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The Origination of Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing OKC

The concept of skip tracing has been established since before the middle ages. Obviously, the way skip tracing took place before is a lot different than how it is practiced now. However, the premise is the same. What is the premise? Well, skip tracing is often related to debt collection, in which tracing is the way to find the ‘skip’ (the one who has left, often a debtor) in order to help someone get their money back. Skip tracing services are used for many other purposes now, for example, to track down old relatives or friends or just to find someone specific. Skip tracing has been around since before sliced bread was created! People really have been running away from paying their debt for a long long time. The modern ways to skip trace are extremely innovative and easy. Let’s explore how skip tracing originated.

The Word Skip Tracing

The word ‘skip,’ in this phrase, is actually used as a noun. Skip is another word for a person who has ‘skipped’ (left) town. In most cases, the skip leaves hurriedly, leaving behind some subtle clues as to where they have gone. Traditionally, skip tracing was only used by bounty hunters, detectives, repossession agents, debt collectors, lawyers and bond enforcers.

What Is The Original Skip Tracing Methodology

The basic method of skip tracing is pretty easy- collecting as much information as possible, analyzing it, drawing conclusions, taking an action and then repeating! Most skip tracing in Oklahoma City basically takes place in the same way. Of course, the difficult part is finding the most useful information available through a variety of methods. These days, skip tracing in Oklahoma just involves going through databases and using the internet to make connections to the skip. In the very old days, they would have to travel around and then ask around. Skip tracing in OKC, however, in some cases still involves calling up, visiting and/or interviewing family, friends and anyone who is related to the skip such as co-workers and neighbors. Collecting data, of course, can happen in any of these diverse foolproof ways.  Then, of course, skip tracers need to analyze the data meticulously in order to trace the skip.

Thank god that things have improved and changed in the skip tracing industry due to the advent of technology. Skip tracing is an ages-old art that has definitely been refined.

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