What is a process server?

Many people ask, “What is a process server Oklahoma City?”.  A process server OKC officially serves as an officer of the court. Below are some insightful information and facts about OKC process servers.

Oklahoma Process Server Authority

According to the Title 12, Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure, which can be found at this link, an Oklahoma process server OKC has the same authority as a sheriff’s deputy to deliver civil legal documents. An Oklahoma process server, once approved and licensed by a judge, has the very important task of delivering vital civil court documents to individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies. An Oklahoma process server must also acquire a bond from a private company, and the process server OKC must always carry his or her license when out on active duty.


In order for an Oklahoma City process server to obtain a process server OKC license in Oklahoma, the OKC process server must first meet several requirements.  These Oklahoma process server requirements include the following:

  • Oklahoma process servers must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • A process server must be of good moral character.
  • The process server in Oklahoma must be both ethically and mentally fit to serve in the capacity of an officer of the court.
  • An Oklahoma process server must not have any felonies, either in Oklahoma or in another state.

Oklahoma Process Server Qualifications

In order to become a process server in Oklahoma, an individual needs to complete the following steps:

In order to become Oklahoma process servers, individuals needs to complete the following steps:

  • The prospective Oklahoma process server needs to have someone take two passport photos of himself or herself.
  • The process server OKC needs to bring those passport photos, along with the appropriate fees, down to the county court clerk’s office.
  • Once the applicant for a process server license has filled out the license to become a process server in Oklahoma, which can be found here at this link, he or she will need to go publish a formal notice of his or her intent to obtain an Oklahoma process server license.  There are special papers whereby the process server can easily pay to publish this information.  Thereafter, the prospective process server OKC will receive a court date. The court date is usually about one month after the Oklahoma process servers publish their intent to obtain a license with a special newspaper . Some states, such as Texas, require process servers OKC to undergo special training before applying.
  • Then the Oklahoma process servers will need to go and obtain a $5,000 bond, which usually only costs about fifty dollars ($50) per year.
  • The Oklahoma City process server will then need to return a copy of the bond to the court clerk’s office, prior to his or her court date.
  • The Oklahoma process server does not actually have to go to court, but the process server OKC may always do so. The judge normally just signs off on the licenses for Oklahoma process servers.
  • The new Oklahoma City process server may either come back to the court clerk’s office to pick up his or her license, or one of the court clerk’s employees will mail it out to the process server OKC.

Oklahoma Process Server License

When applying for a license as an Oklahoma process server, there are two types of licenses: statewide and countywide. Both kinds of licenses offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages to Oklahoma process servers. The right kind of process server OKC license to obtain often depends upon how the Oklahoma process servers intend to use it.

If Oklahoma process servers opt for the statewide license, they can serve papers on people anywhere throughout the entire State of Oklahoma. This type of license, while initially much more expensive, is almost always the best kind to have. This Oklahoma process server license allows for flexibility, enabling an OKC process server to track down elusive people across multiple counties and more.

The other option an Oklahoma process server can choose is to apply for a countywide license. This enables the Oklahoma process servers to serve court papers on individuals and businesses, etc., within the county he or she is licensed. This type of process server OKC license, while initially more affordable, is very limiting in that it does not allow a process server Oklahoma City to serve papers in any other county. Thus, if the person the Oklahoma City process server is trying to serve either leaves the county to try to avoid service or has changed addresses and now resides in another part of the state, there is nothing that process server OKC can legally do about it.

One exception to the countywide license that has since come into play is called the foreign service license. This allows those who are already licensed as an Oklahoma process server for a specific county to also serve papers in other counties. The fee is usually about twenty-five dollars ($25) per additional county. Of course, if Oklahoma process servers with a countywide license plan to sign up to serve papers in several additional counties, then they should probably choose the statewide Oklahoma process server license instead. It just does not make much business sense, when a process server OKC thinks about all of the potential business he or she could be losing out on, to restrictively limit himself or herself to one or even just a few counties.

One other huge advantage of the statewide Oklahoma process server license over the countywide process server OKC license is the renewal fee. Whenever a process server OKC who is licensed statewide in Oklahoma wishes to renew his or her license, the cost of a three-year statewide license and a three-year Oklahoma process server bond is far less expensive! After the first year, a statewide process server OKC license is good for three years, and it only costs about three hundred dollars ($300).

Obtaining countywide Oklahoma process server licenses for the next three years, including the bonds, is actually more expensive and continues to limit the service areas where Oklahoma process servers may serve papers. Thus, both initially and upon renewal, countywide Oklahoma process server licenses are not an Oklahoma process server’s best deal. Of course, some new process servers OKC are strapped for cash, so this type of license might be all the process server OKC can afford. This is why it is so important for a process server Oklahoma City to take that license and go make some money with it!

Who Hires Process Servers in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma process servers usually work for attorneys, banks, insurance companies, various other businesses, governmental agencies, private individuals, and more. Private process servers, over time, usually handle everything from child custody papers, small claims lawsuits, victim protection orders, summons, subpoenas, temporary restraining orders, etc. Getting all of that wonderful business takes a great deal of the Oklahoma process server’s effort.

While a county will often post an Oklahoma process server’s name to its list of process servers OKC, that alone will simply not suffice. The list of process servers Oklahoma City at a county clerk’s office is often very long, and just being on this list will not bring in a sufficient amount of income for a process server OKC who is seeking to have a career in this field. Thus, an Oklahoma process server will need to either work for an outstanding company like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, or he process server OKC will need to start his or her own business.

Process Server Tasks

Delivering papers might sound like a relatively easy task, but sometimes it is anything but a simple job! Many people do not want to have court papers served upon them, so they might try to avoid service by a process server OKC. This might necessitate that the process server Oklahoma City engage in any or all of the following: skip tracing, searching out different residences, talking with neighbors, searching out information about the person on the Internet, waiting and watching for the individual, tricking the person, checking for forwarding addresses with the U.S. Post Office, working with others as part of a team, and so much more. Even when doing all of this, it still may not be enough, and the person whom the process server OKC is supposed to be serving might escape without the papers. While this can prove to be frustrating for both the Oklahoma process server and his or her client, it is not the greatest concern a process server OKC should have.

Sometimes people blame the Oklahoma process servers for the legal matter at hand. While by law Oklahoma process servers must be disinterested parties to a case, the person getting served can sometimes get very emotional or even violent. Oklahoma process servers tend to have to serve unpleasant news, and the people getting served sometimes forget the old adage “Don’t kill the messenger”.

Process Server Safety

Oklahoma process servers should always take great care to inform others as to their whereabouts, the time they are going and when they expect to return, and should treat every person they are serving as potentially very dangerous. Police officers are trained to remember that they really do not have “routine” traffic stops. So, too, should Oklahoma process servers remain aware and ever vigilant that every person they are serving could potentially try to cause them great harm or even kill them.

Overall, an Oklahoma process server with a viable can make a decent living. Those who work as a part of the dedicated staff at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers try to treat each person they serve with sincere dignity and decency. Likewise, each client is given priority attention and care. Please call Oklahoma Judicial Servers at (405) 593-3515  with any questions you may have about the Oklahoma process serving field. An outstanding process server OKC at our firm will happily answer your questions to the best of his or her ability.