Claus, a ghost, or another character of your choice. Go ahead and have some fun with the work you do! Just take care not to dress up as Santa and call the person a, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

If a process server had a bit more time and money to spend, a much more elaborate scheme could involve setting up a prize patrol. Get some balloons, a small crowd, a video camera, and an empty briefcase. Show up all happy and proud with smiles and cameras flashing and see just who comes out? What person would not come out when thinking he or she had just won a million dollars?

Some other especially helpful techniques can involve using process servers who are younger or much older or even using a sexy female process server over a male. Sometimes people being served might view Oklahoma process servers of one race (i.e., Asian) as less suspicious than another. It all depends on the perspective and viewpoint of the person who is about to get served. Always remember to ask yourself, “If I were he or she, who or what would I find suspicious and why?”

A successful serve not only makes for a happy client, but this also helps to keep your business up and running. Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order thinking skills no longer stops at “evaluate.” They have since changed it to include “create,” so it helps to use your right brain a bit when serving your clients by helping them serve others. A little creativity and common sense can really pay off!

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