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How LGBTQIA+ wedding Photographers Helped Capture the Joy of Being Part of the Community

How LGBTQIA+ wedding Photographers Helped Capture the Joy of Being Part of the Community

The LGBTAQIA+ community is one that has been at the receiving end of some of the worst persecution in history. Not only were they unable to marry the people they loved at the hands of a wedding officiant OKC, but they could not even live normal lives either.

For context, the Supreme Court’s decision, although praised for its sweeping change, only came out in 2015. And while members of the community were able to host weddings in dedicated wedding venues OKC, this sweeping change only came after nearly 40 years of protesting, lawsuits, and fighting.

A Brief History of the Fight for Same-Sex Marriages

Make no mistake; the fight for legalizing marriage was very much a civil rights issue. The fight for same-sex weddings began sometime in the early 1970s, as individuals began filing lawsuits against state banned weddings of same sex individuals. However, despite the best efforts of these individuals, they lost in court. So even if same sex couples could find a wedding officiant in Oklahoma willing marry them off, the court would not recognize it as a legal union.

Despite suffering a loss in the 1970s, the community refused to stand down, and continued their protests. In 1990, three LGBTQIA+ couples filed a lawsuit against the state of Hawaii on the grounds of their marriage laws.

This was the tipping point for the movement, as the lawyers for the couples argued that banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The case lasted for nearly a decade, with the case concluding in 1999, as the court dismissed it entirely. The three couples’ entire case rested on the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause. And despite the team’s best effort, state constitution amendments in 1998 and the signing of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, left them with no legal standing.

It was almost harrowing to see the president at the time take such an incredibly harsh stance against same-sex marriages, especially in hindsight. But that would only be a minor speed bump on their track, as the movement would go into overdrive by 2004.

Massachusetts would become the first major state to recognize same-sex marriages, which created a trend for other states. Now wedding venues OKC could not deny couples access based on their sexual orientation. In a span of 10 years, states continued to fall in the fight against gay marriage, as states with over 70% of the US’ population protected the LGBTQIA+ community’s right to weddings.

Finally, the Supreme Court stepped in and legalized marriages for all couples in the country. And many tried to undermine the decision, and filed suits in court to reverse the decision. But most suits failed to gain any momentum, and some were almost instantly shot down.

The Depiction of Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community in TV and Film

The Supreme Court siding with the LGBTQIA+ community in legalizing marriage with a dedicated OKC wedding officiant was a big win. And following the sweeping law, couples throughout the country celebrated their newfound freedom through massive wedding ceremonies. Couples went all out by hiring wedding photographers OKC as well as wedding videographers OKC.

But despite the incredible progress that the movement has been making in the past few years, the representation in the mainstream media has not been stellar. While it is certainly better than offensive portrayals of LGBTQIA+ members in the 70s and 80s, it is still a far cry from proper representation.

One of the most popular gay couples in all of mainstream media, Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett in Modern Family was a 80s stereotype on display. While the couple did do a lot in shaping the perspective of loving monogamous gay relationships where they raised kids, it was also very problematic.

Two white men living in posh houses where one of the partners throws irrational fits on a dime. The actor for Cameron Tucker, Eric Stonestreet, also stated in an interview that he took influences from his mother when portraying the character. This notion feeds into the stereotype that gay men are feminine.

Furthermore, a lot of gay story arcs revolve around their persecution at the hands of their community. While prejudice against gay individuals is a very serious issue that has yet to “disappear,” the fact that they were only portrayed as victims completely overshadowed the experience of being part of the community.

Of course, that is not to say that there was no good representation of LGBTQIA+ people in mainstream media. Sex Education explored various aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community like non-binary individuals, as well as meaningful commentary on the joys of being gay. Moonlight focused on the struggles of gay men in the African American community juxtaposed to the loving relationships that one could have if they accept themselves.

Wedding Photographers OKC Show Off the Bright Side of the Community

While the silver and big screens continue to focus on the struggles of being gay, wedding photographers Oklahoma are usually bringing that bright side of the community forward. The union between same-sex individuals is a beautiful thing to witness, which is why you should cherish it through wedding videographers Oklahoma. The joy, happiness, and love on display shows how there is much more than just gloom in the community.

Wedding videographers OKC have been especially effective in bringing the joys of being part of the community to light. As they record the wide display of emotions throughout each event. Furthermore, these videos and photographs of weddings show off how similar these ceremonies are to weddings of straight people. They show that there is more to the community than weathering adversity and trying to find a place in society, as they say their vows in front of an OKC wedding officiant.

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