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5 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examinations are popularly known as lie detector tests. In addition, it is an instrument that measures a person’s psychological response when they are asked a question to test if the answer is truthful or not.

The polygraph examination is the most popular, curious, and exciting topic. It has gained its limelight over the recent years.


We all watch detective movies that use polygraph examination on criminals and ordinary people. For instance, using by FBI, CIA, NSA. Many police departments also use polygraph examinations such as LAPD and Virginia State Police.

Moreover, if we see, there are many places and organizations which conduct polygraph examinations. For instance, Polygraph examination Oklahoma City provides different kinds of polygraph examinations.

So, let’s jump into the topic for further curious and exciting details about polygraph examination.

How Polygraph Examination Works

Police and intelligence departments mainly carry out polygraph examinations. So, let’s see how it works.

Sensor’s attachment:

Four to six sensors are attached to a person. It is a high-tech machine in which these sensors record a person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. It also records a person’s movements like leg movement or arm movement.

Many expert examiners have years of experience in the field. For instance, polygraph examiner Oklahoma City can tell just by looking at the person whether he is lying.

Moreover, the significant changes in the graphs, such as faster heart rate and blood pressure, signal that this person is lying.

What should you know before taking a polygraph examination? 

Let’s have a look over the exciting rules to keep in mind if at any point you need to go through a polygraph examination.

Follow your daily routine:

The most common worry of people is that having caffeine will affect their polygraph test. For instance, if you take any medication, you need to continue taking it. Even on the day of your polygraph test as well. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.

Moreover, inform the polygraph examiner if someone is on any medications before taking the polygraph test. In addition, pregnant women must see their health before taking a polygraph examination.

Stop overthinking:

Stop assuming anything. It’s just like a routine test. Investigators ask you most of the yes or no questions. And there is nothing to panic over it.

You can respond in Yes or No Only:

Only answer what they ask you; you don’t need to impress them on a job interview. There is a simple yes or no to the questions they ask you.

For instance, if they ask you to explain the answer, you must think wisely and state the facts.

Don’t waste time in research to beat the Polygraph test 

Investigators might ask you the questions like, do you have discussed the test with someone else? Or did you research the polygraph test? But, of course, people conducting the test are professionals and dealing with the people is like their daily task, so stop thinking that you can manipulate them with some witty yet stupid logic.

Is Polygraph Examination Accurate?

There is a popular opinion that when people lie, they go through a phase of different feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Modern polygraph machines easily catch these emotional ups and downs. In most cases and proven research, polygraph examination, also called lie detector, works 87% accurately.

Polygraphy or lie detectors are mainly used for criminals, like some spies. Let’s take this example when some guilty person is asked, where were you last Friday? But, of course, he will hesitate and try to hide the answer.

For instance, if we think of danger, our heart starts to beat fast, and our palms sweat. Hence, in most cases, a polygraph examination is accurate. Moreover, a polygraph examination is also conducted by Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations.

Polygraph examination and lying?

There are a lot of theories and arguments related to, if you can lie during investigation or not. Let’s see deeply into the curious details.

Many professionals argue that a suspect cannot cheat during polygraph examination test. We all know this is human nature to accept challenge and prove it wrong.

Let’s suppose if you and I are there we will try our level best to beat the test, this is quite funny but it’s natural to go against what people say that you cannot do it.

Well, lying during polygraph examination is not possible, keeping in mind that polygraph machine even detects a minor muscular movement. Thus, this proves that you must need a proper training form a professional if you are dumb enough of thinking to beat the polygraph examination.

Moreover, professional psychiatrist claim that many suspects actually think of tricking the polygraph examination by taking drugs, unfortunately they always get caught as there are always most expert people who are conducting the polygraph examination.

What are the Questions asked in Polygraph Examination?

The main element of the polygraph examination is how a person responds to the questions asked. Polygraph examiners use four different combinations of questions: relevant questions, comparison questions, control questions, and irrelevant questions.

Relevant questions:

Relevant questions are the focused questions. For instance, related to theft, the question asked might be ‘Did you steal that car?’. Moreover, these are the questions that are related to the investigations. Mostly, they are asked to evoke the reactions of the suspect.

Comparison questions:

Examiners use comparison questions to build any comparison. However, only relevant questions do not lead to the perfect investigation, so the experts need to ask some comparison questions, ultimately leading them to the required results.

Control questions:

Examiners use both control and relevant questions. Then they compare the response to both relevant and control questions. For instance, asking the suspect question like, ‘Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend.’ If the suspect might have done something like that, he must get concerned and control his response, making the polygraph examination machine detect small movements.

Irrelevant questions:

An irrelevant question like, ‘is today sunny?’ or ‘what are you called.’ These kinds of questions are asked to see the subject’s normal baseline arousal. However, these questions have nothing to do with the investigations.

Final Thought:

So, these were some super fascinating details about the polygraph examinations. Above mentioned detail extensively elaborates the Edmond polygraph examination exciting facts which we all are always curious to know.

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