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10 Major Challenges That Process servers Face

Process servers are essential parts of the justice system. Not only do they have the difficult responsibility of tracking down the individuals or businesses that need to receive the summon, but they are usually the ones to face a lot of the challenges associated with it.

And despite the misconceptions that people have about Process servers, their job is anything but easy. OKC process servers can face numerous challenges while on the job, especially when members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The challenges that Process servers in Oklahoma face

Process serving is a difficult and sometimes thankless job that can lead to servers facing many difficulties and challenges. Some of these include:

1. Negative Feedback from Lawyers and Law Firms

The art of process serving relies heavily on the results that a server can provide. So if an OKC process server receives a task, they will have to complete it and give the lawyer or law firm their desired results. Of course, the real problem comes when the process server cannot provide the lawyers or law firms with their desired results.

If a process server in Oklahoma City fails to provide their client with their desired results, they may receive a negative review. And in an industry as competitive as that of the process serving, a negative review can be a very difficult thing to recover from.

2. Choosing between Contractors or employees

Another major issue that most process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, face regularly is their employment. Most law firms will hire process servers to work with them, as they can be a valuable part of their firm. However, the task of a process server does not take very long, so it is not uncommon for them to find themselves with nothing on their hands to do. This free time can seem like an unnecessary expense for law firms, which is why they prefer going the contractor route instead. The only problem with contractors is that they receive money for notice they serve and do not get other employment benefits.

3. No Notice No Pay

When it comes to payment, OKC process servers can have a very difficult time. For one, they will only be receiving money once they have managed to serve the notice. So if they fail to serve a notice to an individual for any reason, they will not be receiving any money.

The real problem stems from individuals who are not looking to receive their notice or who will sometimes assault process servers. Therefore, serving the notice is never quite as easy as just giving a piece of paper to someone and walking away.

4. Assault and Threats

Speaking of assaults, these are something that process servers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also have to consider when serving a notice. While it does not happen too often, especially since many states have added laws to protect process servers from assault, there is still a chance of it happening.

Serving a notice is never the nicest thing in the world, and getting one can usually lead to people getting into a bad mood. Therefore, they will usually lash out at the first person they see, who might, unfortunately, be the process server themselves.

5. Refusing to Accept Notice

Another major challenge that most process servers face is when a party refuses to accept the notice. So other than possibly being assaulted, process servers might also be refused by other parties on the spot. And if they happen to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, then the chances that they will be refused can skyrocket.

However, denial can be a small or big problem depending on the state where the process server operates. They can use substitute or drop services to reduce the stress of facing some parties head-on.

6. Not Finding the Right Party for the Lawsuit

Easily one of the biggest problems that any process server in Oklahoma City can attest to is not being able to find the right party for the lawsuit. Since they will only receive payment for their efforts once they deliver the notice, finding the necessary party can be very stressful.

There is also the possibility that the secondary party is living in a separate state. So now, the OKC process server will have to travel miles to deliver notice and will even have to consider the state’s laws and regulations.

7. Physically Handover the Notice

Unfortunately, process serving is never as easy as sending an email to the receiving party and hoping for a response. Instead, it is a tiring process, always including a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, having to deliver it personally. Therefore, finding the necessary party and ensuring that they receive it is their responsibility.

8. Crossing paths with the sheriff’s office

In some instances, Georgia’s sheriff’s office has kept process severs in Oklahoma at arm’s length. Therefore, it is not unusual for process servers and the sheriff’s office to butt heads now and then.

9. New Changes to the Industry

As with every industry in the world, evolution is a major part of the industry. And as it continues to evolve, process servers in OKC have to evolve with it. If they fail to adjust to the times, they will be left behind.

10. Complicated Laws and Regulations

Several states in the US have unique rules and regulations for their process servers. They might have to sign multiple affidavits, carry a GPS tracker, or even provide proof of their ability to serve.

Find the Right Process servers for the job

The job of a process server is never as simple as just handing over documents to the receiving party. Fortunately, the process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the skills and training necessary to complete the task. Not only will they surely serve the notice to the required party, but they will also do it efficiently and quickly.

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