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How to save money on a notary services?

How to save money on a notary?

The short answer is to know the official rates and to insist on their compliance.

Many operations related to money require the participation of a notary public: certification of powers of attorney, signatures, many types of contracts; evidence of fidelity of translation; issuance of a certificate of inheritance, etc.

All these actions are paid. But not every notary client wonders where the price of operations comes from. In fact, it consists of two components: the state fee and the payment of “technical services” of the notary public. At the same time, the fee is usually very gentle, but the additional “technical” payment can be several times, or even an order of magnitude, making notary services expensive or completely meaningless (if the operations are carried out for small amounts).

In some cases, “technical” services are really necessary. But it often happens that a competent person has already prepared all the documents, wrote the text correctly, printed it, etc., i.e. The notary, for example, can only verify that the client signs the document and verify the signature. Such a service should be paid strictly at the state rate. However, in the vast majority of cases, a notary public (or more often his assistant) will insistently demand to pay for additional services that were actually absent. How to deal with this?

Let’s try to describe an ideal procedure.

You need to understand that you are able to properly execute documents. Think: if you are not sure that you are doing everything right, it is better to trust the professionals. Say, writing a letter about the payment of money from a deposit in a bank that has burst is really simple – its form is standard and known. You can simply enter your data in it and print it out, after which you can verify the signature.

If a notarial action allows you to choose a notary, call several notaries with a question about the prices, saying that everything is ready for you, you just need to carry out the standard notarial action at state prices. Sometimes some agree.

If you couldn’t find an honest notary public, go to anyone and inform that you don’t need additional services, that by law you are not obliged to receive and pay for them, and that the notary should only pay for the services actually provided (in this case amount of state duty). If you are serious and show that you do not intend to retreat, there is a chance that they will not want to contact you and, as an “exception”, they will accept a fee in the correct amount with an unhappy expression on their faces.

If you are still refused to be served, write down all the data of the notary and, preferably, his specific assistants who spoke with you, and contact the notary chamber of your region with a complaint about illegal actions. The list of notarial chambers with addresses, phone numbers and names of executives is here.

A small secret: the number of notaries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is limited, for each of them there is often a “turn” among those who are waiting for the current notary to leave or die. This is a very tough competitive market, therefore complaints, customer dissatisfaction, especially courts are not needed by anyone. If the notary is not too friendly with the notary chamber, they can take advantage of your complaint against him, and he knows this. Of course, there are influential “eternal” and “impenetrable” notaries with whom no one can do anything, but there is still a chance to get to the “weak link”.

Warn the notary and, later, the notary chamber, that you are ready to make a precedent out of your petty case and go all the way, including go to court, disseminate information on social networks and transmit to the press.

If you show seriousness of intent, calmness and a certain legal background, it is likely that you will be met. If the notaries and the chamber stumble, it’s up to you to decide what to do next – really realize your “threats” or look for another option. Oklahoma Judicial Process Server offers professional notary services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma region. Call us and learn more from our experts.

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