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Tips That Increases The Risk Of Cheating & Infidelity In An Oklahoma Spouse

Risk Of Cheating Infidelity

Oklahoma Private Investigators Share Their Tips and Advice About What Makes an Oklahoma Spouse a Higher Risk for Cheating and Infidelity

Cheating and infidelity are major challenges married/dating couples face in their relationships. Private investigators in Piedmont, Oklahoma, at a private investigator agency in Norman, Oklahoma, handle different cases of cheating and infidelity daily. They’ve identified certain traits that make the risk of infidelity higher in a partner. We review these traits below and possible steps to take if your partner is cheating.

Tips That Increases The Risk Of Cheating & Infidelity In

Things That Increases The Risk Of Cheating & Infidelity In An Oklahoma Spouse

Infidelity investigation experts from reputable private investigator agencies in Edmond, Oklahoma, like Dr. Keefe’s and Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s Keefe Private Investigation (KPI), believe any of the following factors can increase infidelity risk in your partner. They are:

Exceptional Physical Attractiveness

The pressure from being attractive could make your spouse or partner highly susceptible to cheating or infidelity. Attractive individuals receive many unsolicited compliments, advances, flirting, etc., which they may find unpleasant or pleasant. The constant reminder of how well sought-after they are could prompt them to start cheating.

This doesn’t mean all beautiful partners cheat. But according to the experienced private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, handling various infidelity cases, physical attraction, and uncommon charm increases the risk of cheating. Especially when you don’t constantly compliment or comment on how good your partner looks.

Past Record of Cheating/Infidelity

Private investigators in OKC at private investigator agencies in Piedmont, Oklahoma, believe if your partner or spouse cheated on you before, there’s a higher chance of them doing it again.

Thus, one of the questions private investigators in Oklahoma City ask during assessment is the partner’s cheating history. The private detective uses it to ascertain if there’s a pattern peculiar to the person of interest, making the infidelity investigation easier.

Forgiving past cheating incidents without finding the cause/trigger could make your spouse/partner cheat again because the triggers are still there. Eliminating the triggers by addressing the issues in-depth is a way to prevent recurrent cheating.


Fame drives great admiration and advances. If you’re currently in a relationship with a famous person, be aware that their loyalty to the relationship will constantly be tested. Popularity puts your spouse/partner in the spotlight, making it easier for others to detect their beautiful part, which makes them attractive.

High Position

This factor is mostly true for male spouses or partners. Men that work in high-level job positions or own & control an organization and politicians are more likely to cheat than others. Many try to leverage relationships with people in high positions to get things done.

Their opportunity appeal makes them susceptible to forced/willing relationships, advances, and attraction which may later result in being an infidel. Thus, if your partner falls in any of these categories, you’re more likely to get cheated.

Financially Wealthiness

Wealth is one of the strongest forms of attraction, and its purchasing power makes cheating and infidelity easier. Thus, partners with needed resources to cheat comfortably at their disposal are more likely to carry out the act. Even if they’re unwilling, they’ll always get advances from people looking to have a taste of their wealth.

Psychological Causes

Private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, at a private investigator agency in Del City, Ok, Oklahoma, believe cheating and infidelity sometimes isn’t all about being in high positions, having resources, or opportunity benefits that make you attractive.

It may sometimes have to do with psychological effects caused by many incidences like lack of love or proper care and attention from partner, self-esteem issues, need for variety, neglect, uncontrollable sexual desires, etc.

Private investigators in Oklahoma, OK, advise that if you notice any of these in your partner, it’s best to stand by them and help them find help. Neglecting it may make such partners degenerate into chronic cheaters and infidels.

These factors put your spouse or partner at a high risk of cheating and infidelity. However, private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, advise that there aren’t enough grounds to get suspicious of your partner if you don’t see common cheating signs, as it may cause a crack in the relationship.

Below, we consider the common signs that should arouse your suspicions of infidelity:

  • Unnecessary late keeping or sudden extra work at the office
  • Secret texting or phone calls
  • Sudden over-protectiveness of mobile phone
  • Reduction in intimacy
  • Extra consciousness about looks than before
  • Receipts of items you didn’t purchase or have at home, etc.

All these are common signs that indicate your partner may be cheating on you.

What to do if you suspect your partner is cheating?

You have various options to explore if you suspect infidelity on your spouse or partner’s part. They include:

  • Speak to them about it

Confrontation sometimes brings confession and a promise of change. It makes it possible for both parties to address the issues, find possible triggers, and support each other in finding a lasting solution. This works if both parties are still interested in the relationship and the cheating was purely out of sexual desires or other psychological causes.

  • Hire a private investigator

Hiring a private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, to investigate your partner based on your suspicions is the best step. Unlike confrontation, which depends on the partner’s honesty and could lead to a lack of trust if your accusation turns out untrue, you can get solid facts and take actions based on evidence rather than guess.

Private investigators use several methods to investigate cheating spouses to gather evidence. This could include catfishing, live surveillance, drone surveillance, tracking cars and mobile phones, etc.


Suspecting you have a cheating partner has many physical and psychological effects on you. It could bring about loss of weight, insomnia, depression, loss of focus at work, etc. Thus, private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, private investigators in Del City, Oklahoma, and other private investigators in Oklahoma City advise that you should firstly clear your doubts or ascertain your suspicions by contacting a reputable private investigation agency in Oklahoma to investigate your partner. The result of the investigation can help you decide on your next line of action, after considering necessary factors.

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